Saturday, July 16, 2016

We all have that one Ex...

It was brought to my attention that Mr. Kerodin and his one friend, (of whom I have been reasonably assured is not imaginary), have been obsessing/crushing on the Old Man and I again.  It is that or trying to get more popularity through negative attention.  Well, ladies and gentlemen of the jury in the court of public opinion, here it is.

See Exhibit A:

Wow.  Just look at all of those adjectives.  "Red Mikey is the Gold Standard for Intellectual Hypocrites?"  Oh my.  Sipsey in a blogger brownout?  Oy vey!  What to make of that?  Feeling better from better regulating meds is not a miracle cure.  Not wanting to jerk your readers around from being unable to have my full attention due to very temporary real world obligations is, to me, just responsible.  Had he a job and a family, this would be obvious.

His comment and many like them have given me the "I have seen this all before" deja vu.  It was from Mike's first public internet exposure with another former ward of the State, a Mr. Martin Lindstedt.

Exhibit B, SSI Post from May 8, 2011:

"You know, the first guy to attack me on the Internet as "'Red Mike' Vanderboegh" was Martin Lindstedt, a Missouri neo-Nazi, self-described "modern militiaman," claimed Identity "pastor" and, wait for it, convicted child molester. You ought to look up his screeds about me. They are legendary for rhetorical pus and vomit, so this is nothing new."

"Look, I am busy enough as it is. "Kerodin" will eventually self-implode -- probably as the result of over-reach*, discovery under oath in a court case or a FOIA request -- and in any case is a tertiary side-show of the main event. From the rumors, anybody could make him go away with a simple but thorough private investigator's background check, something I lack the funds to do. But when that happens, and it will happen, the deluded folks who embrace him will run from him like the amoral plague-carrier he is. However, just at the moment I have bigger fish to fry. If others want to defend me that is their business and I am grateful, but it is evident from the friends I have lost and the precious time and effort that has been wasted already that anything I do will be counterproductive."

I will not link to Lindstedt's posts as they are archived on  I'll spare you the discomfort and condense it a bit here.  During the rise of the Militia Movement in the 90's in response to Waco and the AWB of 94, all assorted forms of weirdos and cockroaches came out of the woodwork to ride the wave.  Here you see the introduction of Alex Jones.  The benign John Birchers and LaRouchies took a break from their squabbling and took an interest.  And, of course, the Nazis and Kluxers took a pause in their mutual disgust of each other to see if they could breathe some new life into their organisations, fueled now by a militarized people with a new found government resentment.  For many decades and for obvious reasons, no one wanted what the white power movement was selling.  They did figure out though, if you could serve the message wrapped up in a "mutual protection and values" package, it is much more palatable to push the alienation of "it is only us vs. the world".  This should sound familiar to you by now.  This was the same sirens song behind the failed Citadel.

I will give Martin the credit that at least he had broken new ground in internet trolling.  At the time, no one had seen anything like that before.  It really was spectacular in its vitriol, persistence, and venom.  A little too over the top though.  Once he was exposed and the message was ruined, he retreated into the safety of the bowels of the religious arm of the white nationalist movement and was nary publicly heard from again until he was brought up on a few charges for things I cannot even mention in polite company.  Needless to say, he was not missed in the Militia Movement nor in its incarnations leading up to today's III%.  Since his incarceration, Mr. Lindstedt's sphere of influence is in an absolute train wreck of a youtube channel.  I really would feel embarrassed for him were it not for all of the bile he threw the Old Mans direction 20 years ago.  You can say whatever you want to about that horror of a human being, at least he had the good taste to take his hat and leave when asked.

Which brings us back to Mr. Kerodin.  He had tried to mirror the sentiments of the III% while using tactics and verbiage of a failed recycled christian identity/nazi platform.  He got predictable results.  His language was the same as Martins. but he was able to update the tactics a bit by introducing blogs and other social media as a social engineering vehicle.  It worked for a time. At least in that he had outpaced his predecessor.  By dominating the message, he was able to control it for a time in certain circles.  That is, of course, all over now.  As with all things that receive the antiseptic of light, once his tactics and intentions were made demonstrably obvious by his own actions, support for him quickly dissipated.  He may try to kick the III%(c) can down the road a little longer, but he will always be a shadow of his former self.  Eventually he will get the hint and, perhaps, seek real employment.

Many people have been mad at Mike for many reasons but that cannot deny that he was right about a great many things.  It is not that he was born with an unusual clarity and no angels were propped on his shoulder, whispering divine insight.  He got the ability to be able to smell a rat from a mile away by being at the ground level of the movement for decades.  Furthermore, he was uncompromising about it even when they told him he was wrong because he knew what was at stake.  He was 100% spot on with Uncle K and the guy will forever pout in his basement for it.  Just like Martin to this day (hint see the comments). That clarity will be sorely missed.

Will there be others like Kerodin that come in the future to try and co-opt the movement?  Oh, you bet they will come.  But you will also know them now by their tactics and their works.  If it does not fit into the litmus test of the catechism and the valediction, you can bet that you are being sold a bill of goods.

One final note:

Christian, we just aint that into you.  Just leave it alone. Okay man?


skybill said...

Hi Mike and Matt,
Please note, there is nothing like having connections "At The Source!!!!!!!" Like I have maintained from day one, it is not hard to know who came across the finish line first!!!! The Checkered Flag waves and it is a done deal,,,it is a "Photo Finish!!!" and the losers like kerodin want to proclaim some "Protest" on what grounds I don't know!!! But the "FACT" still is, and this is where it all started....Mike is the one who came up with the "III%" idea/concept and when he offered "Patches" with the logo I bought several!!! 'Still have the envelope they were delivered to me in,"By an Agent of the Federal Government!!!" The USPS!! It was "AFTER" this that kerodin started his rant about being "First" with the "III%" concept>>>>> Dude, you're a loser!! How can kerodin be "First" when I got my Patches from Mike "F-I-R-S-T-!!" I don't care what happened between then and now......the deal is still just like that old Abbot and Costello sketch on Baseball..."Who's on First!!!!" The Fact of the matter is and I have....................... the "Envelope Please,"......"squish, squish (sound of tearing paper)" "Mike Vanderboegh!!!!"
Audentes, Fortuna, Juvat,
PS What did I say about "The Envelope!!!!?????"
PPS It's that simple,,,,,I bought 3 patches (in OD), I have one on my denim jacket, one in my archive and I gave one to my step son Robert........ Later Mike offered the same patch in "Desert Tan" I have a few of those too!!!! And NO, none of them are for sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Not surprisingly, your post regarding Kerodin's
response to my comment failed (intentionally)
to mention its content.
Allow me to assist: Remember the highly
skeptical emails I sent
regarding mikey.
Well, go to SSI and check
it out.
Remember his declaration
in mid-April, "Doc's say I have four
weeks to live."
Well, his health is improving,
after raking in cash to a paypal
account for his wife, successfully
suckering the dumbest bastards
in the Universe into doing extensive
repair work in his home (for free),
and Codrea soliciting funds for a
"mvb" memorial.
His son attributes the improvement
to some unnamed miracle drugs.
And now I am forever done.

Not An Imaginary Friend

idahobob said...

Yes, it was Mike that came up with the III concept, and I totally agreed, several years ago.

sammy secret squirrel is a johnny come lately that has no intelligence or integrity. At first I thought that his idea for a citadel was a good thought, after time,and being ripped off by him once, and after seeing what an absolute moron he is, I have no use for him and his one or three supporters at all.

I just wish that he would move out of my state, and go somewhere else.


Dutchman6 said...

Well hello Not Imaginary Friend. So good of you to stop by again. Feeling left out? Aw Pudding, I did not add it because, quite frankly, it was retarded and made reference to come giggle fest with Kerodin over cancer. Are you honestly suggesting that Mike does not have terminal cancer? Are you saying that medications cannot be adjusted? Think about how stupid that is.

I guess the Med in Cav Med is ceremonial.

Guess you are not forever done, huh?

Stop by anytime.

Michigan Copperhead said...

Not An Imaginary Friend,said:

"And now I am forever done."
That is highly unlikely as trolls like yourself are never "forever done" unless they are dead.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to you, not Dutchman6.
Unlike your Dad, you are not a
censoring hypocrite.
You don't bonsai shape and tailor
responding comments, to fabricate
and falsify the appearence of
complete agreement with your
Good for you Pudding Licker.
Well done.

Cav Med

Dutchman6 said...


Wait, isn't your boy in Idaho? Can't make it off the porch or what? Hows about the 'fugees in your area/state? Can't find your stones?

Why should I take you seriously if you bring me material like this?

RustyGunner said...

All feeding trolls accomplishes is more well-fed trolls who know where the snack bar is. Just sayin'.

Unknown said...

Cav Med (If you're not IIITurd), maybe you and your glorious leader should "show us" how to physically address the "muslim issue". If it's like the rest of his "vast experience", it is nothing but a fart in a tornado. He has no training, no experience, and no convictions other than the almighty dollar to guide his actions. Find a role model that isn't a scam artist, it will make your advice more sensible. He's the "leader" everyone knows is full of shit. "Do as I say, not as I do" doesn't cut it when you have no authority, experience, training or relevance.

Dutchman6 said...


Thank you for the comment and that is exactly what my father would say. This guy though is just proving my point with every comment.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why you get dragged into this, it's obvious K is an attention whore looking to get off on your predictable (and justified) outrage. Ignore him, he will go away.

Anyone with two brain cells can quickly learn everything they need to know about him and will stay away.

RustyGunner said...

God's blessings on you and your Dad. I only met him a couple of times at crowded events so it's unlikely he remembers me, although he may recall my son, the little boy in the boonie hat at the 9/12 march in DC. I'm glad the docs appear to have given Mike a little more time, and hopefully an easier passage when the clock runs out.

Just remember that the best defense against weasels gnawing on your ankles is thicker boots and a brisk walking pace. They have no claim on your time, attention or energy, and they have nothing to say worthy of giving them a forum.

oughtsix said...

I would really hate to see this distraction, so thoroughly settled already, raise it's ugly head again, especially at this particular time.

Let it go. Delete all attempts to revive this evil.

Fred said...

The man needs Jesus plain and simple. That kind of hate eats a man's soul alive. Why do you bother engaging him anyway?

JohninMd.(HELP?!??) said...

Who does this moron think he's impressing with all the vitriol? Is acting like a 3rd grader supposed to prove what a super-duper 'Murican you are?
In plain English, say something that makes sense -- if possible. Matt is willing to let you make a fool of yourself, so try making a truthful statement. That's understandable.

Mr. Moore said...

It is a well known fact that Mike Vanderboegh is the creator of the III% concept.

Anonymous J said...

I don't know why you get dragged into this, it's obvious K is an attention whore looking to get off on your predictable (and justified) outrage. Ignore him, he will go away.

Anyone with two brain cells can quickly learn everything they need to know about him and will stay away.
Regards - Sonia Rizvi & Junaid Shahid

Anonymous said...

Not " Dutchman6," unlike idahobob, Kerodin is
not advocating that the 'bobber' move outside
the boundaries of Idaho state because
he does not like him.
Doing so is childish, schoolyard BS.
To those posers who always fall back
on the tired scapegoat of "show us how its done"
or you are full of shit, there is nothing more
hilariously tragic than that response.
Especially when it is uttered by Dodge, a
supposedly high-speed, Tier 2, über receptacle of tactical/strategic
knowledge and (real world) battlefield experience.
Really, JC, you need me to instruct you
on how to effectively fight and defeat sharia law
muslim terrorists in Idaho, or anywhere for that
Hmmm, I guess the younger they are the
harder to defeat.
Moreover, if you also lack the knowledge of how
to deal with the treasonous (local and state)
shitbags protecting them, you are truly
lost and stumbling.
In regards to Idaho, I will not be involved,
as I have used the litmus test of the true Dutchman6,
and his clique of gung-ho "not one more inchers,"
to tactically assess the situation and have
determined its "not the hill to die on," it does not
respect the "moral high ground," and it is most
certainly "not my AO."
"No Fort Sumters."
I will not be a part of that.
Thank you, very much.
"Oh, HELL No!"

Anonymous said...

Mike is the "Original" and Genuine III per,
even if he doesn't always agree with me (LOL).

Anonymous said...

K should self identify as a 12 year old girl. He certainly sounds like one.

Unknown said...

I had to laugh thinking about all the karma wrapped up and waiting to be delivered in some of those k followers comments.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the advice to ignore him and his sock puppets. like all trolls, they thrive on the attention. Do not feed the trolls. They fear and hate not being talked about, so don't talk about them. Act as if they don't exist, like the rest of us. They will shrivel up and go away all on their own, if denied attention.

And they do show what they are about with these disgusting attacks on a dying man. But people will figure that out without you having to post it here. Just let them wallow in their own shit, in their own pig-pen, and show their ass, without giving them the satisfaction of attention here.

W W Woodward said...

Here's what being a III%er and a patriot means:

“And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”

Mike Vanderboegh's name belongs right alongside the signers of the document from whence I obtained this quote. I do not know nor do I wish to know the names of those who stand against him as I am not concerned with them or their feeble attempts to besmirch his name. All great men who have dedicated themselves to righteousness have been attacked by evil envious men who for the most part have been forgotten.

Dutchman6 said...


You are all over the map and I'm not really understanding what your specific gripe is. You are upset that no one is killing muslims in the street. Kay. And the what? Isn't the guy you came here to defend the one who advocates that very thing? See why I cant take you seriously?

Seems to me you are just going to invent something to get mad about just to have righteous indignation. Its a circle jerk in a phone booth.

idahobob said...

Wow, that guy, cav medic, is a real articulate comedian, eh?

What a word master, he must sit in front of his computer 24 hours a day just thinking up funny shit to say for his doppelgänger, sammy secret squirrel.

Such a pitiful little cliquish cabal they have going on. They really do not realize how pathetically insignificant that they really are.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, sure, right, "I am all
over the map."
Firstly, the previous comment
is a two part response, to you and
JC Dodge.
My inclusion of him in that comment
was tailored sarcasm, in response
to him soliciting my advice on how
to deal with sharia law muslim rapists
and terrorists.
Supposedly, he is the über genius of
strategy, tactics, soldiering, and an
experienced real world mission Ranger.
Secondly, my comments to you
were formatted around the worn out
and tired excuses and scapegoating
that have been shamelessly used
to stifle criticism by Liberty posers,
and Dutchman6 (actual), for far too
long now.
Given that you don't recognize
my sarcastic inclusion of those
quotes, the sourceoriginating from
the written and
spoken words of Dutchman6 (actual),
which he has used regularly and tirelessly, in
response to when Patriots, the Liberty Movement,
and citizens suffering from egregious
attacks by fedgov put out calls for help
and support.
Without question, this confirms my opinion
(my opinion) that SSI continues to be helmed, as
it is PayPal sweet-tooth satisfaction someone could
not bear to give up.
Moreover, its one of the far too numerous
and indispensable sources of militia/patriot
Especially for those who like to self-assign themselves
the rank of 1SG, SGM, Captain, Major, Colonel
and so on.
Regardless of the fact that
they have not earned those positions
in the real world, and most certainly
could not act in that capacity,
to lead a stream of piss squarely into a
toilet bowl if their lives depended on it.
Respectfully, that is why Mr. LaVoy Finicum
has become "LaVoy, who" throughout the
Liberty Movement and III community.
The transformation was successfully completed,
with much wailing and gnashing of teeth,
after the desperate search for any minuscule
shred of evidence supposedly proved Mr. Finicum
was the cause responsible for his execution,
along with those he went into action with in
Many a supposed Patriot and III'per were
overjoyed with relief, after they managed to
pull that kicking rabbit out of a top-hat, enabling
them to let themselves off the hook.
There were numerous long winded sighs of
relief and back slapping after successfully
saving-face on that account.

Operation Wasington State Capitol
A Wooden Door Too Far

Unknown said...

CavMed, "supposedly" says whom? I don't think I've actually talked on my blog or to you about any specifics involving units of assignment, being "high speed", a genius, a ranger, etc.
"Dodge, a supposedly high-speed, Tier 2, über receptacle of tactical/strategic
knowledge and (real world) battlefield experience."
"Supposedly, he is the über genius of strategy, tactics, soldiering, and an
experienced real world mission Ranger"
My blog has a general description of my mil background which says this:
"Defense and Wilderness Survival trainer and consultant. 14 years of Army (Staff Sergeant) Combat Arms (Infantry and Airborne) experience, to included combat service in Iraq as a Squad Leader and Platoon Sergeant. Military Occupational Specialties include Infantry, NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical warfare), Armorer (Small Arms repair), and Supply (logistics), with supplemental required courses being Airborne School, the Light Fighter Course, and the Basic Non Commissioned Officer Course (BNCOC)."
I didn't go into details simply because details aren't needed for people to know I have knowledge concerning that which I speak of and teach, and I'm not trying to impress anybody. Coming from the 3 Person Society "President's" acolyte, I find these statements pretty amusing. Your fearless we-ginger leader has spun a web of BS concerning his background, that has obviously snared you into followership, but he has no bona fides to back any of it up.
Your we-ginger was at Washington State protest, was he not (were you there)? Did he kick in the doors he referred to later when he talked shit about those who were there? No. Has he physically taken anyone to task for the rape of children by illegal muslims in his state of Idaho? No. Please name one thing he's done other than run his mouth about "jumping off the porch" (OK, he is the leader of "sticker ops" but he hasn't done any of it himself). Was he in Cleveland? No. He said the "3 Person Society" would "stream live from every hotspot", and it didn't happen, imagine that. He has made one excuse after the other concerning why his "projects" (that he garnered money for) were not being completed. He's made veiled threats towards me by mentioning he knows about my upcoming wedding, and knows where my Fiancee works (but he has the gall to get his wife to say Kenny was stalking her (and to get his guns taken away) when there wasn't one bit evidence compared to what he said about my Fiancee and I). He tried to get me fired last year by making allegations to the AG of the state I work in that I was a NeoNazi, and White Supremacist, but then comes out a few days ago and says I "need to come out of the closet and own my white power.". Wait, according to him I already did "own it", right? I understand you and "We-Ginger" think that once Mike's gone, you get a shot at the "III title", but guess what, it's never gonna happen because Fairy K already proven he's not even one of us, let alone that he could be a leader. He's Napoleon without the class, the training/skills, or the ability and anyone who follows him is more of a threat than the overt muslim threat you speak so much about. They're to our front, unfortunately, you guys are amongst us.

Dutchman6 said...

Cav Med,

Heads up. You have your own post on War on Guns.

But I think I have a better handle on your complaint. No one is doing anything to your satisfaction. Okay. What next? Complaining without giving solutions is just bitching. which it very thing you rail against.

P.S. You know you are not alone in the self-applied rank structure. I do not know of anyone in my circle that would recognize it. Rank and unsubstantiated claims only impress the 15 year old air softer, and in a community where authenticity is everything, you have better come with credentials. JC and others that have worn real rank are the first ones to say 1. who cares about rank? and 2. you listen to substance and not what is sitting on someone's chest. Who are you partying with that it would be a problem?

P.P.S. Militia and Patriot porn? This site saw the foundation of a national 3% ideology that has grown so big and so fast that many people do now even know, (or care), where it came from. The premise is that it would be an open source blue book on how to be free and better citizens. That is not porn or even ego, that is a powerful engine to wake people up.