Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Color me cynical. Every six years, strangely coincident with the election cycle, Richard Shelby transmogrifies from the consummate DC insider to "principled conservative."

Shelby Vows to Grill Attorney General on Gun Action.


Anonymous said...

Let's not pick on Sen. Shelby too much. What you're pointing out is pretty much common to all of the political class. And it extends all the way down to those who run for office in labor unions and maybe even the PTA. The only time they seem to care about doing their jobs, or maybe more accurately, to be seen to be doing their jobs, is around re-election time.

Given the bovine nature of the bulk of America's citizens in the 21st century, perhaps it's the Sen. Shelby's of the world that have it right and we're just annoying the herd.

"I said, "Now, baby, have you got no shame?"
She just looked at me, uncomprehendingly
Like cows at a passing train." -- Don Henley

Steve Miller said...

Similar to Harry Reid going to a firing range just before election time or John Kerry outfitted in hunting duds at that time etc.