Thursday, September 15, 2016

Not in my name: A Georgia III% group manages to conjure up every single negative stereotype of the Patriot movement

When came across the desk yesterday, I could only shake my head.  A group claiming to be a III% security force in Georgia, (whatever that animal is), conducted a protest against a building of a mosque and demonstrated on behalf of the first and second amendments.  We are quick to congratulate groups for doing something, anything, to defend our rights.  But when those groups act in discord of the movement and, in point of fact, are counter-productive and embarrassing, it is incumbent on us to speak up and attempt to balance the books.

The story:

Militia group plans protest for Tuesday evening

Georgia Security Force III% will conduct a protest at 6 p.m. Tuesday evening. Henry County resident Chris Hill, Georgia Security Force III%’s commanding officer, said the group’s purpose is to “use the Second Amendment to protect the First Amendment.” 
This weekend the group posted on social media that it would be in Covington protesting a proposed Newton County mosque Tuesday. The same group also posted a video on Facebook from the proposed mosque site Sunday, Sept. 11.
Following the militia's announcement, the BOC cancelled the Sept. 13 special called meeting, where staff members were expected to present changes to the county’s zoning ordinances. In a statement, District 3 Commissioner Nancy Schulz and District 2 Commissioner Lanier Sims both said they would vote to lift a moratorium that was placed on permits for places of worship after a 135-acre development to include a mosque and cemetery as made public. 
The militia group planned to come to Newton County to protest against that decision. 
“They need to let people who are denied a chance to raise their concerns, an outlet to do that,” Hill told The News. “[We want to] be there peacefully to voice opposition to the council.”
Of course, this provided excellent fodder for the likes of CAIR to harvest support.

From the write up:
“These armed bigots do not represent the people of Newton County, who are as warm and welcoming as other Georgians,” CAIR Georgia executive director Edward Ahmed Mitchell.

As of Tuesday afternoon, a spokesperson for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said Newton County had not invited the agency to get involved. A spokesperson for the local Sheriff’s Office confirmed the group was still under investigation. 
The militia’s video, which was posted online over the weekend but has since been taken down, shows several members of the militia decrying Islam and allegedly trespassing on the Muslim congregation’s property to hang an American flag. The Newton County Sheriff’s Office has launched an investigation into the group. 
“ …. A self-made video circulated on social media of a militia group from a neighboring county, [which] may have been trespassing on private property, and exhibiting harassing or violent behavior,” County Manager Lloyd Kerr wrote in a statement Tuesday. “Unfortunately in today’s society, uncivil threats or intentions must be taken seriously.”
I will never hold it against anyone to use the tools they are given to address a grievance.  That is a right enshrined from abridgment in the First Amendment of the Constitution.  But if you are going to evoke the First Amendment, you cannot be selective or hypocritical in its use.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
We do not have the luxury to pick and choose what rights we reserve for one group over the other in a republic.  That is the rule of law we hold dear.  Jihadis and collectivist of any other stripe have that privilege and they lose the moral high ground every time because of it.  When you are governed only by your emotion and popular opinion, its mercurial nature food for the mob.  They are better than that.  We are better than that.

I have made it no secret my personal views of Islamic Fascism.  In Europe and the Middle East, the wars they wage are nothing more than another chapter in a millennia-and-a-half long war with the world.  Do the citizens of Newton County have a right to be concerned about a mosque?  Sure, they have the right.  As self-appointed defenders of the faith, if the Georgia Security Force III%  really wanted to look at this through a Christian/Western Society prism, we have brought the world kicking and screaming into the 5000 year leap through acts of good works and success.  If the ideology of individual freedom is superior, and I believe it is, this mosque, or any other, is of no consequence in the market place of ideas.  While having an armed protest when the meeting was cancelled is edgy and attention grabbing, preaching to an echo chamber is not compelling.  It makes you, and us by extension of the name, look like every single negative stereotype an outsider can come up with.

Perhaps the most glaring problem I have with this is the apparent lack of adult supervision in this group.  A meeting to discuss a mosque being built was cancelled.  So as opposed to waiting until they could address their concerns to the county government, they decided to grab some attention by making it an armed protest.  This is absolute narcissistic vanity on the part of their leadership and of no benefit to neither the members of the group or the good citizens of Newton County, Georgia.  It accomplished absolutely nothing. They knew it and went along with it anyway.  To have done this in the name of the III% is embarrassing and I cannot abide the misuse of the name.

I would go out on a limb and say that they are not familiar with the founding principles of the III% and are simply going along with a fad.  If we want to wear out our welcome with the public, drive away current and future members, and hyperbole away our message of liberty, we only need to sit on our hands and say nothing.  If we want to preserve or reclaim our rights and build the movement, we will need to pull in the same direction.  A good first step is in policing bad behavior with those that call us ideological allies and friends.


ExGeeEye said...

1. CONGRESS shall make no law. I and as many of my friends as I can gather can object to the building of ANYTHING, including a house of worship, so long as I do it peaceably. Carrying, slung or holstered, is a peaceable act (unless you're a pussy millennial who becomes unglued at the thought that someone has a contrary opinion).

2. Mahometanism is not a religion. It is an enemy government based on a theology. It has an army, and it has a plan. We are aware of the bare-bones outline of that plan. We can guess at some of the details as we are seeing it played out in other countries. Some of us object. Some of us are prepared to object rather...strenuously.

3. I won't call myself a representative of a III% movement. I do believe in the "no Fort Sumters" concept, but will reserve the right to believe that shots fired somewhere else are close enough to warrant return fire.

P.G.T. Beauregard said...

The original 3%ers would not have permitted an alien (muslim) militia movement to take root in their backyard.

Sorry, Jr., like your Dad (R.I.P.), you dont know when to keep your mouth shut sometimes.

Dutchman6 said...

You want to go die on that hill of self-parody? Fine by me. You want to defend these guys from abridging the first amendment rights of someone else? Fine. Just don't go hiding behind the III% name.

The thing that pissed a great many people off was the fact that when it came to ferreting out the weaknesses and poisons that show up around the periphery of the movement, the Old Man was almost always right. You never shoot your own wounded, but you never turn a blind eye to stupidity or be above criticism. You have seemed to learn very little from what he has taught you. Pity.

Dutchman6 said...

p.s. This in from facebook on the guy who ran the event:

"Chris Hill is a felon who has "training" events with His group while also allowing drinking of alcohol, doing drugs, and allowing other felons to bring firearms they can't legally own to shoot at the ftx's all in front of small children as well"

Okay, you want to defend the indefensible? Kindly tell us youguns how that is in any way acceptable.

LiberTarHeel said...

I personally suspect people who act this way as FedGoon plants. As they used to say, "trust but verify".

That said, Dutchman6, I would be disinclined to take as gospel a description of a person found on the Internet.

Anonymous said...

There are no felons training in this group. Everyone submits a background check and if a felon is found they are not allowed on the training property. This quote is from a GSF hate page. I am not a member of GSF but I know how it operates.

B-4 said...

Quote "This is absolute narcissistic vanity on the part of their leadership and of no benefit to neither the members of the group or the good citizens of Newton County, Georgia." end quote. I wonder what the founding fathers would say about that statement? IIRC they (founding fathers) did much worst back in the day but, are now called patriots last I checked. I have no use for those who only see the world threw the glasses, that only they use. Or only they have the correct wisdom as to what is the correct course of action by others of seemingly the same cause. When is enough---->enough? After the bridge is completed, before construction has begun, or somewhere in the middle. I submit, after a project is started it is much harder to stop than before it has began.

Talk is cheap, and I see nowhere have the III %'ers of today done anything that, would even come close to being of the same stance as the founding fathers. Well strike that, they do have a list of those who talk the talk! Again, talk is cheap and what appears to some as movement is nothing but information gathering for the oppressors at best. B-4

P.G.T. Beauregard said...

when it came to ferreting out the weaknesses and poisons that show up around the periphery of the movement, the Old Man was almost always right.

Have to agree with you there, Jr. Your Dad did have a tick hound's nose for spotting crooks.

But apropos of the Trump v. Hillary decision, Id gladly have a group of ne'er do wells and malcontents burn down an enemy camp to defend freedom.

Extremism in the defense of freedeom is no vice - BG

bitter clinging texan said...

good for you for bringing attention to these fruit loops embarrassing patriots and three percenters. I do however, have one disagreement with you Mr Matt V(sorry if I got your name wrong)..........being as how a lifetime ban on firearms ownership for a felony conviction is unconstitutional by both the second and eighth amendments, and therefore not a legit law( lets not forget that also, the so called "law" that started that was the GCA of 1968, a verbaitum copy of a Nazi law passed in 1938 Germany), I don't think that allowing people who might have had a bit of a shady past to train with one's group in and of itself should be condemned. however, you ARE correct that alcohol and drugs have NO PLACE in training(this coming from a guy who loves to knock back PBR's and fireball and toke up on blunts).
Keep up the good work Matt V, and may your fathers spirit be with ya big homie!!!

Anonymous said...

I am Chris Hill. I am not a felon.
This long winded diatribe confirms with the
idea that perception is more important than the
In reality, you know fuck all about what the citizens
of Newton Co think. We are not glory hounds. I am a Marine.
I fight.
Maybe you can host another boring ass conference call and Hate Chris Hill.
I don't give fuck.
P.S. you do not own the concept of III%.

FSHB said...

Wouldn't surprise me a bit to find a federal agent provocateur instigating the whole thing. It fits the profile. Of course, the next step is to push them into doing attacks. Some people never learn from history, being immune to it's lessons.

Anonymous said...

Chris Hill is a self proclaimed leader of that group. He did nothing to earn it. I was part of that group for a very short time thankfully and figured him out very soon. He kept telling us he was going to be the martyr taking the bullet. He is very irrational and egotistical. If you question his leadership then you're banned and blocked from the group. Thankfully I did just that. I believe in a true militia and the rights of all the people. Our government does need to be held accountable but you do not abuse one liberty to deny people of another.

Anonymous said...

As to your PS: So now it's "indefensible" to object to government ownership of our bodies as well as gun control?

I'd say most IIIpers want NFA repealed and believe felons shouldn't be on the street in the first place if they can't have their right to a firearm restored. Further, a great many of us believe that we own ourselves when it comes to end of life decisions, nutrition and what we willingly choose to ingest/consume.

Is firearms training with drugs/alcohol wise? No. Would I personally engage in it or join in with those who do? No. But, if it doesn't affect anyone else's natural, negative's none of my or your business.

Children being there has no bearing....unless or until their rights are abridged and the use of a mind altering substance isn't the actual source of the abridgment best, it's an excuse for why one neglects, abuses or injures their child. Neglect, abuse and willful injury of another are already illegal.

Anonymous said...

Thus you see the movement to "de-badge" Islam as a "religion" they can deny a whole group of people their right to freedom of religion enumerated in the 1A.

ExGeeEye is 100% correct however, the USC/BoR is a restraint upon GOVERNMENT;not the citizens. As long as these protests don't infringe on anyone elses rights, they are legitimate...EVEN if they may come across as racist or bigoted (something the IIIper movement should avoid if we truly believe "all men are created equal" and are not merely giving the idea lip service). In this case, the protestors appear to have trespassed on to private property.

I suspect the reason for the protest in the first place is because local government decided to cancel the public meeting because they didn't want to have to deal with the backlash. This is NOT government of, by or for the people and it SHOULD have been protested by all citizens since government is shrinking its responsibility to be held accountable to the citizenry.

These protestors would have been better off therefore, to protest the governing body directly. I highly doubt they "knew" it would "accomplish absolutely nothing" and instead were governed by their fear of Islam and went after the direct target instead of the government allowing Islam to grab a foothold in the nation.

Anonymous said...

Many conservatives want to claim Islam is not a religion....mainly so they can work their will upon a group they don't agree with by claiming they have no First Amendment right to it. That is hypocrisy at its finest, but something that those who self identify as "conservative" engage in on a regular basis.

That said, look up the definition of "religion" and like it or not, Islam fulfills it. It IS a religion but it's also a political, military, legal and societal structure...much like Judaism is.

The truth is: Western society, values and law are simply incompatible with Sharia law precepts. They do not allow equality between religions, sexual preferences, genders, etc. and cannot be tolerated as long as they espouse such views.

The third paragraph may sound contradictory....but what I'm laboring to point out is that as a nation, we are about to come to an impasse when it comes to allowing Islam in our nation. Islam is and will continue to use our First Amendment to slit our throats.

Perhaps a Constitutional Amendment will need to be passed to either exclude Islam from First Amendment protection if it does not change its ethos or, at the very least, an anti-Sharia law amendment be passed codifying the illegality of inequity Islam marks as basic tenets of the faith.

mjw-1982 said...

And two more fake Threepers make themselves known. I'll tackle ExGeeEye's comments first.

You're absolutely right, you can protest any darn thing you want, but protesting another person's freedom of religion shows you have absolutely no respect for that right.

You can repeat the line about Islam not being a religion (and i kind of agree with you) but it doesn't matter in the least. That argument is nothing but semantics, it doesn't change the fact the Constitution protects you're ability to believe you want.

Shots fired? Strange, I didn't see any reports that the Muslims building that mosque fired any shots at anyone, either here or in the Middle East. Islam is no religion of peace, the grand majority are militaristic murderers, but you don't get to prejudge a small group of Muslims based on what the majority does. When the ones from that mosque start violating our laws and calling for a takeover of Sharia Law then I'll be right next to you chasing them out of the country. Until they do so, they get the same rights as everyone else.

I'm not even going to waste my time with P.G.T. Beauregard's comments. One is nothing but a straw man argument and the other is an insult. Bravo!

Let me use this as an example. If a known gang member moved into your neighborhood would you have the right to chase him out? If he had done nothing to you or your neighbors since moving in, then no, he has the same rights as everyone else. Once he starts stealing, selling drugs to kids and committing drive-by shootings you have the right to get rid of him. The "potential" of a person or group to commit violence does not matter until they actually do. This is not "Minority Report" and you can't take away rights because of "pre-crime". If you think that way, you are not a Three Percenter and should either get your head right or go the hell away.

Matt Wilbanks
Oregon III%

Anonymous said...

First, you do not "own" the III% movement, so who are you to say they should not "hide" behind it. Second, no matter how they showed up they would get the same treatment from the propaganda media outlets. One idiot brit (intentionally lower caps) even said they were violent with machine guns! My point is I was not there, I don't know the dynamics of their county government (likely just as corrupt as the fed/state govs) and I will not judge these people on their actions. I certainly would not quote a facebook quote without first hand knowledge from somebody I knew. Now if researched and proven true, then no I would not want this group around me and mine.

Allen said...

people are adding "III" to their name the way revolutionaries in the 60's would add "liberation front" to theirs. they have zero concept of what the words mean, but they sound good, and other good groups use it...and we want to be like those groups..

dontaistorm said...

There you go again , relying on state run media to report what the protest was about , it was to bring ATTENTION to what the Islamist want , that is to destroy Christianity , if you think any different look at what's going on abroad , and you can look at Dearborn Mi also , Christians are outcast there.

They have a right to worship until there religion calls for the killing of anyone that don't convert , there's no denouement it.

Anonymous said...

No, Matt doesn't own the III% concept. Mike didn't either, he just created it. Bring it back to the catechism:

1. moral strength
2. physical readiness
3. no first use of force
4. no targeting of innocents

As many have indicated, protesting the mosque without evidence of wrongdoing "under the III% banner" indicates a lack of respect for freedom of speech and religion, causing you to lose the moral high ground.

Also, as others have mentioned, unless these folks are engaged in criminal activity, then they're innocent and are afforded rights without a litmus test. Chasing them out is a violation of the "no targeting of innocents" clause.

Much like how the founders did everything inside the law until it became unbearable and things got sporting, we must also do the same and hold ourselves above reproach if we are to call ourselves III%ers.

ExGeeEye said...


Brother, shots have been fired. This particular FOB has not been built or staffed with soldiers, but that army has fired shots against Americans in America. What will it take to get us to return fire? Well, I'm not at that point. Yet.

It is theoretically possible to practice mahometanism just as a religion, I grant you. Just as it is possible for a Baptist like myself to go to church o'Sundays, having brushed a week's worth of dust off the Bible, and never a thought or act directly attributable to belief in anything. There's a reason the terrorists used to be (pre-PC) known as muslim "fundamentalists"-- the ones most serious about their "religion" are the most dangerous.

But go ahead and allow that seed to be planted in *your* neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Funny....trial for the group at Malheur Wildlife Refuge started yesterday...and no mention of it here.

I may not have agreed with the tactics used there....I can certainly understand the sentiment....sorta like this situation.

Unknown said...

Lol.... Just reading General BloodAgents comment here should tell you everything you need to know about Chris Hill.

As someone who has known him from the beginning. Someone who knows the truth of Chris Hill and his lengthy history of Radical behavior and Extreme and perverted ideology going all the way back to the Good Old Days of "Constitutional Security Force" and III% B.O.G, the original III% Security Force, to which I am honored and privileged to sit as CSF/BOG's new National President, General BloodAgent is know better than a terrorist jihadist himself.

Add to it, "Too many people join Militia because they think it's cool to pretend to be generals and protesting every government action they can pervert.

It is not Cool to be Militia, but an unfortunate Duty should we ever be required.

Unfortunately, there are those who call themselves Patriots and Militia and men with extreme ideologies like Hill pose a real threat to the American Standards of our Way of life."

Unknown said...

No Dontaistorm.... We understand "What" the protest was about.

That is not our issue with Hill and GSF.

The issue comes from the Conduct and Actions from that protest.

Your behavior was pre-emptive, radical, representing extreme ideological opinions as Usual, under the guise of "Patriotism".

It is not difficult to find GSF youtube videos that demonstrate clearly how radical and Extreme GSF actually is.

Constant armed protests of every government action you can pervert standing on the corner out side the CNN building in downtown Atlanta in full battle Rattle, brandishing your rifles, and yelling at citizens with your bull Horns.

Or YouTube "Cartoons" playing Rambo in the woods and declaring wars against governments and ISIS, or calling out other Patriots and Militia as weak keyboard warriors.

But while GSF was doing that, many of us were giving water to the thirsty in Flint, Michigan.

You want to do real Patriot Shit, drop the egotistical narcissistic macho crappie, and find something good to do in the communities we serve.

Patriotism, especially Militia has an obl8gation to the people we swear to protect.

The flags we fly and the patches we wear on our sleeves must be seen by the public as symbols of hope, Safety, Charity, empathy, Humility and Goodwill.

GSF is an utter embarrassment to the values of American Patriots and American Militia.

"It is not Cool to be Militia, but an unfortunate Duty should we ever be required."

Cal said...

Some things to consider about our country. Though this video is labeled "Immigration", and mainly covers it, you (generic "you") will probably learn a lot that you might not know since it has been "kept under wraps" for decades.

Most people who attended school, military training, LEO training within the last 30 years will most certainly question if this can be true. Please read the US Constitution afterwards if you will bother to watch this.

this is from the free Hillsdale Online College free Constitution course. I also highly recommend the Public Policy (regulatory) video also
( )

dontaistorm said...

A local article that isn't to full of state run propaganda,and it cancels out all the BS in this comment thread .

And y'all should be ashamed to call yourself patriots , to attack another without all the facts makes all of you traitors and a tool of the tyrants,

Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT video Cal. Thanks for posting it!

Makes one wonder why we've let SCOTUS rule unchallenged for all these years.

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of fodder about this and all I can say is how can you believe what people say? If you did not attend or do not attend meetings how can you say what happened? You get your info from the media. A UK paper carried the story and you know what their headline read? "Armed Militia Storm City Council Meeting"

Unknown said...

If GSF was a fine example of a "true militia", it would not be on this discussion. If Hill was a fine example of a leader, there wouldn't be a GSF/ Hill and Kessler survivors club that actually has nearly 3 times as many members than GSF does, he would still be leading us all.

If you think armed protests of every government action you can pervert, playing Rambo in the woods, making youtube videos, and declaring wars against governments and ISIS makes you a fine example of a true Militia, and the rest of us are snowflakes because we don't "youtube", then you cannot possibly begin to understand the problems with in your own organization.

Dude, Most of us Rambo. Many of us are highly active.

We KNOW you're active.

It's your "activities" that put you in this conversation.

It is your activities that make you guys the punch line of a good joke in most Militia and Patriothe Communities.

It's a shame, because you guys really could be great.

Anonymous said...


I just want to be clear, are you saying that ANY association with white supremacists is repugnant to the III%? Even when that association is second hand (a friend of a friend or what seems to be the case here, someone defending another groups 1st ammendment rights)?
And can you demonstrate the intent of the III% 'catechism' that disavows any such 'code of conduct'?

I'm new to the III and would like your input on these issues.