Monday, August 1, 2016

The Napoleon of the Current Year

h/t to Daniel Almond for bringing this to my attention.


Anonymous said...

So...what is this guy implying? That we should just stay home and allow hillary to finish off the destruction of the nation?

Dutchman6 said...

I did not get that. We are, of course, free to vote (or not) our conscience. But I think it is important to question and dissect the people that we choose to make public policy.

Anonymous said...

Considering who has been making public policy lately and how it has turned out, I'd be more comfortable selecting someone at random out of the phone book.

There is no denying Trump is a Capitalist. When the choices are limited to Capitalism or communism, seems more red blooded Americans would and should go for Capitalism. Don't you think?

Bluesgal said...

Local elections count... more than ever.

Dutchman6 said...

Yes, I will fully acknowledge that he has benefitted greatly from the capitalist system. Before his latest conversion* to the Republican party, he had advocated for universal healthcare, a 14% wealth tax, and used eminent domain pretty judiciously. Most recently, he has made comments that he would be in favor of huge tariffs (45% to China), selectively shutting down the internet, raising the retirement age, and being in favor of a government led and private practice run healthcare system (isn't that Obamacare?). None of which point to the kind of free-market conservative that can help us avoid the kind of global economic meltdown that the economists have been crowing about.

Like I have conceded before, maybe he will be the catalyst that makes all of the socialist policies of the past 70-whatever years disappear. That would be the kind of leader we need. For me, the jury is still out if he can be that kind of leader.


neal said...

Big gun, not safe. Big boat and gun on water, not safe. Effecfive, yes.
Star Wars better, not safe. Old Cold Warrior not safe.
The Don's mother a Welsh Witch. Impressive.

No dog in this fight. Just coyotes. Make noise, not safe.

Dutchman6 said...

I don't even know how to interpret that.

Anonymous said...

Hillary has been vetted thru leaks, knowledge from the inside, FOIA releases and her Actions.

Trump has been vetted thru, time as biz man, time running in the past, media(like no other), the Media,RNC and OtHeRSzz, Blantently Lied about on his immigrant, immigration and gay stance(see 98 article trump vs WASP W.Palm Beach) , smeared by the current GWOT(Global War on Trump)from the likes of the dictator'Z from Mex, UK,Germany or anyother country, as if there Evil Counts!!

Yeah, I know what Trumps is, and I said it in the beginning....
But thats where my Vote is going. TRUMP 2016!!!
Not some 3rd party tin foiler that stands ZERO chance, the time for a 3rd Party is Looooooong Before NOW!!!
He's got the Establishment so riled they resort to not just lies, but Hollywood written B Movie plots(that are at best...IF'S, What. if's and bold faced lies)
If if if if if ...

I believe Mr.Trump is spot on for the job (in this time period) when the last 7+yrs are considered, with thought and intellect.

So go ahead, sit it out, vote 3rd party tin foil, Vote Hilllary...
But be Advised, you(whom ever follows this path) will be considered part of the Problem...Not the Solution.

There is NO DOUBT what Carnage, politicly, economicly, socially, moraly, globaly and Militarily that Hillary "The Butcher of Benghazi" Clinton and the DNC will inflict, NO DOUBT, not to mention the "Clinton Crime Foundation"...and it's Activity!!

So yeah, Protest Vote Trump, join the Anarchy of the Socialist(Communist) Democrat Party.

Anonymous said...

The Vendee Genocide during the French Revolution and the terrifying similarities to the U.S. under the Obama regime.

In part four at roughly the 13:00 mark Ann discusses the fast-approaching Civil War in the former U.S., and that just as the French Freemasonic Republic used mercenaries (violent convicts released from prisons and some Germans and Swiss) to terrorize and genocide French peasants that refused to capitulate to the Revolution, so too will the satanic oligarchy in the former U.S. use black gang-bangers (ahem, BlackLivesMatter anyone?), Latin American drug gangsters (dissolving of the Mexican border) and… wait for it… MUSLOIDS, as their proxy armies/mercenaries against civilians and THE CHURCH. The musloids are the primary mercenary army that the same wretched globalist cabal has marched into and turned loose on Europe, with the wretched Antipope, Jorge Bergoglio, its number-one propagandist.

For a bonus treat in part 4, at the 14:47 mark, Ann specifically addresses Hillary Clinton and her desire to outlaw guns.

Anonymous said...

"advocated for universal healthcare"

When did he do this?

"a 14% wealth tax"

This is something he can talk about, but only congress can levy taxes.

"and used eminent domain pretty judiciously"

State and local government use this all the time, and again, he can't do this by himself as president

"favor of huge tariffs (45% to China)"

Only congress can do this, and just maybe, China deserves to get screwed for a change

"selectively shutting down the internet"

If this was possible, Obama would have done it.

"raising the retirement age"

Actually, this is something that might save the social security system

"being in favor of a government led and private practice run healthcare system"

You already said this. Besides, he says now that he's in favor of repealing obamacare in it's entirety...once more, something only congress can do.