Saturday, January 9, 2016

Time magazine columnist on the Bundy's version of Mormonism.

"The Bundys Are Stuck in Mormonism’s Past."
What is less well known is that the original “Ammon” is also a Book of Mormon figure, a prophet who gained the trust of a king when he defended the nation’s lands and livestock from a group of thieves. Bundy’s namesake is thus doubly telling. It is true that the family’s ideology is deeply rooted in a particular version of 20th century Mormon political theology, but it is also rooted in the broader experience of Western land use and settlement, of which Mormons are a part. The Bundys’ ideology derives not only from Mormon thought, but from the Western experience. It reflects how the practical ideas of Mormon theology have developed in the context of the American West.

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Chiu ChunLing said...

"Benson adopted a particularly important concept in Mormon theology: the idea of “free agency,” which maintains that all human beings are free to choose right from wrong, and that the purpose of our lives on earth is to cultivate our moral insight and ability to choose good."

Sure, cause this was NEVER a particularly significant doctrine in Christian apologetics and religion generally until it was adopted Benson. The Constitution also was never considered particularly significant by anyone until Benson came along and decided it represented divine Providence, because he discovered what nobody else had ever detected, that it framed the principle of a limited government, a concept formerly alien to all political thought.

So whatever you all were thinking about whence your notions of freedom and dignity of the individual came, they really came from Mormons sneakily baptizing you while you were taking a swim or relaxing in the tub or whatever.