Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Propaganda preparation of the battlefield. Collectivists "interpret" gun laws and Oregon events.

"We must remember that in time of war what is said on the enemy’s side of the front is always propaganda, and what is said on our side of the front is truth and righteousness, the cause of humanity and a crusade for peace." -- Walter Lippmann
From the Motherless Joneses: "How a Loophole in US Law Helps Drug Cartels Sneak Guns Into Mexico."
From the Brit collectivist rag Guardian: "Battle to stop gun smuggling on US-Mexico border hampered by officials."
Birds of an ideological feather and all that. From one band of collectivist tyrant wannabes to another: "Brady Campaign to endorse Hillary Clinton."
From the appropriately titled "Vice News" -- "The Oregon Standoff: A Community Divided."


Joe said...

Her flawed attempt at logic certainly didn't impress
Paul Kersey. His comments here:


Robert Fowler said...

"supporting a policy that’s already saved lives in Iowa — expanded Brady background checks on gun sales," he said."

I'm a FFL in Iowa. When did they change the law? Nothing about background checks was passed last year. I think someone is embellishing.

Anonymous said...

Mother Jones didn't even mention Eric Holders role in getting the cartels some weapons, failed to mention that the cartels purchase full auto AKs from china, and M4s from the Mexican national police and Mexican army, hey can't confuse the readers with facts!

Anonymous said...

Why are the Feds in Oregon at the courthouse destroying documents?