Saturday, August 27, 2016

Sparks 31 makes some points regarding the usefulness of protests

I post, you decide.

I will applaud anyone that makes a break from the herd to give us their truth, if we want to hear it or not.  As you know, Mike was a firm supporter in the rally, so long as it was making a point to bring the fight to their doorsteps, and quite literally, "shake their guns in the tyrants face".  The gatherings did not come without careful planning and cool heads.  It also had to make a point, usually regarding nullification of unlawful dictates.  While I abhor everything about Islam, I will completely agree that there are better ways to spend ones time than to peacock for the local media about a book that is not in anyway a danger to Gillette, Wyoming.

Don't attend the Koran protest in Gillette, Wyoming this weekend. Do something productive instead.

Some group has planned an anti-Koran protest in Gillette, Wyoming this weekend. Don't waste your time. In fact, don't waste your time with any type of protest. You can be doing far more productive things with your time. Like training, or improving your kit, or buying ammo or other fiddly bits you're going to need when the time comes. 
For starters, the protest will accomplish nothing productive. Most protester-types on our side of the fence totally lack the necessary training in psychological operations, propaganda, and what the military calls "civil affairs" to do it right. With that said, if any of you protest organizers went through AIT for MOS 37F, 38B, or something similar send me a copy of your DD214 and I will publicly apologize for calling you a fucking idiot. And don't tell me you were an 88M attached to SOCOM under the XVIII Corps., or some nonsense like that. 
Second, protests telegraph intent and out you to the OPFOR at the same time. These are things that no professional or competent individual does. Both are a bad thing, and should be avoided.


John Otis Comeau said...

for those who like me have no military background and for whom these acronyms are so much gobbledygook, I have used my powers of google-fu to elucidate:

MOS 37F: Psychological Operations (PsyOps) Specialist
AIT: Advanced Individual Training
MOS 38B: Civil Affairs Specialist
DD214: Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty
MOS 88M: Motor Transport Operator
SOCOM: United States Special Operations Command
XVIII Corps: Army Airborne Corps
OPFOR: Opposing Force

drjim said...

Might be a good time to just stay undercover and do some spectrum analysis/capture....

Anonymous said...

Dig some fcking holes, useful skill and good PT. Gardening is important. Tend your garden.

Anonymous said...

I went through the 37F AIT at JFKSWC back in 1998.
Good Times even though it was mostly classroom work
in between getting yelled at by Drill Sgt's.
And you're right...protest means nothing.
As a matter of fact, our owners think that
protests are cute and entertaining.

NorthGunner said...

It's up to each individual in the Wyoming AO to decide for themselves whether or not they will attend this event against the evil that is islam (and it's enablers both within and outside Wyoming).

If someone goes and attends definitely do yourself a favor and video the event and save it; up to you if you want to share it with Bonnie at or similar anti-jihad sites.

Also remember, islam isn't a race; it's a totalitarian ideology like nazism and militantly invasive political system that masks itself as a 'religion'. Don't let anyone tell you different, or tell you that there are 'good/moderate moslems' (there aren't!) islam IS islam and it's uniformly evil!!

Educate yourself asap about how and why islam is evil through videos and books by Dr. Bill Warner, Pamela Gellar, Stephan Coughlin and others. Sites that I recommend are: are just a few of them available. I also recommend the two part videos of Ann Barnhardt where she verbally takes lindsay graham out to the woodshed and then reads a few of the many vile islamic quotes from the koran (thoughtfully bookmarked via bacon) and then immolates those pages. Also recommended is her video on 'islamic sexuality' (warning: graphic nature but what she shares in it is critical).

Don't kid yourself, islam is pure evil and obama bin lyin and hiligula are hell bent on importing as many of the vile moslem childraping jihadi asslifters across America as possible. They and their supporters need to know that they aren't welcome anywhere in America, and certainly not in Wyoming!

Yours in Liberty w/o any respect or tolerance for the followers of a 7th century mass-murdering childrapist and charlatan called 'mo'! - Furthermore islam and it's enablers MUST be destroyed!!

Flintlock said...

Islam is worse that you think.
Much worse.
ANY opposition/protest/resistance at all is worthwhile--where ever you do it.
Purging this form of intellectual cancer from our society is really the only solution. Otherwise, it will metastasize and destroy the host--especially since we of the West are supporting it TOTALLY with our tax $$$$.
The fight is going to be hard--now.
It will be worse in the future, much worse. We can EASILY fail (see Norway, Sweden, Britain as likely LOST already).

Chiu ChunLing said...

There are protests, then there are 'non-violent protests', and then there is militarily effective action.

A protest isn't militarily effective and it shouldn't be. A protest presumes that someone who is not your enemy is in a position of some influence and needs to be alerted to a problem that they can, should, and might be willing to solve. A protest is a legitimate action when it appeals to the moral sense of those seeing it.

A 'non-violent protest' is a type of military action which is designed to only be effective if it is directed against someone you shouldn't be fighting. It aims to degrade or destroy the capabilities and assets of someone you regard as an enemy, while explicitly depending on their unwillingness (rather than inability) to simply kill you for doing so in response. 'Non-violent protest' can be highly effective, but only against enemies that are in fact morally superior to you.

An anti-Koran protest could be aimed at alerting people who still have some moral sense and the ability to do something about it that Islam is a dangerous ideology which must not be legitimized as a source of legal reasoning. If that is the case then it is unfair to assess it in terms of its effectiveness as a military action. There are in fact a lot of people who are in positions where they can take some effectual action to avoid enforcing Sharia on their communities who are, as a result of the absolute storm of propaganda coming from every Marxist controlled media outlet, actually confused about what exactly Islam is and what the acceptance of Sharia would mean.

On the other hand, if it is time for militarily effective action to eliminate those promoting Islam, then we need to recognize that we should be shooting to kill, and not calling it a protest or whatever.

NorthGunner said...

Here's a report on the event from Bonnie at

‘Americans for a Secure Wyoming’ burn a quran and call for a ban on Islam

IMHO, anything that can help shed light on how utterly sick and evil this ideology is definitely helps.

An innocent 5 yr old special needs girl was attacked by underage rapefugees in Twin Falls, Idaho because the elites wanted to let these 7th century savages in here...think about that happening in your own AO and how you'd feel about it!

It's up to us to say NO to their coming here..especially when no wealthy moslem countries will take any of them!

Yours In Liberty with NO respect for the death cult of 'mo!
NorthGunner III