Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Game changes a bit

Dallas protest: Three police officers dead in sniper shooting

 As I am sure many of you have seen two "snipers" made a pretty successful run at some police in  Dallas and have so far managed not to get caught.

"An "intensive" search for suspects was under way, Dallas Police Chief David Brown said."

"Gunfire broke out as demonstrators marched through the city, sending them fleeing for cover."

"The protests were sparked by the deaths of Philando Castile in Minnesota and Alton Sterling in Louisiana."

Sipsey prediction:  Safe money is that they used "AR style high powered" rifles.  Gotta keep moving that goal post down the line.  This is, of course, just more window dressing for the big show.  Expect two things to happen.  The first is that they will increase police funding in big cities to "root out snipers".  And the second is the left remembered that they can kill at a distance and get away with it.

Yep, it is going to be a long hot summer.


Longbow said...

The first is that they will increase police funding in big cities to "root out snipers".

The question would then be, "Cui bono?"

JohninMd.(HELP!?!!) said...

12:47 am Eastern, 14 cops wounded, 4 killed. A coordinated sniper attack. At least two we go....

Anonymous said...

David A. Clarke, Jr. ‏@SheriffClarke 17s17 seconds ago

Waiting for Obama, Lynch and anti gun bigots to blame Dallas slaughter of police on the need for more gun control or background checks.

daniel said...

I havent' heard what the distances invoved were, but it seems unlikely they were much ove 100 yards.

Still, this *is* a new tactic,at least here, and I suspect we'll see it used more in the future.

keith park said...

This kind of accurate shooting (um, how many protesters were hit) is way beyond the skill level of your average #blacklivesmatter adherent. Anyone smell a .gov rat?

Anonymous said...

I didn't know they could reliably hit targets 100 yards out while holding the gun sideways.

Anonymous said...

Problem ,reaction,solution.HRC and Comeys FBI are yesterdays news.With HRC assured shoe in as POTUS.We are going to need those dreaded black rifles.Behind enemy lines,Ct.

Sean said...

I'm not far from Dallas, and you'd think by the way local TV and media are carrying on, it was still in progress. About 20 miles away. Cops are all like WTF, but they don't seem to have any memory working about the Why. This is revenge, and there may be more to come. 12 cops shot, 2 civilians, 5 dead.

PO'd American said...

More propaganda from your friendly "talking head news readers" this morning, I actually heard them quoting that this shooting is the largest attack on law enforcement since 9/11?? Call me stoopid, but I don't remember 9/11 as an attack on LEOs. What looks like, walks like, smells like a false flag....ah just keeping walking. Absolutely nothing to see here.

GaryM said...

I predict martial law imposed by the end of September. Long Live the King!

Biden will step down and Hillery will be appointed as his replacement.

Anonymous said...

"Let's Hope This Headline Is Wrong! And This Is Not A CIVIL WAR!" Jul 8, 2016

Anonymous said...

Black Guy Explains Why Blacks Will Lose A Race War Extended Version

Anonymous said...

Keith park - i'm with your thinking on this. Soros runs Black lies Matter. They take marching orders from him and his cronies. They set up demonstration time and place at their orders. How long does it take to scope out a good sniper position? I'd say at least a week. Probably more. Once a good position is found all that's needed is the protest. Doesn't matter how long it will take for a cop to shoot someone to foment a protest, because sooner or later it will happen. And when it does the puppet masters just have to arrange the protest in the area of the sniper-hide...Those shooters didn't just show up to a protest helter-skelter wearing body armor and tactical gear and spur of the moment pick a good shooting position for triangulated fire. Wouldn't surprise me if every major city has shooter positions already planned near areas where BLM can form protests...Getting back to Soros - how many civil wars around the globe has this guy been behind with finances? He's a master at it. We all know that he, Obozo and the upper echelon of the socialist utopia crowd have been trying to get a civil war started here. Their false-flags are becoming so often that they're transparent...I'm thinking this has been in the planning for some time; it was just a question of which city it would happen in and when

Anonymous said...

I keep hearing about "root" causes. How about the equality destroying progressive tax code? How about assigning race as the cause- or a gun as the cause, when a cop commits a bad shoot? How about media and politicians blaming all gun owners and all white people, but but but it's not all Muslims or all black people?

Maybe the real root cause here is lacking adherence to equality, a failure to apply the constitutional protections and limitations properly and to EVERYONE?!

These cops were killed because they were white. The two black guys killed by cops were killed directly because of gun control and anti second amendment policies. Cops, regardless of color, are taught to treat GUNS as a crime by default. See it? That's a problem. Just seeing a gun should not bring about fear any more than the presence of a gallon of milk. The difference today is a LEARNED response and it's taught by the corrupt fools refusing to relent before constitutional norms.

We have serious troubles and the answers are staring us in the face, right there in our Constitution and Declaration. Either we get back on that track, or this last week is only a tiny sliver of what is to come. Either police back off innocent people, telling politicians that they will no longer play the part of revenures, focusing instead upon the real criminals, or they will be directed to put themselves in MORE danger. Either people call out the corrupt politicians pushing a race war or they will find themselves at funerals of their own kin, dead because of their skin color.

Folks, corrupt politicians and media hacks are pitting us against each other -all so they can line their own pockets. Stop taking their bait! Let's stop letting the cons run the show, eh?

Anonymous said...

Remember "Pre 9/11" and "Post 9/11"? I suspect we'll be talking about "Pre Dallas" and "Post Dallas" soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Obama: Powerful Guns Made Dallas Ambush ‘More Deadly and Tragic’

FSHB said...

"History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme." - Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)

Modus operandi points to either the same actors or at least actors trained by the same org.

Call me paranoid, but my tin foil hat is grounded.


AtomicSpud said...

QUOTE: "The suspect was killed by an explosive attached to a police bomb robot."/QUOTE

So this is how they have been trained to kill us if we resist. I don't celebrate the deaths of those officers; I think it was horrible, and the bastard that did this deserved worse that what he got... BUT, it HAS opened up the view of what would happen if we had to defend ourselves from a dug in position. No air-force bombs will black choppers overhead...... just a neverending march of cheap disposable robot bombs, driven from over 2 miles away by faceless Goons. Looks like you dad is going to have to Re-right ABSOLVED to included this new tactic.... Anybody have 4gw ideas about a good counter for this that they can put into the book?

Anonymous said...

if you go around poking a wolverine with a stick , and it jumps up and rips yer balls off .. dont go acting surprised when it happens , and dont blame it on the wolverine

hard to feel sorry for the police ...

Anonymous said...

To Anon at 9:55AM .....agree with most of your analysis and until this morning watching the new video, I agree that these two shootings *could* be bad shoots.

The latest video of the Alton Sterling shooting is much more clear. Gotta say, think it was probably a good shoot based on this one. The officer on his legs shoots him after yelling "He's got a gun, gun!"...and the other officer tells him, "Hey bro, if you move, I swear to God"....Sterling looks to be continuing to struggle with the officer on his legs and then that officer shoots just after saying "He's going for the gun". Problem is: we can't see what Sterling is really doing b/c the other officer's body is blocking the shot....but based on what you do appears Sterling is still struggling. Had he complied, and stopped moving...he'd probably still be alive.

There are several segments...but I primarily watched the 2:47 to 3:01 mark.

As for the Castile shooting in MN....we only have one version of the shooting, and video of the aftermath only. I'd venture a guess that his CCW class (like mine) told him that the cop would want access to the firearm to check to make sure it's not stolen and to make it 'safe' by typically unloading it before giving it back to the CCW carrier at the end of the stop. His GF made this statement in the video: “He tried to tell you he was licensed to carry and he was going to take it *off*." Did she misspeak here and say OFF when she meant he was going to take the license OUT? Or....did he try to give the officer his gun or his holstered gun....which is what would be implied by "OFF".

After being told he was a CCW carrier, the officer should have waited to identify what was in his hand before shooting. If it was a don't shoot. If it was a gun? Then that could go sideways through fault of both parties. The officer claims he told him "not to reach for it" in the video....did he comply and what was he reaching for....license or gun? That's the question and hopefully there's a body cam to prove it b/c otherwise, it's the cop's word against her's.

The point is: both of these could well be good shoots with Castile's being more tragic if it was due to him simply not following commands. Our CCW class taught us to put both hands outside the window...inform the officer of CCW status...and DO NOT MOVE until the officer gives specific instructions and let him know you'll comply with whatever he wants you to do.

Anonymous said...

"and DO NOT MOVE until the officer gives specific instructions and let him know you'll comply with whatever he wants you to do."

Even that doesn't always work. Armed around an armed LEO is going to be problematic no matter what you do. Case in point was the Las Vegas shoot where an armed shopper was evacuating a Costco after clearing a misunderstanding with the store manager when the "loss prevention specialist" who made the 911 pointed the CCW holder out to the small army of LEO's dispatched to the scene. At least one officer gave conflicting commands to freeze, get on the ground & drop the weapon. Loose - loose! And through no fault of his own he became really most sincerely dead.

MissAnthropy said...

So CBS is reporting that the rifle was a SKS. A rifle with a wood stock and a fixed 10 round magazine doesn't look scary enough, so we'll see what they do to sensationalize it.

Anonymous said...

I don't disagree with with Anon at 1:45pm about the example in the Erik Scott case....however, NOT doing what they are telling you is a sure way to get shot.

We don't know yet (might never know) what happened in the case of Castile. We'll have to wait and see what evidence develops.

FedUp said...


I saw a video of a man closing up behind a cop who was crowding his cover (a concrete pillar) and shooting the hapless cop in the back. The shooter appeared to be carrying a long gun with a tall, triangular AR15 style front sight, but the video was a bit too fuzzy to be 100% sure.

Anonymous said...

That bomb-bot is nothing more than a Terminator - a suicide bomber with a protected central nervous system and hardened shell. It'll take another bomb to stop it.

Don't forget about drones. LEO agencies have been toying with the idea of flying a suicide drone in to blow the head off targets from behind. I'll assume now that these things are well along in development.

When the drone thing started to "take off", one of my thoughts was that counter-drones could be an asset, at least to drive off prying eyes. Then it morphed into dropping nets or stringers over their props. May well be needed later.

somejoe said...

In my life I have seen the police shift from being relatively benign tax feeding revenuers, to dangerous highway robbers and political purity enforcers.

I find they have failed their oath. They will have to deal with the consequences of their actions.

Anonymous said...

Anyone but me remember FBI director Freeh sending some of the boys over to train with the KGB,(later to be described by Freeh as "our brothers in law enforcement")?Anyone but me remember Hillary and Vencente Fox screeching about American guns finding their way into Mexico, killing innocent Mexicans, before Fast and furious?Anyone remember the older gentleman from Alabama warning America "if you elect this man (Bill Clinton) president, you will allow the crime that has been going on in Alabama to turn the US government into an international crime organization"
But when asked, I will say "I don't remember saying that", and as Donald Trump will likely say any day now "the Clintons are really very, very nice people"
So much for the choices before America these days.
As Bonhoeffer said of the Nazis "evil has strode upon the world stage and taken off its mask"

Anonymous said...

We have to know WHO started the first fiasco by claiming "man with a gun". SCOTUS has admitted that it takes more for posting popo to bust someone, to ummm detain and search, a person on the basis of a anonymous tip. It occurs to me we have a name for that action -it's called intentional swatting.

People arguing about it claim to want to observe ALL the information, but are leaving out that tidbit. WHY were cops interfering with that man in the first place? And if they had no cause to be messing with him, then ALL of it, everything, is bad- even the shoot. Heck, it's arguable that in that set of circumstances, the guy was just defending himself from a two man aggression, unjustified aggression.

Cops DO NOT and CAN NOT just have free run to bug bother harass and otherwise hound anybody they want for any reason they feel like. Cops have rules too and it is about time that adhere to them faithfully and go to jail when they dont...just like we do.

Just do what the cops say and it'll all be ok right? Uh huh. That's what folks did on Texas highways and got butt raped by unloved hands in roadside cavity checks. Folks, cops have limitations on their authority for good reason.

So get a dang WARRANT for ANY violence imposed upon a Citizen. That's the Supreme Law as written. Get a dang warrant, create that paper trail so people can be held to account for the orders they give to do violence on Citizens in the name of law enforcement.

It's the right thing to do! How about we try it that way?

NorthGunner said...

Keith Park said:
"... Anyone smell a .gov rat?.."

I smell more than gov rat, I smell a
putrid false flag being unfurled here.
It wouldn't surprise me if the 'shooter' or
'shooters' were other cops themselves.

Of course the collectivist sheeple media
presstitutes are all, "brave cops this..and
'stalwart defenders of blah blah blah".

Anyone who still has the myth of 'cops are
the good guys!' needs to seriously read and
understand this article just posted over at
Buppert: So It Begins – Dallas and the Emerging 4GW in Vichy America

Once that's been done and understood fully the next step
is to read and understand the following essay by Larken Rose:

When Should You Shoot A Cop

A Link to the video (for those who're more visually inclined)

And Larken's response to all the broohaha that his
article provoked among the sheeple brained copsuckers:

Shooting Cops

Never forget that cops are nothing more than the
bloody dirty arm of politicians! They're the first
one's that WILL be tasked with the attempt to disarm
us when ovomit and the rest of his collectivist hangers
on decide that he wants to be 'prezzy for life'.

Yours In Liberty w/o any damned collectivist leg breakers!
NorthGunner III

Anonymous said...

The dude was shooting with a Saiga AK-74 style 5.45 x 39mm, magpul furniture and a ncstar red dot sight. So much for an AR, not that it matters much at this point.

Joe Kidd said...

For nine years, the elephant in the room has been how Barack #Obama never condemned the #NewBlackPantherParty's call to assassinate cops when he marched with them in Selma in '07... And "mainstream" #media still won't mention this, even though that same group is making violent news now.
Some references:

Anonymous said...

Anon at 4:42. Sterling allegedly brandished the firearm at a homeless man outside the convenience store and threatened him b/c the homeless guy asked for least that's the current narrative. The homeless man is the one that allegedly called 911....though I ask myself: do the homeless have "Obama phones"...b/c if not, I can't imagine him actually being homeless and paying for a cell. It is entirely likely that the pan handler called to "Swat" Sterling b/c he refused to "contribute"....but how did he know about the gun? It's possible that it printed since it was in his pocket....but we simply don't know.

If the incident *really* went down as described above, then the police had every right to approach and talk to Sterling about it.