Saturday, September 3, 2016

The house is on fire!

The hijack of the Democratic Party youth by the BLM and SJW crowd is only a symptom of a much bigger disease.  The middle ground is shrinking daily.  You can easily follow the line to see where this goes.  History gives us indications to the lengths a society in decline can go in order to give birth to a monster.

As seen on Billy Beck's FB page, this article delves into the bloody rise of Stalinist Russia and the moral relativism that is inherent in totalitarianism.  As we all know, the scope of the mass murder was breathtaking, but to the actual instruments of State sponsored executions, it was a short life of paranoia and transactional brutality.  Just like with any other genocide, you must first set up the conditions that the murders are not only just, but completely necessary and unavoidable.  Convince someone that, and then you can get them to do whatever you want.  

This is why when someone says to you that you need to make "common sense" concessions with disarmament, you need to look them in the eye and tell them to go hang.  They are not giving up their thirst for your freedoms, why should you?

On the hidden horrors of Soviet life.

by Gary Saul Morson

Delivering a toast on the twentieth anniversary of the Bolshevik seizure of power, Stalin declared: “We will destroy each and every enemy, even if he was an old Bolshevik; we will destroy all his kin, his family. We will mercilessly destroy anyone who, by his deeds or his thoughts—yes, his thoughts!—threatens the unity of the socialist state. To the complete destruction of all enemies, themselves and their kin!” Even when the tsars imprisoned or executed revolutionaries, they never thought of arresting their spouses, children, grandparents, and cousins as well. And note Stalin’s insistence that not just wrong actions but improper thoughts merit “destruction.” Georgy Arbatov, adviser to five general secretaries of the Soviet Communist Party, observed that “the main code of behavior” was “to be afraid of your own thoughts.”
Apologists also suggest that there really were a lot of enemies of socialism. But people were arrested not just for conspiring against (or thinking negatively about) the regime. Quotas were issued for each region—Baberowski concludes that more than a million people were killed by quota—and local officials often filled them either arbitrarily or with the homeless, the blind, and amputees. In March 1938 the nkvd (the secret police) executed 1,160 people in Moscow with physical disabilities. Kliment Voroshilov, who occupied many top positions, argued for arresting abandoned children. “Why don’t we have these rascals shot?” he asked. “Should we wait for them to become grown-up criminals?” What’s more, two dozen whole ethnic groups were forcibly deported to Central Asia. After Stalin ordered the arrest of all Poles, the Polish section of the Comintern and the Polish Communist party had to be disbanded since they had no members.
If so, then to understand Communist atrocities we need to look at its ideology.
To begin with, Soviet Marxism rejected the very concept of human rights. Leninist ideology instructed one to think of classes, not humanity. What race was to Nazis, class was to Bolsheviks, and class origin, like race, was not something one chose. People born into bourgeois, noble, or kulak families had no more right to life than Jews or Gypsies did to Nazis.
As it has been observed here and elsewhere, we are all kulaks now.


Anonymous said...

I would highly suggest everyone goes and reads this article in its entirety. A very well written piece on the evils of Communism.

Anonymous said...

"A very well written piece on the evils of Communism"

While the above statement is 100% true, it draws too narrow a focus. The evil is inherent in all "statists" regardless of what they call themselves. Note the Left's calls for criminal sanctions on those who do not accept anthropogenic climate change as gospel. Note also the current attempt to define and demonize a new political class referred to as the "alt-right". The beast is not at our gates, it is already inside and embodied in both the radical left and the radical neocon right. Anyone who believes the solution for any societal problem resides in the creation of a new government program will eventually come to the place where those who resist their goals must be eliminated.

Unknown said...

Anyone who wants to know about things like that should read the book, "1984".

It gets down to details.

Millwright said...

I humbly submit what we're facing presently is not communism. What's looming before us is Nazism ! George Soros has (allegedly) dumped $133 M into the BLM war chest. And they are just a more modern re-creation of Hitler's "Brown Shirts"! In 2008 we saw the NBPP blatantly exercise control of polling places. Given this level of funding we can expect the even more militant BLM - with its retributatory reputation - to dominate urban polling places across the nation wit its "snitches get stitcjhes" meme !