Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Tueller Drill and the 21 Foot Rule

For your feel-good story for the day, one of the most recent attacks by our benevolent Arab house guests ended in zero civilian deaths but in the death of the perpetrator at the hands of an off duty cop.  
Here is one of the many news agencies adding their .02 USD's worth:

F.B.I. Treats Minnesota Mall Stabbing Attack as ‘Potential Act of Terrorism’

A report by a news agency linked to the Islamic State claimed on Sunday that a “soldier of the Islamic State” was behind a stabbing attack Saturday night at a Minnesota shopping mall, an episode that the F.B.I. said it was investigating as a “potential act of terrorism.” Nine people were injured in the attack before an off-duty police officer fatally shot the knife-wielding man, the authorities in St. Cloud said.

In a phone interview on Sunday morning, Mayor Dave Kleis said the mall, Crossroads Center, was an active crime scene and would remain closed. He praised the off-duty police officer, who he said had “clearly saved lives and protected the other individuals.”
“This is exactly what keeps me up at night, and last night it did,” Mr. Kleis said. “This could happen in any community in this country, and certainly we have seen it happen. Certainly it is something that really scares a community.” 
Later Sunday, Mr. Kleis identified the off-duty officer as Jason Falconer, a police officer in nearby Avon, Minn. Mr. Kleis said video footage of the shooting, which has not been released publicly, showed Officer Falconer confronting the attacker in a Macy’s store and shooting him as he charged with a knife
“For me watching it, it looked like a training video for what law enforcement should do,” Mr. Kleis said.
 From the reports we have been spoon fed given, the attacker did the usual "Aloha Snackbar" routine and attacked patrons of the mall.  Shortly thereafter, an LEO responded to the attacker by first identifying himself at a distance with weapon drawn.  When the attacker closed the distance, he reacted appropriately by shooting the jihadi until he was 100% immobile.  

I was witness to some internet cross talk which introduced me to the Tueller Drill. In the military, you are taught the rudiments of escalation of force techniques  and on occasion conduct a "shoot, dont shoot" scenario.  Military training usually does not involve the proper names fo it so I had to do some digging to figure out what they were talking about.  I am very happy I did.

Here is a quick video rundown of the drill.

When Massad Ayoob weighs in on a topic, you lean in and listen real close.  I wish the volume was better, but I am grateful that someone thought enough to record it.  He goes into detail regarding the legalities of a defensive shooting for the benefit of new conceal carry students as well as give some excellent shooting advice.

Love me some Massad Ayoob.

The Tueller Drill can certainly fall into the "best case scenario" folder when it comes to a defensive shooting, but that does not make it any less valuable a skill to train.  Being the person that arrives on the scene of a violent attack certainly falls into the realm of possibilities that a responsible concealed carrier must reconcile.  This training also includes the legal ramifications of being seen by a jury of your peers as a vigilante or a hero.  Good luck out there.  It is getting sporty.

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J. Eric Andreasen said...

It is a shame the NYPD officer closest to the "culture enricher" in Manhattan didn't follow suit. That damned cleaver left a hell of a mark.