Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tacticool Tuesday - Podcasts

I had a comment a few posts back as to what podcasts I would recommend.  I know this is a bit of a departure from the normal Tacticool, posts but not everything is bullets and band aids.  That misused grey matter in between your ears is the best thing you can spend time and money in developing.

Firearm/Prepper Podcasts:
  • Pretty much anything on the Firearms Radio Network. Any subject you could want.  Reloading, Christian perspectives, historical arms, and yes, even the tacticool.  There is simply too much to listen to in one setting so you have to be a bit selective in what you listen to.  My favorites are Practically Tactical, the AR-15 Podcast, and the Precision Rifle Podcast.  Unfortunately the latter seems to be defunct. I hope it is temporary because they have some great stuff to put out.  Do check out the old episodes for some great pointers and reviews on guns and gear I could only dream of one day affording.
  •  The Survival Podcast.  In my humble opinion the finest podcast in the "all around" category.  I enjoy the history portion and the quality of content is second to none.  I find his politics generally boring, (though the anarchist slant I am beginning to come around to), and he can be a tad heavy with the condescension.  He still has incredibly thought provoking discussions with the guests and the expert panel is a wonderful resource to boot.  I have never walked away thinking my time was not well spent.  
  • In the Rabbit Hole:  How does it stand out from other survival podcats?  It does seem to have a more urban outlook but other than that it does the same great job of interviews and personal commentary that most others do.  Worth the listen if you can fit it in.
  • The Shooting Bench is run by Cope Reynolds and covers a variety of topics od interest to the community.  I will confess that this is a very new one to me. So new, in fact, I did not show up on my radar in the original posting.  I believe I will enjoy digging into it some more.

Non-Tacticool Podcasts:

I am just finishing up business school but I have come to rely on a few podcasts to keep me up-to-date on the new developments in the business and tech world.  I have also found a wealth of knowledge in the interviews of the CEO's and entrepreneurs in regards to leadership.  Information to make us all better citizens can sometimes be found in unlikely places.  Learning why Matt Mullenweg picks up his own garbage or lessons in building a culture from Zappos is absolutely relevant to helping us build better communities.

Trigger warning:  Some of the information comes from the most limp wrist, milquetoast, man-bun and bearded, metrosexual, "Grande, Iced, Sugar-Free, Vanilla Latte With Soy Milk" guzzling, Nancy boys around.  You do not have to sit next to them on the bus and you do not have to let them date your daughter.  They do, on occasion, offer some very interesting perspectives that you would be foolish to dismiss.

  • The Start Up Grind is a podcast relevant mainly for the tech start up entrepreneur.  They do have some great information on how to bootstrap businesses and create new markets.  Skip the SJW, womyns rights, crap.  Most everything else is pretty good.
  • The Harvard Business Review Ideacast should be a mandatory podcast for all leaders and mentors, i.e. everyone.  They produce some incredible content related not only to business but how to improve interpersonal communication, build up the team, and project management.  Again, not everything will be relevent to you.  Download a few episodes that pique your interest and then go from there.
  • The Art of Manliness: I put this on here knowing full well that I will catch some shit for following some self-help, obviously raised by women, podcast.  You do not have to get into the "how to pick up chicks" or "how to shave" episodes in order to appreciate putting more tools in your toolbox of social engineering.
  • Gary Vaynerchuck's awesome Ask Gary V Show podcast.  I am an unabashed Gary V fan.  The guy just gets the blood pumping when it comes to motivating me to get my entrepreneurial butt in order.  He is not for everyone, but if you ever wanted to build your passion into something you can do for profit until you drop dead, you need to absorb this guy like a sponge.  
  • Stuff you should know: Full disclosure, these guys were so milquetoast, latte guzzling, etc. etc. that I had to stop listening.  Be that as it may for the less squeamish, they do have some really interesting discussions on certain topics that will make you smarter.  It is just really hard to believe that these people had ancestors that killed saber tooth tigers and made fire with their bare hands.
  • The Irish and Celtic Music podcast. Because you need this in your life.

Once upon a time there was a III Percent podcast, (not to be confused with these guys), but I have not been able to pull it back up.  It needed a little polishing but it definitely had potential to be a real voice in the community.  I would love to know who did it or if they, (or someone like them), would be willing to put it back out again.


shawn w said...

A couple others,
Forward observer podcast
Downrange radio

Smarty McSmartypants said...

Thanks for the post. This is a great list. The only one I've heard of is TSP, and the others sound like solid gold.

Anonymous said...

US approves UN use of force to protect civilians in conflict


Aaron said...

Art of Manliness is actually pretty good. Not much "pick up chicks" type stuff on there any more.
I don't get the hate I see on the Internet toward men who realize they've been "feminized" and want to improve. Isn't the first step toward solving a problem realizing and admitting you have one?