Friday, August 5, 2016

Only the dead have seen the end of war


Fred said...

LORD God, please bless and prosper this web page. Put a hedge of protection around it and its owners. Give all those that come a deep understanding of your natural law, oh God, so that we might prevail against evil in this, the end time, for your glory, through Jesus.

Clancey said...

Amen - well said!


Anonymous said...

I guess "critics" of the film (one Salon article in particular) talked at length of the "war crime" in the last 10 minutes of the film wherein an Iraqi was left to bleed out after being shot for being armed in a combat zone.

Seems to me the Marines were following the ROE and this asshole got what he had coming.

To not render aid to someone in that situation and let them die may not be "humane"....but I don't see how it can be classified as a war crime. IMO, I'd have a hard time letting someone suffer that way....a quick shot to the head to end it, (again IMO) would fit the definition of "humane"....but I'm sure *that* would be against the UCMJ and the ROE.

Anonymous said...

Teleconference of East Coast Gov't Agencies Planning Gun Confiscation Leaked
The State's Attorney's General of Virginia, New York, Massacheusetts, and one other east coast state, along with DHS, FEMA and the A D L had a teleconference yesterday describing huge plans for gun confiscation in those states.

Amazingly, someone either risked their life or hit the wrong button because the supposedly private teleconference went out as open access to state and government agencies.

The plan was to use police and all the other agencies listed above to bull rush the gun owning citizenry and seize their guns and to do it very quickly so a counter operation wouldn't have time to muster.

They then began to ridicule those who would be on the front lines in this operation and laughed at how easily they will be thrown under the bus.

Turns out some of the people being ridiculed were actually listening. It was police listening over their computers in their cars. Apparently they have made disks of the 2 hour meeting and only distributing it to other trusted police members. The source of this story is Mark Koernke of The Intelligence Report at The Micro Effect and Liberty Tree Radio.

Listen 20 minutes into the 8am broadcast for 8/4/16 for this to surface.

Apparently, the cops don't want to release this publically because it could all be an op to see who would leak sensitive information.

Anonymous said...

"Mark Koernke of The Intelligence Report"? No. Just no. I would not trust him telling me the sun would rise in the east tomorrow. I would suspect this post is to gain followers. He ranks right with kerodimwit in my book. NOG

Anonymous said...

I wish I could feel bad for the "soldiers" of Obamas empire, but for any LEO lackey who sides with him and executes ILLEGAL/UNLAWFUL orders in order to protect the authority of their badge and office, well too bad. They might as well wear a blue hat/beret/helmet because if they AID UN troops and NOT fight them, they are ultimate rubber hits the road traitors. Sorry but the pre pity party mentality buys no quarter from me.

Sign Me, Neal Jensen