Saturday, August 20, 2016

Casting Call for New Sipsey and III% T-Shirts

After a ton of interest to resume the 100 Heads Insurance Co. T-Shirt sales and after the past couple of days worth of hobnobbing with my fellow conspirators, we have decided to kick this thing off again.  But instead of my untalented butt making the designs up, we decided it would be better to pool from among the community and see what we can come up with.  From what I have seen, the amount of talent in this commu ity is staggering and I know we have a ton of folks just sitting on designs.

Rules for submission:

The designs can be a simple text or graphics.  No real rules as to the content, other then that they have to be either original work or open source materiel.  Also, please keep it relatively PG13 clean.  Submit your design in a pdf or ppt format to by September 2nd, 2016.

Gifts and Prizes

So what is in it for you other than the prestige and a lifetime's worth of III% street cred?  Well, I have had a couple of training vouchers and some loot to give out to the winners.  More will information will follow as to whom and how much.

Just a note though on what happens to the money:

I have not, nor will I ever, personally see a dime for anything generated from Sipsey Street Irregulars.  I don't do ad space and I like it that way.  I think you do too.  The link to Mike's paypal account will remain up in perpetuity, and all donations go directly to his widow.   The proceeds of the shirts will go to fund Patriot causes like smuggling magazines, funding Patriot events, etc.

Please keep in mind that submitting the designs or text, just like any other design contest, you will forfeit all claims of intellectual property.  The only people who will benefit from this will be other patriots.

Also, if you know of any small patriot run business that wouod do these shirts in batches, please let us know.  I would so much rather support the little guy than a Cafe Press.


George True said...

I rather liked the design of the original 100 heads shirts. I really missed out by not getting several of them when I had the chance. So even if you get some really good new designs from the readers of this blog, I hope you will also make some more of the originals.

Unknown said...

Just this without explanation or additional words, a drawing showing a coup stick crossed with a tomahawk and over-arched with eagle feathers.
Cheyenne, 0317/8541

CowboyDan said...

Matt, Grunt Style near Chicago is a veteran owned company. I think their thinking and yours and your dad's are more alike than not.

I don't know if they do contract work, but they may be able to help you one way or another. I know a guy who knows a guy named Bryan who works there.

I hope it all goes well for all of you. It's been a real rough patch, but your dad's not sick anymore. I hope you can see that as a blessing, but I know it's hard to see a bright side.

Tony Garner at Faded Love Graphics does good work. It's all hand cut screens and short production runs. His brother died a couple of years ago, so it's now a one man shop. Phil, his brother, was a wild man's wild man. He was in the reserves until they finally smartened up and told him to stay home.

I've got to get the old thinking cap on and see if I can come up with any good ideas for artwork. It's a long time since I made any T-shirts.

Please take care of your mother and sisters. I hope someone's there for you, too. Stay safe.

Unknown said...

make sure they have a pocket for glasses

LiberTarHeel said...

I second George True's suggestion. More ideas to follow.

Anonymous said...

Wore my 100 heads last Saturday in remembrance, something I will be doing often in the future.

My idea is III on the front over the heart (you can have a small pocket on the right side too) and on the back the core principles of III as defined by Mike.

Unknown said...

I wouldn't mind getting a few of the old 100 heads t-shirts if / when they may become available again.

Allen said...

I had an idea yesterday..not a shirt though...

mike was always pictured with those boonie hats. do a boonie hat with a big III on it and the 4 Principles around the outer edge. it can be subdued or highly visible, depending on the situation you're planning on wearing it in.