Saturday, January 9, 2016

"ATF's Coming Nightmare with Obama."

Now Obama tells us that there are hundreds of thousands of "unlicensed" dealers, and they have to be licensed. This is going to create a real problem for the ATF. The government is now going to have to define "dealing" and put a number on it. I have heard mention of 25 or more guns a year as a suggested threshold. That would create a huge problem for ATF making a case against a citizen. They'd have to have undercover agents buy at least 25 guns from a single person in 12 months to make just one case. If the number is much smaller, it's going to have severe legal implications for the issue of ordinary people selling private property. In either case, a lot of people are going to be even more angry with this administration, and with good reason.


Anonymous said...

There is already a minimum number. 50 if I remember. Its been an unenforced law for decades (one of more than 20000 unenforced federal gun "laws"). If the BATFE wanted to "enforce" every nitpicking state and federal firearms regulation they could end most legal firearms transactions today. They'd just need 40 million agents and 9 million federal persecutors (with bloated staff) to do it. That and a 10 or 20 TRILLION dollar budget. We see people calling on the feds to "enforce the anti-gun laws we have". This is stupid as rigid enforcement would effectively end firearms ownership as we know it, and turn America into a continent wide prison.---Ray

T. Paine said...

Ever look into what it takes to become a 'dealer'? This is the grand 'GOTCHA!' in our man child barry's plan. You CAN'T become a dealer for all practical intents.

GaryM said...

As much as I look forward to Obama's departure,whether in handcuffs or not, I think there needs to be a minimum number established. It's like being stopped on the highway for speeding. You were going too fast! How fast? About 75 mph. You didn't stop me yesterday for 75! Well, I've decided that today 75 is too fast.

Fred said...

Or, it could all be designed to require additional funding to hire additional "agents" to steal more liberty, destroy more livelihood, and take more property. Ya know, like the additional IRS agents under Barry Hussein Care.

Anonymous said...

Feds Spending MILLIONS to Arm Administrative Agencies with Body Armor, Cannon Launchers, Firearms and Ammo

Anonymous said...

The gun issue will be paperwork nightmare for many dealers to conform to . It is just the slow part of gun control forced through representation of those against the constitution .

I am wondering what you think about this ? Are they being used as a puppet for more media or more distraction ? I have to say if your willing to die for something you better be 100% right about it and something here to me just doesn't seem right or feel right and the information is all over the place . This is a Hugh red light !

Burns Oregon Refuge Occupy

**3% of Idaho Burns Oregon Update**

Update: January 5, 2016

Press release regarding Malheur Wildlife Refuge
While those within the Pacific Patriots Network, Idaho 3%, Oregon 3%, COCG, ORTAC, and The Bearded Bastards were not involved with the execution of the peaceful takeover of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge Building in Harney County, Oregon we do agree with the statement that is trying to be made.
Ranchers in the west, specifically Harney County, have been abused by the federal government for decades by means of property use rights, water rights, and other regularly used resources that they have all been restricted from and are fighting to regain.

At this point in time this is no different than a sit in protest at a college. The buildings on the property were unlocked and completely accessible, the property itself was not gated and there were and are not currently any no trespassing signs outside the property. This lays proof that these individuals are simply occupying public property and public buildings.
The actions we are seeing stems directly from the injustices that have been served to the Hammond family. This is a blatant show of frustration from American citizens. Dwight and Steven Hammond are a father and son team of ranchers in Harney County that were convicted of a burn that accidentally spilled onto public land. They served their time for the crime they were convicted of. The problem lies in the fact that the Department of Justice returned a review on the original case that indicated they were not satisfied with the original sentencing and wanted the District Court to go back and re-sentence the Hammonds for a second time two years later. The Hammonds 5th and 8th amendments rights at that time were blatantly disregarded. They have been subjected to punishment for the same crime twice over. This family was also ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $400k by December 31st, 2015. The stipulation if the restitution was not paid poses another avenue of injustice. There is a piece of land that sits surrounded by the Malheur Wildlife Refuge that the Hammonds own and have owned for decades. They refused to sell the property when the refuge was being established. They were told that if the restitution was not paid by said date that very piece of property would be forfeited and confiscated to the federal government as an alternative for monetary payment.

The organizations involved in this statement implore the public and media sources to publish and promote only facts as this situation develops. There is a very real chance that once again the federal agencies involved will not listen and will do as they wish as they did in cases such as Waco and Ruby Ridge. There needs to be a clear understanding by all those involved that these organizations will not allow this situation to end with any deaths especially in the case of any agencies going into the refuge by force. This can and must be solved peacefully.

Informed42 said...

The ATF (as well as about every other Alphabet government agency) are as big a bunch of crooked liars as Zero and his whole administration are. They all have their own 'interpretation and application' of Federal Statutes, which too many of
are 'vague and ambiguous' to say the least. All too many terms in the statutes have never been clearly defined or clarified, and citizens are still being screwed over
because of it. One term is, 'a significant number', in reference to how many guns a
person can sell before the ATF fakers indict them. There are instances where 3 guns
was the number used, and there are instances where 6 guns was the number used.

Another term the Fudds like to accuse people with is, 'engaged in the business of selling firearms'. Here again, they have their own 'interpretation and applications' of what constitutes being 'engaged in the business of selling firearms'. They're also big on making false accusations and indicting people for

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. And the scum bags 'conspire and scheme'
together all the time to 'get evidence' to use against people, but for them, it's not called 'conspiracy' because they claim it's 'under the color of law', which is just another of their fucking lies.

Congress hasn't corrected the problems with the Federal Firearms Statutes that were
mentioned in the Senate Floor Debates in 1984-86 before the passage of the Firearms
Owner's Protection Act. ATF is still using the same tactics and bull shit now as they were then, and getting away with ruining people's lives because of it.

Time to clean house at ATF and re-write and clarify the laws.

Blue said...

One could say there ARE thousands of illegal gun dealers. They're people like Bull Dog and his cousin Treyvon, chilled back in their crack house with their bitches, selling a little crack, a bit of heroin, and all the stolen guns they can. Yeah, they should license these guys.

Tots said...

I fully expect the specific vague nature of the specification on the number of guns sold to define a dealer is to make targeting of "Undesirables" easier.

Anonymous said...

Here, I'll make this simple for y'all.

If you have one gun of any kind and decide to sell it, they will consider you a dealer....

Got It....?

Especially if they don't like you....

Got It.....?

It's whatever they want it to be at the moment.....

Got IT....?

You are the enemy and their target at all times....

Got It.....?

The Constitution and bill of rights are not even a small consideration in their daily lives and activities........ GOT IT......?

Anonymous said...

They don't even have the resources or facilities
To implement any if this
We can still rule by the barrel of a gun as American nationals if we stop sitting on our dam hands and get off the fence and start swinging some rope

Anonymous said...

Yup, he has announced that he's going after our rights but while we're all reacting to that he's giving millions of dollars to the smart gun and microstamp industries that he;s shilling for

Anonymous said...

Best comments I have seen yet are from Anonymous...Someone has some sense.

Sign me, Neal Jensen