Saturday, July 2, 2016

Know them by their works - The German Jihadi Weapons Cache

In Iraq, the Jihadi's there were not stupid.  By exploiting Western sensitivities with religious sites, they would hide weapons in whatever mosque that was sympathetic.  Generally it was with the mosques that were not directly involved with gobbling up American tax payer money.  With anyone going in or out, they could have fixed site from which to clandestinely distribute information and a central point to arm the neighborhood.  And we, silly infidels we were, could not do a damn thing about it.   We did end up changing the rules a bit to be able to enter a mosque to look for weapons but these things had to be very carefully handled with the blessing and in conjunction with the local military or police.  These organisations were thoroughly infiltrated by Baathist, Al Queda, (remember the halcyon days of those guys?), Jaysh Al Mahdi, and various other opportunist bad guys.  It was always a good bet that someone was tipped off prior to the raid.

Now we have these mosques littered all throughout Europe and the Jihadi battlefield has shifted.  Not being located in just Iraq or Afghanistan, they are now free to push into whatever direction they wish.  In Matt Bracken's very important connect-the-dots piece, Tet Take 2, he details the major factions at play and the rules of the game. If you have not read this, I would highly recommend you do so.  It has the cursory background plus where the latest Salafist push into the West will inevitably go.

The latest German weapons seizure was not the first incident of Jihadi's hiding weapons in mosques.  There was a bit of a scare with the Turkish weapons shipment in Greece that was supposedly bound for the Sudanese Police, but the details are specious at best.  France has also found weapons in their mosques and vowed to close down 100 to 160 mosques in the coming months.  I was not able to verify if this actually happened or if it was more "feel good" hot air with no teeth.  Similar raids have happened all throughout Europe with varying degrees of success.  

We can not prognosticate what will kick off Bracken's Tet Take 2.  The muslim world has not been bashful in its repeated attempts at the conquest of Europe and of Western civilization (which means you too).  They have learned well the limits of what they can get away with and the cultural loopholes they can exploit.  Recently, after getting a bit of egg on their face by attacking their political allies of the American left at a gay club, they have switched instead to asking all future massacres happen to only white people.  Because, you know, American sensitivities.

You combine all of this with the knowledge that they have well funded training villages and training camps and you can see we have a recipe for disaster all throughout Christendom.  Is every mosque a terrorist hotbed and hiding weapons?  Of course not.  What we do know is that they are here.  They are armed.  Their neighbors are not saying a thing.  And there is not a damn thing the Justice Department is going to do about it.


Anonymous said...


This nation was founded by men who wrote a document that established the rule of law to ensure equal opportunity for all, the Constitution of the United States of America. Barack Obama and nearly all members of Congress ignore every article of that document, the second greatest document ever written. Our Constitution stands second only to the Word of God, the Holy Bible, in importance in world history. Obama rules by edict, called executive orders,Holy bible and Congress violates the oath of office that pledged them to uphold the provisions of our founding document yet they get reelected about 95% of the time. Treason and corruption by those in office is epidemic and our freedoms are merely words without meaning because the Constitution is only given occasional lip service by the political ruling class and We the People do nothing.

I firmly believe something bad is going to happen very soon, that Obama will declare martial law, suspend the Constitution, dissolve Congress and declare himself ruler for life, using his Bible, flag, guns, Our rights bureaucratic thugs, the moslem terrorists, and his drug cartel allies as his army to finish the overthrow and murder any opposition to the caliphate he envisions. I fully expect to be murdered by Obama’s minions in the near future. A sudden demise under curious and mysterious circumstances will be a clue to anyone as to who did it, especially if it looks like an accident or natural causes because despite my physical handicaps I am in excellent health. Who will stand up for liberty and be a modern day Founding Father to restore the USA to the status of “a shining city on a hill”?
I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell
Claremore, Oklahoma
June 29, 2016

T. Paine said...

Bob Russell.....I stand with you. I am quite sure I'm on someones list somewhere. My hatred for our boy barry is total. He is liar, a traitor, a muzloid and the embodiment of everything I despise. He should be arrested and hanged right along with most of the congress and scotus.

Doug said...

It is not islam that is the real enemy of the West, but the domestic political enemies within the West who are employing Islam as a proxy to destroy the West from within.
It is not rocket science. As dirt people left to our own devices, our traditions, bibles, and guns, and in reality with little bitterness we could rid ourselves handsomely of these invaders, never mind the enablers of these invaders. In truth is there any doubt that duty and task is ours to begin with regardless, and not withstanding the domestic traitors within our midsts? The unrelenting truth is it will be up to us dirt people to take care of this business that assures our culture and way of life, never mind our liberty. No one else is going to do it, and no one else has the courage and faith to do it in any case.
It is evident, us dirt people are not purchasing weapons at a rate of better than 56,000 a day since the Tiqqya usurper and his human extinction movement of state and federal traitors came into power in 2006-2007, never mind who knows, the manufacture of how many proper battle weapons in our homes and shops. Those kinds of numbers along with the materiel and ammunition, the training, and preparatory mind set associated, are not associated with recreational purposes.
Dying time is coming, you don't have to be a political/social scholar to know it is coming. If the traitors and betrayers within our midsts don't cut the shit we are going to have to defend ourselves in ways that will leave many of us dead, and serious as a heart attack "fundamentally change America".
But maybe in the final analysis, for all the reasons, it could not happen any other way. That maybe as a people and as people, as a Republic, we have to go through whats in the offing, that Liberty is not a revolutionary thing, but evolutionary, that what our founders left us is more a destiny, a legacy for us dirt people to fulfill, that it is providence that we find ourselves, because our selves, because culture is upstream of politics, because the human terrain is always on top, and that providence is a forge where in the test of this fire we come out better for it, stronger, with not only our dignity but our liberty stronger for it, in spite of the trials and tribulations. It will be a test of our souls and what we Men of the West are made of. But there for the Grace of God we dirt people go.

Anonymous said...

Obama declaring himself ruler for life? Doubtful. It *could* happen....but it would spark one helluva civil war. No, the march to tyranny will continue, regardless of who is elected b/c the electorate is apathetic and uneducated. Muslims will continue to pour into the country and attacks will increase in number and severity.....and eventually, the American people will reach a breaking point. They will either capitulate to Islam or they will buck up and throw off the yoke at all costs.

0007 said...

One of those F***IN' agencies is intent on bringing a bunch of those "rapeugees down here to Clearwater, FL. The fun will begin when one of them gets uppity with one of the locals. Damn near more women then men pack heat in most of these towns down here and the local poc don't have much in the way of patience either.

Anonymous said...

No hanging. Life in Supermax.

skybill said...

Hi Mike and Matt,
I'm sure you've seen that screen shot from "Open Range" with Kevin and Rob brandishing their Pieces and the caption,"Saddle up M....F...'s it time to play Cowboys and Muzzlums!!!" Little do the rag heads realize that there are a lot of White People with a lot of Guns and ammo ....and we practice a lot...... just waiting .....for the Second Shot...that will be heard around the World!!!
Support your Local "Armed Infidel!!,"

Kenny said...

I stand with Bob, T.Paine & Skybill. Time to pony up and keep your powder dry.
God Bless all or the patriots who still have backbone.