Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Behind every blade of grass

Part of me kind of wishes this was my neighbors kid. Part of me is glad he isn't.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait for him to start making homemade artillery. Might be the next Stoner or Garand..

GaryM said...

Well, he does appear to have all his fingers and other assorted parts, so that's good,right?

I wonder where he'll be in 5 years?

Anonymous said...

Matt, your dad would have given this kid a 'yet to be invented' medal for original thinking and design along the lines of "resistance to government tyranny" and "banning firearms is a fruitless effort".

Robert Fowler said...

Somewhere in my files I have plans for a 12 Ga. handgun, made from common plumping supplies and a bowling ball mortar, made from a old oxygen tank.

Anonymous said...

The young man appears to have some talent!

Jeffersonian said...

We need to get that guy in a room with this guy:
"Don't cross the streams!"

Seriously though if I win Powerball I'm hiring these guys to make me a Han Solo DL44 Heavy Blaster Pistol.

RVN11B said...

Seems to me he has not broken any laws, unless a noise ordinance..LOL

Anonymous said...

The Feds will make up some sort of "LAW" that they can use to intimidate this kid into taking a plea. If they can't make it stick they use intimidation and threats. My idea is to find out who the feds are and locate where they live and work. Might want to call and order some pizza for them someday.

Anonymous said...

He's wearing a wedding ring.
Most certainly he's a man.

info ap

Happy D said...

Royal is just the tip of the YouTube Garage gun making Iceberg.
also check out
Cryptic Cricket, he makes a chamber reamer in this one.
The Unknown Cat

Joerg Sprave The Slingshot Channel for other projectile weapons.

Don't forget the Knife Channels for example
FitzenKnives (I Know these guys personally so don't think I am Unbiased.)

Some YouTubers are making a lot with very little.
I know another arms designer Pro who decided to start using YouTube to bypass and overwhelm the SJW Hoplophobes after the Orlando Massacre.
He has no videos yet but I have seen the design schematics for what he is going to unleash on the Quisling class.

Anonymous said...

Friend of mine made a cannon out of a hydraulic cylinder. IIRC, he had to make his own 2inch diameter lead cannonballs and used black powder to fire it.