Sunday, August 7, 2016

Rawles offers solutions to the problems of a dying Leviathan

Madame President Clinton’s Coming War on the Blogosphere, and Your Countermeasures

by James Wesley Rawles

Now that Hillary (“Hitlery”) Rodham Clinton (HRC) has received the Democratic Party nomination for president, there is a strong likelihood that she will win the election in November and then be enthroned as president in January of 2017. I predict that she willwaste no time in launching an onslaught of punitive new policies via executive orders, presidential memoranda, and policy directives promulgated through her cabinet and Federal agencies to eviscerate our Constitutional rights (most notably the 1st and 2nd Amendments). A key goal this campaign will be silencing dissent in the alternative press and the American blogosphere. Given HRC’s history in government “service”, her outlook on life, her socialist agenda, and her vindictiveness, I anticipate that any or all of the following measures will be undertaken by the HRC Administration:
  • The Department of Justice (DOJ) will be used to selectively prosecute dissenters for “hate speech”. For instance, simply objecting to illegal immigration or state sponsored relocation of Muslims will be called “evidence of hate.” They will also declare blogs, news sites, and podcasts to be “public accommodations” and hence saddle them with a long list of new restrictions that would effectively muzzle them from making any comments opposed to HRC’s agenda and “protected” classes. Even the use of “trigger words” could be restricted.
  • The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) will be used to target dissenters who make any comments about any corporations, mutual funds, or banks, for “operating as unregistered investment advisors”.
  • The Federal Election Commission (FEC) will be used to target Libertarians and other dissenters for “unlawful campaigning”.
  • The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will use their newly-assumed powers over the Internet to enforce a new radicalized version of the moribund Fairness Doctrine upon bloggers, vloggers (video bloggers), podcasters, as well as newspapermen, magazine writers, and talk radio hosts. Under this new and improved fairness policy, any media outlet that is deemed a public accommodation will be forced to free of charge provide equal space to assorted perverts, leftists, and Social Justice Warriors. Failure to do so will open up these news outlets to both criminal prosecution and costly civil lawsuits.
  • The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will be used to selectively audit tax filings, levy bank accounts, garnish wages, and refer criminal prosecution of anyone who voices dissent of HRC’s statist/collectivist agenda. Lois Lerner’s group was just the precursor!
  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will be used to target dissenters who own property with seasonal puddles that could be deemed “wetlands” or creeks that could be arbitrarily declared “navigable waters”.
  • The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency will be used to target dissenters living within 50 miles of the Mexican or Canadian borders for harassment and intimidation, searching their homes without warrants.
  • The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and associated Tribal Police will be used to target dissenters living within 100 miles of any Tribal Reservation for harassment and intimidation.
  • The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will crack down on any bloggers who make posts that might be construed as a product review or product endorsement.
  • The Transportation Security Agency (TSA) will be used to limit the travel of anyone deemed by HRC’s cronies to be an Enemy of the State (through expansion of the No Fly List, Terror Watch List, and Selectee List).
  • The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will crack down on producers of raw milk and nutritional supplements (and also on the bloggers who promote them).
  • The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will prosecute anyone operating unlicensed drones weighing more than just a few ounces.
  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) will use both its own agents and paid (or coerced) surrogate agent provocateurs to infiltrate militias, patriot groups, and secessionist organizations. There, they will foment schemes that can be prosecuted under loosely-worded Federal conspiracy laws. (This is precisely what was done with the Bundy Ranch and Malheur Wildlife Refuge protestors.)
  • Working in conjunction with the FCC, the U.S. Coast Guard will board any ship within Territorial Waters that they suspect of operating an unlicensed transmitter.
I can see all of this coming, and I refuse to be muzzled. I aim to misbehave. If need be, I will relocate so that I can still blog freely. In anticipation of HRC’s possible upcoming coronation, here are some possible countermeasures for my fellow bloggers to seriously consider:
  1. Contract for the use of an offshore server in a country that has minimal influence from the United States government, and move your web pages there.
  2. Get set up for encrypted e-mail. (The free GPG software installed on your local PC works quite well. And for those who are less tech savvy, the paid service in Iceland works fine.)
  3. Post provisos on your web site that are similar to my own. (Most importantly, these provisos must declare that you do not operate a “public accommodation.”)
  4. Buy an Iridium satellite telephone and a set of Iridium international power adapters. (Unlike cell phones or other sat phones, calls made from Iridium constellation phones can be traced only to a particular oval satellite “footprint” that measures hundreds of miles across.)
  5. Buy several inexpensive prepaid “burner” cell phones. Pay greenback cash for these phones, and use an assumed name when you eventually activate them.
  6. Buy a nondescript camping trailer or RV and quietly (via face-to-face contacts only) develop a “hospitality list” of like-minded families who own parcels of land that you can bounce between, in the event that you need to take refuge.
  7. Buy a spare laptop computer (preferably one that is ultra-reliable, such as aPanasonic Toughbook), a 12 VDC car adapter, and a set of international power adapters.
  8. Buy a USB external long range Yagi wireless antenna to use with your laptops. (The standoff distance that these provide will make it harder to pinpoint your location when using a public wi-fi hotspot.)
  9. Buy a batch of at least 40 inexpensive 2 GB USB memory sticks that you can use to physically mail (or courier) digital content, to keep your locale secret.
  10. Make sure that your passport is updated.
  11. Do some research to develop a short list of countries where you would consider relocating. Ideally, a country should have respect for the freedom of speech, minimal taxation, minimal influence from the United States government, and NO rendition (extradition) treaty with the United States.
  12. Establish an offshore bank account.
  13. Beyond just offshore residency, if you can afford it, then buy a second passport. (Typically, this is done with a “Citizenship Through Investment” program.)
  14. Via encrypted e-mail, develop contacts with foreign bloggers, and get their tentative agreement to post your ghost-written articles, if circumstances change.
  15. Pray hard.
I don’t mean for the foregoing to sound alarmist. Consider me a realist. – JWR
Note: Permission is granted for re-posting of this entire article, but only if done so in full, with proper attribution to James Wesley, Rawles and SurvivalBlog, and only if the included links are preserved.)


Anonymous said...

With all this at stake, and with the knowledge that Trump is no worse a presidential prospect than we have already put in office, and that he really is the epitome of an outsider, how can we not get behind this devout Capitalist man and stop hillary? Or are we going to let fear of the unknown, at worst, get the best of us and allow this fraudulent, criminal, communist, poor excuse for a woman assume power?

LL said...

I believe that should HRC win, that the war will launch immediately and the Internet for all practical purposes as a vehicle for free speech will be shut down.

Iridium phones and off shore bank accounts work for people with money. For the bulk of the middle class, it will be the grind of being shuffled down to the proletariat/working class. There are useful apparatchiks who will not suffer that fate, but most will. History provides a useful lens.

B-4 said...

There are some folks who do not waste their time worrying about what might happen because a future event, that [b]"MIGHT"[/b] happen. These folks are always prepared for down the road as they will die on their feet, but once! The key to life is doing what [b]YOU][/b] believe in, not someone who the heard thinks is the be all. All that said, no one is above the law, but whose law you obey is your decision and yours alone. If you think that .gov has the right to steal from you an support the lazy or it's bloated self, then keep living on your knees and worrying about what if! Grow a set and take a man pill every now an then. Remember the folks that started this country were all wanted for treason, before we sent the oppressors packing. History is full of men that never went with the herds program, an are in history books that today's herd whats to keep from you. Athens Tenn circa 1946 is a lesson about manning up, on a small scale, a bigger scale is coming and no one on this rock can stop it! It's a poor warrior who is defeated before the battle has began with, but words. If you can be defeated with words prior to, please set whats coming out, and keep your opinion to yourself. There are three types of people on this rock. Those who learn from reading/watching. Those who learn from doing. Then there is the bulk on this rock, they have to piss on the electric fence many times before it becomes a life learning lesson. Even then the latter group tries to blame the owner, fence maker, electric company, gov, mother/father or who whoever is within the chain they can blame. Take a man pill at some point or keep living under someones desk that they use as a Chasity belt. Just remember to swallow fast that way you can move on to another desk, rather quickly!!

T. Paine said...

If that bitch is elected and goes down the path noted, well, things will get sporty.

Crustyrusty said...

I saved a bunch of 54k modems for such a time as this.

Re: passports. Screw leaving. I put too much into this country to just leave it to the tards without a fight. Besides, nowhere else is going to be any better at this point.

Anonymous said...

Somme things:

1. Buy a decent used pc or six with cd or DVD drives that will boot from the cd/dvd drives.
2. Get a bootable Linux image on a DVD and only use it to connect to the Internet. Learn to use it. Start a (cell) study group. Advantage:when you turn the pc off, all history is gone. It should read/write USB media. See #3 below.
3. USB sticks from China can (probably do) have spyware. Avoid like the NSA and DOJ. Get SD Memory and card readers. Use any name brand sd cards. They work like USB drives, they're cheap, and easier to transport. 32gig Samsung drives are $10 or so from Walmart and less likely to have spyware.
4. Consider cheap, cheap disposable smart PHONES BUT DO NOT ACTIVATE. They have WiFi, and you can use Skype or vibes or other apps if you use WiFi at McDonald's, hospitals, Starbucks, or your neighbor's open wifi.

Dan Lion said...

They are all good ideas, I understand that you are moving where your blog is, not where you are and people have to keep getting the truth. Much like the early days when Christianity first started to take hold many held meetings underground, and some chose to stand on the corner and scream it. Both helped Christianity grow to the numbers we see today. One could argue the more a government tries to stop it the more people will want to know about it, this eventually lead the Roman empire through the leadership of Constantine to become what I think was the first Christian nation.
I will stand and fight, not only as a patriot but more importantly as a Christian.
The end game for the far left is a one world government, we see the catholic church bending to what is popular, ( I would guess they would want to fill the role of a one world religion).
I have no super powers or vast amounts of cash for legal fees, if they tried to take my guns it is fair to say that though I will fight I will likely lose, I will rot in jail before I stop talking about the tyrants, and I will pick death over denying Christ.
Your way and my way are both good and in my view needed. We will pray for your success and keep spreading yours and others facts, news and opinions.
God Bless

daniel_day said...

A question to the radio guys: Even if Iridium calls cannot be traced any closer than a footprint of several hundred square miles, is it really so difficult to monitor and direction-find calls on the Iridium frequencies?

Anonymous said...

If I could afford to buy all that, I'd just buy the election, stay home, drink beer and watch football on TV.

piccolo said...

I'm not much of a blogger but I think I'm going to have to figure out how to keep at it or plan on spending my golden years in the can.

Then again that may not be a bad deal when you consider I'll likely get better health care in the joint.


I will try and continue to be a thorn in the side of our so-called 'elected' officials.

TheBohunk said...

Alot of that stuff is already happening. The IRS, EPA, and other bureacracies are already targeting those they deem as "opposition".


skybill said...

Hi Mike and Matt...
So this Joker thinks "The Bitch" is gonna' win?? Think again?? Those Japs gave us those Cherry trees for a Reason.........To HANG HER MONKEY A&&!!!!!"
Hilliary may win but the Cherry tree is her "Trump Card!!!!"
Vince will show her the "Road to HELL!!!" and point the way!!!
Got "LOTS!!!" of Gunz!!!!!!!!!!!OUTLAW!!,
PS "MIKE!!!!" My Prayers are with you!!!!!!!
'Yer Man In Manchac!!!!

skybill said...

Hi Mike and Matt.......
PS to my last Post......
If you don't have them I will send you via email as I don't know how to post them here the photo shots of "Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu's" last moment of life as they were executed just minutes after the sentence was announced!!! That was then.....this is now and as we all know....."History will repeat itself"....only difference is the year and make and model of the d!(k-----t@ter'!!!!!!!!
Only instead of 3rd world AK-47's the weapon of choice to do the deed here will be (to be determined!!!) I'd like to see a sprinkling of good old American Gunz!! Winchester Model 94's in 30-30., a "Garand!!," A Springfield .47-70 "Trapdoor!," a 1903 Springfield, a M-1 Carbine, and an "Import or two" favorite would be a Royal Enfield MK-IV "Jungle Carbine" in .303 cal.and a Mosin' .......but....last but not the ammo...just get a length of some good, stout, HEMP ROPE!!!(Right out of Sergio Leone's Movie with "The Clint!!" "Hang em' High!!!!) It has served tyrants well thru the ages and just because one would think we are in the 21st Century that we are "past all that!!" as Mike would say,,,,,,,,,"You're just whistlin' 'Dixie' past the Graveyard of History!!!"
Nuff' Said!!!!!!!!!!,
Time to refuel my Jack,Coke and 'Twist of Lime!!!!,"
skybill- refueling
PS 'Also have from daze gone by the photo of Mussolini's "Last stand" up-side-down hanging by his heels, his bullet riddled body, that of his girlfriend, and a couple of accomplices next to him at that "Esso station" in Rome!!!!
any takers?? they are on the "Net!!"

Anonymous said...

JWR brings up some good points but I simply don't believe that the powers that be will do any different under a Hillary reign than they have with Obummer in charge. It will be gradual but won't turn into a full on assault overnight. They have been tightening the noose for quite a while and will continue but so far the "patriots" have not risen up to fight back. I don't see it happening in the future. We are disorganized and totally unprepared to resist in any meaningful way. We don't have the support of the population nor the financial support needed to fight a 4th generation war. A few good ole boys sitting down here in the Atchafalaya swamp shooting ARs at cans is not enough to rally behind.

Anonymous said...

Excellent information and comments; however, most preppers have been buying, buying, and buying for years. Just when we think we have most our bases covered, here comes another buy list. I will discontinue this short note and run to the "money tree" in my back yard so I can keep buying. Again, this is excellent information, and I don't mean to whine, but at some point we will either be prepared or we will not because there is always something to buy.

Anonymous said...

Commandos pound their keyboards.
Pound, pound, their keyboards.

info ap

Anonymous said...

Hillary will not win if all of us patriots get out of bed and go vote for DJ Trump in November!

- Old Greybeard

Anonymous said...

Putting your webserver offshore does nothing. All tptb have to do is insert your blog's IP information in the backbone routers and block your IP traffic from entering the US. We do it all the time on a smaller scale for client corps.

Think 20m hf packet.bbs.


Anonymous said...

With a little luck. Hitlery Rotton Crotch Clinton will suffer a massive brain aneurism on the campaign trail. If not and she steals the election. Let the cards fall where they may. Behind enemy lines Ct.

Anonymous said...

I do believe Trumps very name proclaims opportunity, answered prayer, God's freewill a possible path of temporary restraint of evil "trumping" the luciferian if we will but elect him and insure fair accounting. Just as Obxxa's name speaks of an abomination. Names have meanings throughout the Bible.

Anonymous said...

Really? They will be Prosecuting select bloggers for "Hate Speech?" Where is the Federal Statute cited for this? There isn't one. There is no Crime of "Hate Speech" because there is to such thing as "Hate Speech. In America, we call it "Free Speech". And you have no right, nor any expectation to not be offended. More fear mongering..Go back to prepping and do something productive. JARHEAD Mike-Foxtrot.

Anonymous said...

Mr Rawles has very good taste, in this article as well as his books that I enjoy reading.
But alas unless you are rich you are not buying a "sat phone" or even a "burner phone" or any of the other goodies that recommended in this article.
No RVs or remote properties with a well stocked cabins.

Are the working poor just going to be cannon fodder or do we have any way to prepare with little or no money?

Allan said...

Too alarmist, needlessly expensive, and praying is useless.

Instead, it would be better to figure out how to divide urban populations and to turn many of them against the totalitarians. Since frantic secularism is the dominant religion in such places, and since secularism is exhausting, there are opportunities for division.

Anonymous said...

He said if we get out and vote LOL
You don't get to vote for POTUS its already decided with the "electorial" votes