Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Nothing succeeds for the entertainment of the credulous like regurgitated disinformation.

"Fox's X-Files revival has controversial new theories: Chris Carter on his Fox hit's return, which warns of a UN takeover and links 9/11 to UFOs."
Yeah, I know it's fiction, but people who need to be awakened and united in resistance will be lulled back into inactivity on their couches for their next fix. And, inevitably, many will watch the show and believe that it reflects reality and, worse, use the show to make their case to friends and family that it IS reality. And another potential recruit (or more) will be lost to the real fight.


Galaxie_Man said...

Pure entertainment for me, nothing more. I watched that show faithfully when it was in it's regular run, and plan on watching all 6 episodes. I got a kick out of "The Lone Gunmen" characters.

Uninformed voters, however, will think it's a documentary (like those accurate ones produced by Al Gore and Michael Moore).

Anonymous said...

OR, you could be trying to explain something legitimate to someone and they think what you're saying is pure conspiracy theory because they saw something similar on "X-Files".