Sunday, May 8, 2011

The latest from "Kerodin" (not his real name):

It began with an email, not the first of its kind.

-----Original Message-----
To: georgemason1776
Sent: Fri, May 6, 2011 11:39 pm

Thought you should know.


To which I replied, not for the first time:

Yeah, I know about it. I'm trying to ignore the pustules. Just another Kerodin koolaid drinker.

Redacted responded:

Well, it is a very convincing argument. There is a lot of chatter against you in email.

Good luck.

Curious, I asked,

What is convincing about it?

Redacted answered:

You don't get it? Thousands of people are hitting that gunwalker page for a reason.

To which I replied:

Because of the domain name is all. Otherwise it would be the same few dozen hits. Pretty smart on their part. I have people screaming in both my ears that I shouldn't engage them lest I prove this is all about my "ego." I am being blamed for creating the "Kerodin" beast and "demeaning" myself as leader for attacking his logical fallacies, moral inconsistencies and pretensions of leadership of the Three Percent movement. All because of my "ego." (Sigh.)

You know, the first guy to attack me on the Internet as "'Red Mike' Vanderboegh" was Martin Lindstedt, a Missouri neo-Nazi, self-described "modern militiaman," claimed Identity "pastor" and, wait for it, convicted child molester. You ought to look up his screeds about me. They are legendary for rhetorical pus and vomit, so this is nothing new.

Look, I am busy enough as it is. "Kerodin" will eventually self-implode -- probably as the result of over-reach*, discovery under oath in a court case or a FOIA request -- and in any case is a tertiary side-show of the main event. From the rumors, anybody could make him go away with a simple but thorough private investigator's background check, something I lack the funds to do. But when that happens, and it will happen, the deluded folks who embrace him will run from him like the amoral plague-carrier he is. However, just at the moment I have bigger fish to fry. If others want to defend me that is their business and I am grateful, but it is evident from the friends I have lost and the precious time and effort that has been wasted already that anything I do will be counterproductive.

* An example of overreach just might be using a Project Gunwalker link merely to defame me. Matter of fact, that's a perfect example of overreach. He's more interested in attacking me than anything else, including the long-term interests of what they call "Team Freedom."

And, to quote the distinguished Alabama philosopher Forrest Gump, "that's all I have to say about that."


Female III said...

And you should care about alleged "chatter against you"...why? And in email yet? Yikes. Gives me an image of a gaggle of bobbysoxers in hair rollers flap-jawing on a partyline:

"Did yo hear?! Johnny asked HER to the dance." "Why would he ask herrrr?!" "he didn't ask meeee!" "I think it is his ego. She has the biggest boobs in the school." "That bitch!" "I hear they went 'all the way'!" BWAHAHAHAHAA

Anonymous said...

Checked out the Projectgunwalker site. Sounds like he is jealous of you and your work. Plus his choice of wording is funny. Like a high schooler mad because the girl he likes decided to go to the prom with a real likable young man with a future. This fellow is a moron.

Spitnyri said...


you help out an illegal govt op and suddenly up springs an attack site against you..

Sounds like an Obamunist quisling based on their known tactics and the anon owner.

Arctic Patriot said...

Some of the founding fathers were at each other's throats at times.

Some of them had "pasts".

It's a damned good f*cking thing they acted like men and worked together against a greater enemy.

Damned good thing.

I think that this whole situation can be solved with a nice hot cup of STFU.


Anonymous said...


Moron, blood thirsty psycho, or agent provocateur.....take your pick. One's bound to be right.


Dennis308 said...

Ya Know A.P. is right.

This Petty Squabbling among children would be expected, but NOT by Grown Men. Our enemies give us enough distractions, Please lets stay on mission.


Dutchman6 said...

Such basic differences of principle are not "petty" and neither are they squabbling. The Rodney King "can't we all just get along?" might work for people with a common goal and minor differences of how to get there. The evidence is that Kerodin and I do NOT share the same goals. When "Kerodin" self-destructs, by accident or design, discrediting himself and everyone and everything around him, then you will say, "Oh, so THAT'S what you were talking about."

Gaviota said...

I still can't understand why anyone would listen to a convicted felon frothing at the mouth about armed resistance with guns that he cannot and does not own.

If I had never heard of this guy Hyman, or Kerodin, or whatever alias he wants to use, and had never had the Kafkaesque experience of trying to communicate with him, this latest effort of his at literacy would put him permanently beyond the pale, and I would never read anything of his again, much less buy his book. His demonstrated inability to cooperate with others tells the whole story. It's not about gun rights, it's about HIM.

He's a narcissist, a sociopath, and he'll eventually implode, as Mike says. We'll be better off without him.

WV: chortl. That's right, all we can do is point and laugh.

Anonymous said...

"History is replete with stories of devout Christians becoming Satanists, right?"

Well not very often. But never? Ever heard of someone having a "road to Damascus moment"? I'll leave it to the reader to look that one up.

Another SDS vet.

Crustyrusty said...

Sounds like he's been trying to instigate a Fort Sumter.

Gaviota said...

I have strong doubts as to whether or not it will be published, but here's a "review" I wrote on's page for psycho-boy's book:

The author's name is Christian Hyman, not "Kerodin." He is a convicted felon who did time for extortion and possession of explosives. He constantly harangues readers on his blog (to which I will not link) about "restoring the Constitution" with "armed resistance," but he is not allowed to own guns and thus will not be actually contributing to the Civil War II he's trying to foment. The very title of this book was fraudulently misappropriated, without any attribution, from the man who invented the "Three Percent" meme, Mike Vanderboegh. Mike's blog is at If you desire to preview the level of intellectual rigor and maturity of Hyman's thought processes and writing skills, take a look at his attack on Vanderboegh at It's nothing less than sociopathic. Avoid this book as you would avoid one by a neo-nazi white power cultist.

julian said...

Heh - your friends ain't going anywhere. As for the rest - remember the thinning out of the ranks of Gideon's army.
Semper paratus, semper fidelis, semper imprimus honor.

TPaine said...

Obviously, you have touched a nerve, Mike. Touched a whole shitload, I'd say! As my ol' Pop used to say, with friends like this, who needs enemies?

Actually, it reads like the Sunday funnies! I found it puerile and lacking in readability!

Jim Bravo said...

I think we got bigger fish to fry. Forget this petty mess and let's get back to work.

Anonymous said...

Problem with "forgetting this petty mess" when Kerodin either instigates or is involved in the Ft. Sumpter he so adamantly advocates.

Then it will become ALL of our problems since he's co-opted the "threeper" movement by using the name and capitalizing on many of our own feelings of disgust with the current system of corruption.

Saying someone is not being a grown up or "a grown man" is a rather pathetic attempt at name calling and attack of the male ego in order to goad someone into your line of thought (or the case of supporting someone without THINKING through the ramifications of the action). Last I checked.....thinking was the act of an adult.....whereas petulant children tend to act before they think.

Look, I get it. We're ALL fed up with how things are going. And we're fed up to the point of armed resistance.....but the divide seems to be: When is such action justified?

You wanna test the waters now with a Ft. Sumpter attack? my guess. But at this point, you're gonna lose and you're not going to get much support.

Until a MUCH LARGER majority of Americans wake up and see what's really going on.....your Rambo fantasy is going to have to wait.....that is, if you're really after liberty for yourself and your fellow Americans.

Diogenes said...

I am just tired of all the postulation of GunWalker. There are many more issues at stake in addition to, but nary a mention of them here.

Between Gunwalker (and only Gunwalker), and your bickering with K over the fact that you are both imperfect. Well, I don't come here much anymore.

Enjoy the last of my visits while it lasts.

Reg T said...


I'm one of those deluded fools who you refer to when you speak of people claiming you were demeaning yourself in your replies to/about kerodin. The way you express yourself here - not that you need anyone's approval, least of all mine - is so much more reasonable and rational. You display the "adult" to his child.

I thought kerodin had some things worth listening to. Certainly not the things he said about you, which I ignored or told him I felt were uncalled for, but some of his thoughts on what is wrong with our country today. On my own - thought it was a longer journey than for most folks here - I have finally come to see what appears to be a serious streak of irrational thought, unreasonable expectations, along with an arrogance you have never shown.

I realize you will probably continue to devalue my goodwill, based on my criticisms (I should have known that is why you preferred a burger for dinner), but I hope you will understand that I will always respect what you have done, as well as what you continue to attempt.

Scott J said...

1995 deja vu, Mike. Creepily similar.

Reg T said...


I respect the hell out of you, buddy, but I just took a look at that web site, and kerodin, or whoever wrote it, needs to drink deeply from that cup himself.

I know for a fact Mike doesn't think very highly of me. That doesn't matter. What matters is that I understand feeling the need to defend yourself when attacked in this vile a way. I don't know that I would have the strength to ignore having such things said about me. I can't rightly expect Mike to do what I could not do myself, although I do think he is better than I in many ways.

Disagreement is acceptable. Character assassination is not. The good news is that even those who don't know anything about Mike can see the vindictive, irrational, and immature nature of the author of that tripe.

With that, I will STFU myself. Take care, AP. See you at your blog.

Steve said...

When I think of a "Keyboard Commando" I don't think Mike Vanderboegh, I think of a two-legged varmint who hides behind an anonymous domain name and starts to fire.

What a JOKE!

Anonymous said...

Normally I'd agree to just ignore it, but a bit of research brings about some things that should be noted...

There's no PROOF that "kerodin" is behind this "attack" site, HOWEVER

The "attack" site and the "kerodin" site share the same...
(1) registry anonymizer -- lets the site-owner hide his "real life" ID/name/contact info/etc. There are a bunch of them...
(2) Web host -- also a bunch of them
(3) DNS servers -- this is how you find the numeric address by entering the site-name -- there are also a bunch of these...
(4) Basic site design/look and feel/etc

So, in sum...

It looks like a duck,
Walks like a duck,
Quacks like a duck,
SMELLS like a duck...

seems pretty obvious what it is...

Anonymous said...

Interesting. The similarities between this "kerodin" character and Alex Jones circa 1996 are uncanny.

Alex Jones sought to co-opt the Freedom Movement in much the same way. Hell, he even out-Spotlighted the Spotlight with his wild assertions. And if anyone disagreed with him, then he'd try to demonize them and say they weren't serious about Freedom.

Then, when someone came up with a legitimate investigation revealing government corruption/abuses, he'd try to take credit for their work.

W W Woodward said...

Mike, I think (for what it's worth) that you're doing the right thing by ignoring detractors and lie mongers.

The people who hate you and your cause will believe any negative thing someone says about you. The speaker's lack of facts and/or logical argument be damned.

Those of us who know and admire you damn well know better and will not be swayed from the path.

For the most part, those who fall outside either of the aforementioned categories really don't care one way or the other and will not note your passing, or mine either for that matter.

All any of us can do is hang in there, do the best we can to complete the mission, and not be distracted by naysayers.


sofa said...

who/what are they trying to undermine?
who benefits from their actions?