Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Tacticool Tuesday - Tacticool Pants for less than $20

I have had the LAPG Urban Ops and Operator Tactical pants for a few years now and have had every opportunity to beat them up pretty bad.  After 3 years they are still strong, not particularly faded, and without a single hole.  I picked up a pair of the Urban Ops pants on sale for a whopping 17 dollars and some change per pair.  They normally go out of the door for $19.99.  You can get them in a variety of colors, but multicam isn't one of them.

I know we have all seen the guys at the range or in classes with their $60 5-11 pants or if they are well healed, 200+ for Arc'teryx or whatever other ballistic, space age nylon, impervious to poverty that only the single guys can afford.  All serve the same purpose which is to cover your butt while not impeding movement.

I also have had their BDU style pants but have been unimpressed with the blousing draw strings on the bottom cuff.  The string somehow had become frayed and snagged on something in the dryer. The result was a small mass of nylon puff,  It was simple enough to cut off, but I would be remiss if I did not add this caveat.

If you are into the Grey Man thing and did not want to broadcast to the world that you are most likely carrying concealed, (it took me a few times of getting the extra special man-love by TSA to figure this out), they do have models that are a bit more muted.

The old adage of buy once, cry once applies to damn near everything, but sometimes you can get lucky and the cheap stuff does just fine.  This is one of those times.


Bad Cyborg said...

One question, Matt. Where do you buy those LAPG pants from? Are they available online?

Keep up the good work, young man, and thank you for being one of the "rough men" whose service allows the rest of us to sleep safely in our beds. I am sure your Dad is very proud of you.

T. Paine said...


Still $19.99 a pair plus shipping. I just order a pair. If they are as reviewed I'll order more.


Anonymous said...

Quoted from the post: "If you are into the Grey Man thing....."

Oh yes, I am! I have several carry firearms, and fit the firearm to the clothing I choose to wear, based on many factors. None of my clothing would make a LEO or bad guy take notice. The only time I would dress like an "operator" would be if I was asked to act as a range officer at my club, in which case I would open carry.

Anonymous said...

Try here for the advertized price. Stay away from Amazon, etc.


B Woodman

Santos Design Solutions said...

I do have a pair of these I wear for hiking in hot weather, and they are pretty darned good.

Dutchman6 said...

Oh, that was careless. I apologize for not putting in the links to LAPG. They are up now.

The only problem I have had with LAPG is the shipping. Sometimes it is super quick. Other times I have waited a month or more. They are not near as bad as Botach. At least LAPG will eventually ship it out after they take your money.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan. I bought a few pairs on sale. If you have a fairly muscular build, these pants are too tight in the seat and thigh. If you get larger sizes to accommodate your legs and butt....then the waist is waaaay too lose.

Just a warning if you're a bit bigger guy.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to revive the dead....thought it might be pertinent.

Have been looking to buy AR500 Armor's Lightweight Level III+ rifle plates for awhile. Noticed they were backordered 17 weeks....but LA Police Gear had them available for order. Placed the order failing to read their fine print that followed their initial quoting of federal law regarding civilian purchases of body armor. That fine print essentially said, even though it's legal for a non-felon with no criminal intent to buy armor....they won't sell without .mil or LE ID.

Here was my response: .

I like that your company quoted the law (AT THE BOTTOM OF THE AD) about only convicted felons or those planning to use the plates in conjunction with a crime being prohibited from purchasing armor.....right before telling me your policy is to only sell to LE, MIL or Security Professionals.

Armor is a personal protection item and is defensive in nature. AR500 Armor as a company sells directly to civilians, as well as LEO, Military and Security. I'll be going through them to order the armor I initially purchased through you.

Essentially, you're telling me that LAPG's policy cares about police, military and security lives more than civilian ones. For that reason, I can no longer continue to purchase goods from your company.

Look up my account under my name....You've lost a lot of potential earnings....and I'll be sure to spread the word.

And yes, cancel my order and refund my purchase immediately. I definitely don't want to do business with a company who has a disdain for its 'regular' customers like you've displayed with this arbitrary decision.

JFYI so people can make their purchases accordingly.

Dutchman6 said...


Talk to Doc over at Maingun Surplus. He has two styles of what he calls Patriot Plate, in 8 pound and 6 pound versions. They will stop 30-06 API and regular 308 respectively. They were made for the civilian market and you willl not find a better price around.

I would advise againt buying USGI plates on places like ebay and facebook auction sites. Buying stolen goods can get you in serious hot water with the Feds.