Tuesday, January 12, 2016

"How China Could Crash the Global Economy."

Invest in brass, copper and lead.


Anonymous said...

China makes a convenient scapegoat when the real perpetrators are collectivist central banks and the fractional reserve banking system in general. To understand Liberty we must understand Austrian economics and refute the Keynesian economics of collectivism.
Call your senators and demand a full audit of the Federal Reserve System, the vote happens today.

Anonymous said...

Silver is still affordable right now, as well, and spendable/recognizable in "junk" form. But we'll probably need the other three more than anything else. And in the end, viable seeds will be the only real "thing" of value.

B-4 said...

A persons view of which metals to store is subjective, depending on your youth and up-bringing. Some of us went long, when Ronnie Ray-Gun was elected and over come the dips of ammo shortages to present day. Still shooting as much .22LR as we like that costs 1.6 cents per this past weekend. Buy it cheap and stack it, slab cracking deep.
Heirloom seeds an ammo the coming king of barter. I still recall my grandfather and other kin telling of what was king, in the depression. Life skill sets, tools, ammo and seeds, no matter how bad it gets that person will make it.


Nemesis said...

For those who are not able to have gold or silver sitting around waiting to do something, when the electronic Banking system goes down or the stockmarket crashes, cash is a short term King. Have plenty of it!

Have plenty of brass, copper and lead, as is the good advice given on this post, but do not store it all in one place. Find many hidey holes to store it that no one else, other than close family members or friends know about.

Chiu ChunLing said...

Clear title to property located in a self-sufficient and defensible community might be a good investment too.

China's 'market' economy was always fake anyway. It behaves as it was designed to behave, and its demise is unfortunate for those too out of step with the CCP to recognize how the game was rigged. The CCP is already rolling out their "social credit" system, which will largely reward those who invested as the leadership instructed and further punish all those who tried to game the system.

Of more significance to the region, the Chinese economy is going to be further militarized, with most major production occurring with specific military contingency utility in mind and a lot more going into direct military build-up. The recent focus on rooting out corruption won't be enough to curb the temptation presented by that new capital flow, so a significantly enhanced tempo of direct military operations will be necessary to clarify which commanders are using their new resources appropriately. Whether or not the CCP likes it or not, the regional response will result in more kinetic actions.

The global economy isn't going to like it either way, if it even remains a notionally going concern by then.

Anonymous said...

The dirty Canuck Cruz skipped the vote for auditing the fed.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous @10:52 AM, I agree with you 100%! "China is being made a convenient scapegoat".

It is the NWO and banksters and their lackey's in the Treasonous American and Western European governments I believe, that are deliberately Trying to crash the world's economies, so they can install a so-called "Cashless" society and more easily create a NWO, one world government slave state.

Trying to blame it on China, is a deliberate attempt by the NWO and the American and European governments, to Try and deflect attention away from them as the Real perpertrators of any economic collapse, so the American people will turn their anger at China and not at them when the collapse happens.