Friday, November 9, 2012

Pat Buchanan asks, Is the GOP Headed for the Boneyard?

Where GOP politicians are grown.
I hope so. But shouldn't it read "boneless yard"? They don't have a spine among them.


Anonymous said...

The Republicrat blowhard Limbaugh , often bemoan`s the fact that " I just can`t understand why the Republican`s aren't being more vocal ". Simple, Rushbo, they want the same shit for the country, they just have more sense than to wear it on their sleeve.

Anonymous said...

Damn it Mike, ya beat me to it. Boneless it is.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

they should just get the move over to their collectivist brother's side so that they can be at home as the liberals that they have compromised themselves to be.

William Flatt said...

The problem with the GOP is not merely what Buchanan said, albeit without the massive Catholic lens that he views everything through; but the fact that -
1) The GOP could not turn its back on the failed Keynesian economic policies it shares in common with the Dems. This did not happen overnight. The Dems kept moving to the Left (communism) and calling the GOP "extremist", goading them to move leftward to remain 'moderate' in the public eye (left-wing media), and thus 'relevant' to the American people... but
2) Many Americans were not moving to the left, but becoming more libertarian in their outlook. This encouraged people like Ron Paul to run for office, and ultimately to create a conservative-libertarian center of gravity within the GOP that became the "Ron Paul revolution" and the nucleus for the early Tea Party.
3) When the GOP moves away from their conservative base, historically what happens is conservatives withhold their vote and Democrats win at the polls. The base now consists of 'Ron Paul Republicans', in spite of the dirty tricks and illegal shenanigans by the party leadership for the last 10 years to suppress the growing libertarian wing of the party. The leadership succeeded in getting Rand Paul to sell out, alienating the libertarian base and killing Ron's chances of holding on to the hardcore small-government base.

So now the libertarians in the GOP have packed their bags and left. What remains to be seen is, will they stay away from the polls indefinitely due to the fatally corrupted nature of DC, or will they jump to the Libertarian Party en masse in the next election??

I've packed it in. I voted straight Libertarian this one time, but I'm done voting for good. From here out, I will withhold my vote as it represents my consent to be governed. The clowns in DC - all of them - do not deserve our consent to be governed; and the sooner the GOP ceases to exist the sooner the facade of two-party rule will be exposed for the one-party rule it has always been: the Boot On Your Neck Party. Then the 2nd American Revolution can begin in earnest, brush-fires being lit in the minds of the people.