Saturday, January 9, 2016

"6 Reasons Obama Is Untrustworthy on Guns." Untrustworthy? That's being far too polite.

The president's townhall and New York Times op-ed piece illustrate his slipperiness.
If the idea that "Obama's trying to take away your guns" is an "imaginary fiction," it's not because he does not want to take away your guns. It's because political and legal realities prevent him from doing so. But for anyone who cares about the right to armed self-defense, the understanding that Obama does not like guns and reads the Second Amendment so narrowly that it has no practical meaning colors everything he does or proposes in this area. When he talks about "universal background checks," for example, you have to wonder how that requirement could be enforced without a national gun registry, a prerequisite for the sort of mass confiscation that Obama has repeatedly praised. That's not paranoia; that's logic.
NRA responds: "The American people do not need more emotional, condescending lectures that are completely devoid of facts."
LATER: "Graham: Sin, not guns, is America's problem."
True. But it is unreasonable to expect a pathological liar and spawn of the Devil to publicly admit the existence of sin. It would imply that there is a greater power than his narcissistic persona and that will simply not do. Evil is incapable of self-critical introspection.


Anonymous said...

... and Hillary would make him look like an angel of mercy!

Ma Duce

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
Just read the post....thought about the NRA and Franklin Graham's comments. From what rev. Franklin said got me to thinkin',....."Blaming Guns for all the evil is like blaming the Cross and Nails for Killing Jesus Christ!!!" Get my drift??
"Praise the Lord.......
and, Pass the AMMO......OUTLAW!!!!!,

T. Paine said...

Really am LMAO!!!
Our little boy Barry needs to be reminded that the God given 2nd exists to kill criminals and tyrants. I wonder which makes him squirm more.

Kenneth Moore said...

The plane truth is the NO progressive socialist can be trusted. Any definitely not all politicians are trusted either. There is no biblical morality or code of ethics in this country. No wonder people in general don't support main stream politicians, as they are tired of many lies they tell. Let's get back to the constitutional intent, many laws written today were made and confirmed by Judicial activism therefore mostly unconstitutional including NFA act. Law abiding citizens should not ask permission for ownership, including fingerprinting and photo or tax stamp.

Fred said...

Evil is incapable of casting out evil. - Jesus Christ

Gene Urtel said...

To be more precise, it will not be sin, but unbelief that would be America's great problem. That is to say, it will be an unbelief in God's gracious, soul-saving gospel, the only thing that will rescue the sinner from the Judgment Day to come, and from an eternity of punishment at the righteous hands of an insulted, betrayed, and rejected Creator by his creatures. Indeed, the Lord already has declared that he will be patient with mankind's sins as long as men would repent of them and believe in his gospel pledge that Jesus' saving blood has covered us with sin-removing pardon.
So then, what is going on currently in America? This country now has joined the long list of nations throughout history that have gone through this terrible cycle: a rise of and a fall from a gospel golden age. In other words, God will bring his merciful gospel pledge to a land, move the inhabitants to believe it, and also bless them materially with civil peace and prosperity. Yet, by the third generation, citizens will begin to detest the gospel and to reject it. This is what has happened to us. This is where we are now. Our country has "fallen away" from the gospel. It has "backslid" and become "unfaithful," as the Word of God puts it. To be sure, there still are some churches in it with a sense of spirituality about them, but not the kind which the Bible clearly outlines for genuine repentance and saving faith.
How has this gospel-rejection played out in this country? Just read about all of the dire news on this blog site alone! Do you like living in all of this misery? Yet this is what life commonly is like in a typical heathen, gospel-void society.
Hence in the throes of this misery, America desperately could and should be asking Gideon's question: "If the Lord would be with us, then why has all of this happened to us?" (Judges 6:13.) The answer is clear: The Lord is not with us. Since we have rejected him, he has rejected us. Namely, the Almighty, who is in control of men and of their events, as Gideon's question implied (see also 1st Corinthians 12:6; Psalm 127:1; Amos 3:6; Isaiah 10:15), is punishing us as an irate father by sending us bad government, bad police, bad citizens, bad justice, bad economics, and bad weather, for example, just as he biblically has threatened he would do, in order to get us to return to his good graces by repenting of our sins, and by believing his gospel pledge.
Nevertheless, what more would it take? How long will America hold out?
Remember, "the Lord is a man of war" (Exodus 15:3)! His guiding policy is: "All nations that forget God shall be turned into hell" (Psalm 9:17). His last resort, after seeing that his previous minor punishments have not changed any minds, is to bring on a most severe, devastating war of punishment.
Thus there will be a military war on America's soil in the future because this nation has refused to return to the gospel. Of this you could and should be divinely certain . It will not be a nuclear blast in which everyone is annihilated quickly without any pain, but a typical one of divine punishment: a back and forth devastation that would go on for years, inflicting as much suffering as possible.
Hence the underlying basis of this war will not be one of the white hats against the black hats, but, of a furious Almighty against his ungrateful, gospel-detesting creatures.
See this! Repent, and believe his gospel! (Mark 1:15.)
Pray Abraham's prayer! (Genesis 18:23-32.)
Pray Daniel's prayer! (Daniel 9:3-27.)
Pray Ezra's prayer! (Ezra 9:6-10 & 13-15.)

Gene Urtel - The Rivertown Press

Anonymous said...

It was Saul Alinsky who taught Obama How to Cry on Cue

Anonymous said...

Americans' Positive Perception Of NRA Soars As Obama Escalates Gun-Control Agenda

Anonymous said...

Hope N Change: After 7 years of Obama, public says government is the nation's top problem

Leadership: "In this present crisis," Ronald Reagan said at his inauguration, "government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem." But it took Barack Obama to get the public to believe it.

Not Me said...

Fuck Obama...nuff said

Anonymous said...

Huckabee offers Obamacare shooting targets

Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee didn't just blast President Obama's new gun control initiative and move on, he's produced three shooting targets for opponents to aim their fire directly at the administration.

"Americans should go out and buy a new gun – and to improve your accuracy, you can take aim at Washington stupidity, blow holes in ridiculous government programs and shred our unfair tax code with a customized shooting target," said the former Arkansas governor and shooter.

johnnyreb said...

If "untrustworthy" means filthy lying, muslim, faggot, fucking commie bastard, then yeah. I'd settle for "untrustworthy".

Anonymous said...

The word "progressive" is a construct or fabrication of the left or more accurately, the Marxists (pick your denomination) which is designed to recast them in a more positive light. "Progressive" is a positive word. Socialist, Marxist and communist are not, especially when you use an actual history book as a reference, assuming it isn't one written by one of them.

Using the word "progressive" gives them cover and a warm and cuddly persona, which is what it is designed to do.

You should never use it because it is a disguise for what they are, lying, murdering bastards and bitches.