Thursday, September 15, 2016 kind of asked for it Chris

I'm really trying not to be petty.  When someone hands you so much information that is contrary to the image they portray, you cannot ignore it.  Also, you would not believe the amount of support I have received from calling this group out.  To say that they are notorious does not do it justice.  These guys are a biblical level shit storm event in the making, and they are taking good people and the name with them.  No, gentle readers.  That I cannot abide.

Chris Hill - All you had to do was come and make your case.  At the very least, just drop the III% moniker and go back to doing whatever it is that you do.  Your mouth got the better of you as your kind is wont to do.  Fine by me.  So some fellas did a little digging and found a few things out about the Georgia Security Force III% (GSF III%) as headed by Chris Hill.  It took the sum total of a few minutes for someone to put the pieces together,  Oh, Mr. Hill, you have been a very naughty little boy.

Exhibit A:
The Georgia III% security force is allied with Nazis.

Let me preface this by saying that I am in now way, shape, or form, against the display of the Confederate Flag.  I spent a good part of my childhood studying the Civil War as a "living historian" and I have grown quite fond of looking at it and I relish its rich history.  What I do not subscribe to is using the flag as an opportunity to recruit for Nazi or Kluxer assholes.  Mr. Hill was one such asshole trying to ride the wave of support with his fellow assholes. Also, because I know I will have someone comment on it, no I do not react to the dog whistle of the eeeebil Klan hiding under my bed.  Those guys and their pointy hats can have a national convention in a phone booth.  It does not impress me in the slightest.

Just Don’t Call It “White Power” – “Protect the South,” Wesley Sitton, and the Mainstreaming of White Supremacy

I'll make this quick because we have a lot of ground to cover. The event was started by Aryan Nations supporter and KKK member Greg Calhoun.  The event found a lot of ground among the League of the South crowd and their peripheral white power members.  They shake and bake with some other National Socialist baddies and voila, you have the

And here we have Chris Hill letting everyone know that the rally they had already planned with the Klan is now minus the Klan.  Who is he thinking at the bottom?  Mr. Sitton is a well known Nazi that was the main promoter for the event. Want to know more about Sitton?  I would direct you to the article.  It meanders around a history of either dealing directly with the neo-Nazi movement or playing footsie with them.  

The bottom line was that the GSF III% was knowingly playing footsie with the Nazis.  I am unaware od how much ongoing involvement that the GSF III% has with these organizations.  If we are making the case of any port in the storm, or any chair in a bar fight, I'll give you another one; birds of a feather flock together.  The III% does not flock with the fucking Nazis.  Period.

Oh, but wait!  There's more!  I received this comment from a former member regarding "Operation Stone Mountain".  It should be noted that the member left the group when they heard about what happened.  
Not that anyone cares but since this is an open discussion here is my thoughts about III% SF. There is some great people with the militia, not all of them are bad. But as far as I'm concerned it only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch and this group has more than one. The use of drugs and alcohol should not be allowed at any training event no matter the capacity of the event. Most who have ever dealt with them agree that there is FBI planted in the group. This group directly lead to the beating of an elderly man at their "Operation Stone Mountain." They were walking on a road to another area and encountered black panthers, after talking for a few minutes while walking and without any violence the black panthers asked [ the GSF III%] where the KKK was located for the rally, minutes after they pointed the black panthers in a direction the same group beat an elderly man and he was hospitalized. And while they did not directly cause it they indirectly lead a violent group which obviously had violent intentions in the direction of not just innocent civilians but also undercover law enforcement. This group is reckless.

Exhibit B:
The Fed connection

Mark Kessler – Coming Out of the Closet

As chronicled in the above link and again in Exhibit D, Kessler was the founder of the GSF III%, and apparently a bought and paid for Fed stooge.
"On December 2, 2014, Chief Mark Kessler came “out of the closet” as an FBI informant, or infiltrator."
"Due to lack of support from Kessler, some of the CSF groups simply dissolved, while others restructured themselves, often with minor name changes. The Georgia CSF renamed itself the “Georgia Security Force” (GSF) and adopted the “Soldier’s Code of Conduct”, the backbone Army personnel conduct, for decades."
"Then, in an FBI-led operation that included FBI SWAT and the police departments of Rome, Floyd County, and Bartow County, raided 22 Tumlin Drive, Cartersville, Georgia and arrested Terry Eugene Peace, 45, Brian Edward Cannon, 36, and Cory Robertson Williamson, 28, charging them with receiving unlicensed explosive devices."
As reader Jon Dansie observed, "So, although Chris Hill may not have personally yet been charged with a felony, he was perfectly happy to associate with felons." and "The point is that the GSF was thoroughly compromised by an FBI plant, that GSF associates with felons, that it is everything that was reported that is wrong with groups claiming the III moniker without following the principles."

Circumstantial, you say?  Hardly when you look at all of the evidence.  

 Exhibit C:

And when I posted the original story on Facebook? Well, it was quite the education.

Here are some of the unsolicited comments from people in the area and in surrounding states.  I am frankly amazed that this group has eluded me for so long given their poor standing within the community.
  • When I moved to GA a year ago I was told to stay as far away from these kooks as possible. Just look at their youtube videos

  • This may be the same guy I had a run in with a while back. He got really mad to the point of posting a YouTube video about me. He got real quiet and disappeared from the media platforms shortly afterwards. ... This particular little fellow is detached. IMO he was precisely the type that manipulative interests seek out to support and fanaticize for their own purpose of presenting a caricature face of the movement in the media. He lost a lot of support after his public outburst. Sometimes just sitting by and letting them embarrass themselves is the most effective method of disposal. 
  • There are a hell of a lot of people out there who have glommed onto the III% label who never heard of the founding principles. I know the Georgia Security Force people by reputation and they are a shit show. 
  • Just FYI, regarding Chris Hill, I am a Georgia native. While I have not personally interacted with many militia members, I do know two other Georgians who personally knew him, and split from him. They're good guys. Hill, from what I hear, is the personification of the negative attributes you mentioned. IMO, you are right to pursue him and single him out. Just my two cents, take it for what it's worth.
Of course, certain members of the GSFIII% showed up to give me good what for.  Chis included, but he didn't stick around too long and blocked me after just a few comments.  Disappointing that he folded so quickly.  A couple of his guys stayed on to carry his water but it was difficult to watch.  I doubt any of them will learn anything until arraignment day.  Oh well.  We tried.

 Exhibit D:
The grand finale

 And for the pièce de résistance?  This large file dump from from another former member of the group tell a very long and winding tale of a megalomaniac and the group that supports him. In the spirit of full disclosure, I frankly did not have time today to pour though it all.  From what I gathered it a tale of booze, drugs, loose women, super cool call signs, and bad decisions.  Sounds like big fun, right?  No, it is just sad.

Here is the link
A small excerpt:
If I said it once, I must've said it a thousand times: "People who don't like Chris Hill, simply don't know Chris Hill." Of course I couldn't have been more wrong.

I was and still am an active member of a national grass roots patriots group. I noticed a few of our members where also members of a FB group called Constitutional Security Force (CSF). When I asked around, I was told they were "a group of like minded patriots" who also did rifle training. There was also some whisper about them being a militia, although it was unconfirmed. I eventually joined the CSF FB group page to find out more. I recognized a few names of people I knew, but I still wanted to know more. I wanted to DO more as a freedom-loving American and was always looking for more opportunity to do so. I asked to meet with the group administrator, who I learned was a guy named Christopher (Chris) Hill. After little ado, I finally got that meeting.
The truth is, as I know him now, Chris Hill comes across as having neither honor nor integrity because he has neither honor nor integrity. Chris Hill comes across as lacking good character because he lacks good character. Chris Hill comes across as being hot headed AND egotistical because he IS hot headed and egotistical. The truth is, he ISNT the same person regardless of company! He is a true Dr Jeckyl & Mr Hyde.
For those presently in GSF, affiliated with, or considering joining GSF, I'm going to offer you the same advice I offered Zack when I quit: RUN!!!!

After some reflection, I see that I have hit absolute pay dirt with the GSF III%.  I went in thinking that it was just an motley crew of attention whoring weekend warriors.  Good guys at their core, but just maybe got a little carried away with hyperbole.  What I found was something much darker than I could have imagined.  I am left wondering what could possibly be left that has not been recorded.

The rot within the group is systematic.  I hope that this serves as a lesson other groups out there that are struggling with the lunatic fringe.  If it shows you anything, it should show you that for all of our faults, at least we are not doing this bad.

First things last, I would like to make a giant shout out of appreciation to Jon Danise and Adrian Rusch for providing me the links and some essential reference.  I am incredibly grateful to all of the other incredible readers that commented to not only protect the foundations of the III% movement but make it grow.  I am forever humbled and speechless at the outpouring of support.



P.G.T. Beauregard said...

Man, who cares. If the guy is trying to stop a Muslim invasion, any tactics he chooses to use are A-OK.

Seems like you are looking for your own kerodin, Matt. Like I said, maybe it's best to keep quiet sometimes

badanov said...

A severe case of not being serious about forming/maintaining a militia. Gathering together to smoke week, drink booze and chase wimmin. That's a hippie festival, not a militia.

daniel said...

"Seems like you are looking for your own kerodin, Matt. Like I said, maybe it's best to keep quiet sometimes"

Sometimes, it is. But when you are the rightful heir/proprietor of the 3% "brand", I think you are well advised to carefully define and delineate the boundaries of what is, and is *not*, legitimate.
There *is* a catechism, and for good reason.

Tek-9 said...

The Ignorance on this page is appaling, your researcher's are doing a rather 1 sided investigation, Lets have them research what the major issues with the mosque were, Second im going to field the major issue,You individuals as you cant call yourselves III%ers, are getting your info from a 1%er that couldn't make the cut, being active isn't just being active it is about pushing yourselves, Everyone wants to pass on the false information and the have truths the find googling a name or asking Fakebook groups, I am more then willing to answer any questions you have in regards to chris hill or SF in any fashion, Bridge the divide, does anyone figure out that there "GROUP" will never survive by itself.... All this fictional details your "Researchers" have done is fake, or labeled outside a reformation. there are meny branches to a tree, Your "Researchers" if thats what you wanna call them needs to date there facts. after a restructuring of SF III% meny things have changed. So i will sit here and handle you childish BS since non of you have the Guts to interview the man yourselves

Tek-9 said...

The Proprieter thats a good one Matt you must be old as Satin himself

Anonymous said...

Former member left a year ago Chris hill is a stolen valour marine and wife beater check court records

Anonymous said...

Yep. Just concentrate on being morally and physically prepared and ready. Make friends, not just obnoxious noise. Keep your good ear, and your eyes open. Educate those around you. A good place to load your lips is a book called "Hillary's America by Dinesh D’Souza". It will give you a pretty good history of the democrat party, which is where the core of the disease lives.

Be nice and don't make stupid threats. Lamenting the bad deeds of the left is not a threat. When the time comes, we start the game on defense and maintain the high moral ground, protecting all innocents.

Mitch Rapp

JohninMd.(Help!?!!) said...

It's a shitty job, Matt, but it must be done to keep the movement protected, both from criminal asshats and Fed infiltration. And we know the hotter the political fight gets, the harder they will try to get people tripped into illegal activity, thru "false-flag" ops, like they did in Oregon. We are with you, Brother. Be careful!

Af0311 said...

Spot on brother. Thanks for the article, and getting this Intel out there.

Dutchman6 said...


Seriously, half your problem is you guys need grown up names. I think you really do not understand how much the group has become persona non grata in Georgia. Everyone that gets a whiff of you and knows better runs the other way. You have to begin to ask yourself why. Why was the recent joint FTX with Florida cancelled? I have people come out of the wood work from EVERYWHERE offering information on Chris Hill and the group. Just right after the story was posted, I was given loads more information. If even fraction of it is true, I am so grateful that I was given an opportunity to put some distance between us.

Just do me this one favor. Go up to Chis Hill and say the words "the Lautenberg Amendment" and see what he says. Trust me, he knows what I am talking about. My guess is he goes all fish mouth and stammers. I may be wrong, but as I understand it, wife beaters don't get to play with guns.

Look, you seem to be a smart enough guy, and I applause that you have the guts to come here and try to debate. You say that the article is one sided and passes judgement, but offer no rebuttal to the claims. You KNOW there is a sickness within the GSFIII%. You really need to look around, at the evidence at hand, and the stuff you know did not make it in the post, and think about if this is right for you. I am guessing that you think that this is what "right" looks like. It isn't. This is what a group looks like when things go horribly wrong.

Anonymous said...

Many times ignorant, undisciplined, or unethical groups aka "militias" have been infiltrated and used as dupes by federal informants to undermine the credibility of patriots elsewhere.

Chose your associations wisely.

Greatgeezer said...

I'm of the opinion that there are a good number of agent provocateurs within that, and other similar groups (Kerodin?). Only a sucker would fall for such stupidity. They are NOT 3% ers, but are indeed pretenders, poseurs, if you will. These people point to unwillingness to play "hey diddle diddle, straight up the middle" John Wayne bullshit. The reality is that wiser heads, such as MVB, knew that you pick your battles and go in for the win. Another thing is wonderfully spelled out in MVBs "Battle for Sipsey Street. Not everyone can be Rambo, but when pushed beyond reason and backed into a corner, Make it count when they take you. Don't GIVE them a damn thing.
Battles are not always one of gunplay, but encompass what has been called monkeywrenching, and civil disobedience, forcing the PTB to expend resources and become the "bad guy", in the minds of the people. It's up to cooler heads to take this to its logical conclusion.

FedUp said...

Just a comment, Loutenberg (spelling intentional, Frank's just a lout) requires a conviction.

What I found when I followed your link was an arrest blotter:

Christopher Sheldon Hill, 41, Serenity Walk, McDonough, simple battery – family violence.

badanov said...

To clarify: The Lautenberg Amendment doesn't stop Hill from keeping his firearms, nor does it stop him from buying a firearm privately, or from making his own firearm. The only thing it does is it stops others from transferring a firearm to his possession using the FFL system, and it stops him from working in a job in which he must carry a firearm.

If Hill has his own firearm then good for him. He still has the right to own and carry the firearm.

Erik Schaus (Tek-9) said...

Isn't it nice to use the Libral media and power hungery Individuals to get your intel....Your right i am smart enough to get both sides of a story before i cast dispersions, I might not always agree with Chris but i'd never go behind his back making accusations that you have no clue about, You must not understand what the Confederate flag stands for Just because we have stood in protection of those individuals, did anyone ever ask why we were, did anyone ever ask who they were, as for the spousal abuse anyone can go online and find the charges agreed but have any of your lil pawns gone to attempt to get the court transcripts, again spreading false intel....Has anyone ever asked to see his DD-214 nope, so about stolen valor marine so even worse libel,

anyone can dig up accusations and Heresay, anyone can concocked a story to fit there agenda, did you attempt to contact Chris about any of these accusations, until you let this get out of hand i would be more then happen to dispute this with you but a good reporter would get both sides of the story unless the Lirals have landed and taken over your brain

You individuals can call yourselves what ever you like but 3%ers isn't one of them, though you dont have to agree with his choices,He is still a brother in arms....everyone has there panties in a wad because they wanna hide from what people will think of them well here it goes i Stand behind Chris Hill, i dont see the Muslim Faith as a religion,Any sect that believes that they should be superior isn't a Religion it makes them a Cult,

FedUp said...

badanov, if convicted of domestic violence, here's what you get for a bonus prize:

The act bans shipment, transport, ownership, and use of guns or ammunition by individuals convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence, or who are under a restraining (protection) order for domestic abuse that falls within the criteria set by 18 U.S.C. § 922(g)(8).

Dutchman6 said...


Thanks for the clarification. In the military, if you are arrested for a domestic fiht. you cannot touch a weapon and are soon out of a job. That would make sense since the "cannot hold a job that requires one" is in there. I'm willing to bet that this is where the info that he is a felon came from.


So as I understand them your counter-points are this:

1. I cant use a anti-racist website that covered the even because...reasons. Not can do. The guy did his homework and brought verifiable screenshots. You didn't. I believe I was very clear about how I feel about the flag. It wasn't about that, it was about getting into bed with the Klan and Nazis. The fucking Klan. And the fucking nazis. Seriously, what is it about your group that you only see it in terms of "ends justify the means". That is a collectivist credo at its very core. If you do not know what is wrong with that, you have no idea how far down the road you are away from the republic and the rule of law.

2. Spousal abuse victim blaming. Classy. Bitch had it coming, right? No. The word I got was that he got drunk and hit is wife. And this is what you look up to? If you would like to share with me the transcripts, I would live to read them.

3. The DD-214 issue. I will gloss over the slander issue because I do not think you know how that actually works and you wouldn't believe it from me if I told you. Doesn't matter. If you know what real professional Soldier/Sailor/Marine/Airman looks like, you would know that no one that has credentials in anything uses that as the opening statement to everything they do. That is weak and pathetic to try and use what you have done to silence dissent. That is exactly what Hill did to me off the bat and tried to impress me with the sole qualifier that he once served in the peacetime Marines. I am sure that you saw how impressed I was. So that being said, I would just be tickled to no end to see a copy of the DD-214. Or better yet, why dont you take a look and see if it meets up with the hype.

4. Hearsay and rumors. I would give you that if it was coming from a couple of disgruntled former members. I am reminded of the quote in Justified that if you run into an asshole in the morning, you have run into an asshole. But if you run into an asshole all day, you just might be the asshole. Well Erik, all day I was given more and more information from unique sources that point to the embarrassment that the GSFIII% is and what an abject failure of a human being Chris is. It cant be rumors and just hearsay if everyone is in agreement.

5. You (heart) Chris. Okay. Bully for you. I know you do not see anything wrong with what you are a part of. I have seen your kind more than a few times and know full well where this is going. Just remember this conversation in the future. When you are ready to learn what a real three percenter stands for, I'll be waiting.

Tek-9 said...

Here I'll help you loud mouthed idiots out since you cant do this yourselves... Wheres the docket for him even..... heres the link to find it...
As for waiting for me Please hold your breath
Each and every one of those flag waivers your Photo's shown were from an Anti Clan rally being held at stone mountain, another one you jokers messed up with only partial Details.... Everything i am hearing is by perception only Talk to a person instead of talking behind there back...If i had anything to hide i wouldn't be if your ready to be Civil and openly discuss any of these issues you might find out peoples personal opinions cloud Facts several had left because they didn't agree with the rally, it was protecting freedom of speech. You are going to choose to be Narrow minded and ignore facts, thats on you

Tek-9 said...

BTW if you weren't on the Attack and chose to share your evidence...Then allow us to face our accusers, things might go much differently...that choice is up to you

Dutchman6 said...


Face your accusers, you say. The thing that brought you on my radar was when your publicity stunt hit the news. The fact that you have pissed off so very many people along the way was what had them World War Z style climbing over themselves as they came running to me with new information. I originally ran the story in the spirit of "look at these attention whores". You guys were the ones that have seemingly pissed off everyone in the great state of Georgia. Be honest with yourselves for once and own it. You made this monster.

I have given you every opportunity to make you case. I have not attempted to censor you, and I have not called you names. I have been the paragon of civility even after knowing what I know now about your group. You are the one coming unglued from having your world partially dissected for the community to see. You will have to make peace with that.

I struggle to find a single emotion about your politics. They do not interest me. Just drop the III% name, and you will never need to justify yourself to this community again.

Tek-9 said...

i have no need to Justify myself now, All i see is a bunch of Keyboard warriors talking shit without the whole story, I see the mentality of your so called Community, Half of which i know would turn there back on you when you are most in need, that is your choice and i am not about to waste another second thinking about this Conversation, All you are wanting to do is Attack an individual, i have attempted to open up a dialogue but as you said "I struggle to find a single emotion about your politics. They do not interest me" Nothing is going to change, Tek-9 out

Dutchman6 said...


K. Bye. I'll miss you. Next time, please come armed with better material. We play a different game here than cry-bully school yard tactics. Like I was telling your fellow GSP member Corey, your problem is that when you talk about "going to the field" you are so convinced that yours is the only one. That kind of shortsighted narcissism is what brought you to my attention in the first place. Your group is an ideological train wreck and a attention whoring PR nightmare. Thankfully, your tactics are so bizarre and out of step with the other groups that even CNN wont talk to you. Yeah, I heard about that too. I am so very grateful i was able to put distance between you and the III%. I will not allow you or your kind to hijack the message.

Anonymous said...

Tek-9?? Muldoon name for a muldoon. Erik have you even served in a Combat arms MOS or any MOS period? Or are you just running your suck and playing in the woods? Methinks the latter. Live the warrior life boy, don't play it.

Bigg Ale

DTB said...

Apropos of whatever you see fit: Back in the day, when striving to become a 'Master Instructor', one of the many concepts I was taught was, 'The law of justification,' which translated the longest answer to any question justifying a particular outcome was typically the one should become the focus of further investigation.

There are a few put forward by 'Tek-9' that brought those early teachings to mind...just sayin'