Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Another Shocked Face

As seen on the Gun Feed:

The Democrats’ ‘Emergency’ Assault on the Second Amendment

"Senator Schumer contends that this inconvenience [of removing the Second Amendment] can be gotten round by the purported recognition of an “emergency powers” doctrine. While history and common sense say the Framers’ idea of a crisis was the specter of government usurpation of the people’s liberties (that’s the reason we have a Bill of Rights), the Left turns this notion on its head: A crisis becomes the reason for government to restrict our liberties — for our own good, of course." 

"In support of this proposition, Schumer cited the the Fourth Amendment. He claims that its protections are not fully enforced in various emergency situations. By this, he means that there are times when police are not required to obtain judicial warrants or show probable cause of a crime before conducting a search or seizure. The Second Amendment, he contends, must be similarly flexible."


Anonymous said...

Surely there is another insane liberal out there somewhere that would like to eliminate this man. Surely!

michael said...

Do your own dirty work. Man up!

Anonymous said...

Chuckie points at the fourth because the entire premise of the "reasonable" test within the judiciary (which allows the legislature to play ban that gun like whack a mole) is rested in treating a gun as property to be reasonably searched and seized.

From background checks to in commerce, it is all rested in the fourth and "reasonable".

Having to justify his banning ways through the Second is a wee bit tougher, and he knows it.

skybill said...

Hi Mike and Matt......,
The Party is "OVER!!!!!!" The only remaining question is...as it was at Lexington Concord Bridge.......and ...as "History" says,"No one knows which side fired that shot heard around the world?????" WHEN???? is the "Second Shot to be fired that will be heard around the world????" Or, has it already been fired but we're just too stupid to know it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Support yer' local "Armed Infidel!!!!."
Got Gunz........OUTLAW!!!!,
God, Gunz and Gutz keep America (and the Confederacy) FREE!!,
Remember,.....America ends in "I-CAN!!," not "I-RAN!!!!,"
and in the immortal words of the Cheshire Cat up in the tree, as he is locking, loading and smiling that grin......"We're all waiting.....You Know???,
Yer' "Man in Manchac,"
skybill- (in the sound of Mr. "Hipshot Percussion," taking a draw on his hand rolled cigarette, and practicing his "Fast Draw" in the old stand up mirror..."KEERLATCH!!!" He draws and the image in the mirror out draws him an' shoots his hat off!!!!! Geez..I still have that sunday cartoon from Stan "Da' Man" in my archives!!!! We're talkin' early 70's>>>
Meanwhile, back at the ranch,
PS a day doesn't pass that you are not in my thoughts and Prayers Mike....

Anonymous said...

I can tell all of you personally, from here in upstate NY, that Schumer never, ever comes to counties outside of NYC, Long Island, Albany or any other bastion of Democrat la-la-land. He stays where the people have either huge amounts of money to safeguard themselves behind ivory towers, or they have no money at all (except what's stolen from us to keep them alive) and are looking for a free ride. Grassroots efforts to rid ourselves of this pariah is like running into a cement wall, but we do try. I've never doubted for a second that when the festivities start it will be here, behind enemy lines, that the fun will go full swing. People who I never even thought were concerned about our state of affairs have said things to me, with a grin and a chuckle, who they were planning on hitting when the party starts. So Chuckie and pals will be in for quite the surprise to find out that the "regular Joe" next door is more than ready, willing and able. Go ahead and start suspending the constitution with "emergency powers". You go ahead and put good people's backs to the wall and watch what happens. Dutchman said a long time ago to start making a list. Without ever putting pen to paper or finger to keyboard everybody has lists. There inside their heads, tucked away from prying eyes. Many of the list holders never blog on sites on this, or even bother to go online for that matter. But they sure as hell exist, all just waiting. So Chuckie, you keep pandering to your brain-dead constituents. When your hot air turns to a real effort we'll see who has the money in the bank to cover the checks they're trying to cash...

RustyGunner said...

Well, as stupid ideas go, this is a doozy. The only real question to be answered is, how stupid are the people who will be tasked to enforce this?

Anonymous said...

Could the "shot heard around the world" be when Schumer hears the double tap happening to his own head. He won't hear the echo because he will be assuming room temperature. I think he might have pissed off the wrong people.

Anonymous said...

All part of the "Quickening".If Romney won in 2012 they would have pushed all this in their final months in office.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead with your "emergency powers" Shmuckie....and we will go ahead with ours. But be forewarned, ours WILL result with your neck in a noose, and you dancing "The Executioner's Jig".

THAT....you can be sure of.

Thoughts From Behind Enemy Lines: http://tfbel.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with this post....just something for us all to consider:

Terror Attacks at the Election Polls?

Something I've been thinking about and I certainly hope DHS/NSA has been considering as well. Now obviously this isn't a prediction; it is slightly paranoid, but most importantly, it's within the realm of possibility.

Sun Tszu would tell us to know our enemy....though most Americans are blissfully ignorant of radical Islam, but the converse cannot be said to be the case. Our enemy knows us better than we know ourselves since introspection and quiet reflection don't seem to be in mainstream American's consciousness.

The point: such attacks are wins for the global jihad on multiple fronts.

1) Where are elections held? Generally (in the state's I've voted in): public government buildings, such as schools......or churches.
What better symbolic targets can a radical Muslim get, short of a daycare filled with innocent children?

2) They're are also, by law, gun free zones. There is only a small risk of anyone disobeying the almighty "law" and thwarting even a single attacker with or without a suicide vest. Multiple attackers armed with AKs/ARs and vests or a car/truck bomb would be even harder to stop.

3) Long lines, crowded buildings and plenty of people to stack up the body count.

4) No real security.

5) Daesh/ISIS/ISIL, AQ, etc. allegedly want a Trump presidency to bring about a "war against all of Islam"....bombings would likely sway the voters that way.

6) LOTS of media coverage.....nothing like watching terrorism unfold live.....and we all know that TV coverage is what terrorists want and need for impact.

7) Our enemy likely knows our mainstream factions....therefore, they likely know the conspiracy theorists in our society will be on high alert for an administration that "suspends" elections b/c of some "emergency"....though in this case, delaying elections so increased security measures could be implemented will be deemed by many on both sides as appropriate. Thing is: suspension of elections could push some groups and individuals over the brink....and put the nation on the brink of civil war....something that would make radical Islam's enemy MUCH weaker should war or even widespread rioting actually break out. Granted, the poll attacks themselves would have to be widespread in order for a suspension to be justified; a few here or there wouldn't do it.....but say 10 or 20 in major cities? That changes the dynamic.

Again, not saying any of this will happen....simply that it could. It would be a big win for our enemies and wouldn't cost much in terms of funding.

So, what do we, as normal citizens do? IMO, not much you can do. Carry when you go to the polls. I'd bet most of us do this anyway.....just ignore all the stupid signs. Maybe go over your EDC.....maybe extra mags, an IFAK, knife, phone, light, etc. Get more proficient with your sidearm. 50+ yard head shots....all day long. I personally need to work on this one, and we have limited time. Heads on swivels....if something doesn't feel right, check it out or bail. Look for cars that are loaded down. I doubt powerful IEDs would be planted at the site before election day, so not too much to look out for there, I wouldn't imagine....if they are that sophisticated, we're in deep doo-doo anyway as it would be hard to spot and getting real ordnance to utilize for such an attack in the US would be difficult without smuggling. Not saying it couldn't be done though.

I'm betting everyone here on the site probably does this stuff already to some extent. Just hoping to raise awareness to the possibility and take extra precautions.

Anonymous said...

Clear grounds for impeachment.
Granted, Hillary's had them for years, and the "republican" faux-congress cannot seem to figure that out, either.

The coup happen a long, long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Even if he applies this to the 2nd amendment, precedent would dictate this could only be extremely limited in the duration of time. For example, the duration of a traffic stop or in the case of a warrant-less arrest you would have to be brought before judicial review within 48 hrs.

I think this is more about bringing the phrase of "emergency powers" into the debate than this is rolling the 2nd amendment into the 4th. They are attempting to re-frame the debate as to brainwash the people into thinking that POTUS has the authority to take such 'emergency actions' to ban guns. This is extremely treacherous.

Anonymous said...

10:28 - it is exactly about that, just like the newly minted and now often used "shelter in place".

Anonymous said...

I think we are past time mulling over that our brothers and sisters WILL be the enemy we end up fighting, at the end of this. We are headed to one final result that is unavoidable due to the massive and widespread corruption. YouWILL either take lives to secure your freedom and future, and do so unapologetically, or you will be a victim of this coming Race/Civil war. We are far past anything else being a remote possibility. I never promised a rose garden, only the raw unabashed truth than can no longer be hidden with wishful thoughts and prayers. You cannot escape that inevitability. Now is the time to mentally prepare yourselves for that reality.
The people who side with US FED GOV, are your most dangerous threat. Whether by their own choice or ignorance, they will get you killed to protect their status quo.
Sign me, Neal Jensen

Moe Death said...

As we understand it, the Bill of Rights confirms what are God-given rights. Just because it ain't written down doesn't mean it ain't so.

The rat bastards can do anything they want... Doesn't make it right, though... My God is way more powerful than any Congress critter.

Amazing how many of those rat bastards haven't figured that out yet...

Bill and Domino

P.S. Hey Mike, Domino wants to know if you got the Chiky-Stix yet... She's been praying for a long time..

Sedition said...

Give it a try, Chucky. If you're still around afterwards, let me know how that works out for ya.