Tuesday, November 3, 2015

What the ?!?!?!?

Adams County rancher shot and killed by deputies


Anonymous said...

Smells to high heaven.

What are the chances the rancher, notified he had an injured bull, responded with a rifle to put it down.

Once on the scene, what are the chances an argument ensued with deputies insisting only they had the option of using deadly force at the scene of the accident? Or maybe the rancher wanted an opportunity to try to control his animal, an opportunity to detain it, and remove for evaluation before someone put it down, and the deputies would hear none of it?

Something went terribly wrong here. And, speculation on my part, some of that "only ones" attitude may have played a role.

Then again, rancher guy may have been a hot head, perhaps getting in the way of life saving operations. But lessons learned in getting along with bulls, may also be transferable in getting along with bull headed deputies.

Hope this gets a real investigation, not one intent on whitewashing deputy actions. Listening to the TV report, it certainly leaves open the possibility deputies did some botching.

Sean said...

To protect and serve the hell out of you. Bastards.

Anonymous said...

Ruby Ridge 2.0.

Anonymous said...

WTF, indeed. Was it a case of terrified pussy cops who saw a gun and "eliminated the threat" immediately checking their six for other bad guys and yelling, "CLEAR!"???

Phelps said...

My guess: Rancher showed up, his animal started to charge a car, he put it down before it could. Cops hear the gunshot, see a rifle, don't think, and just start shooting him.

Dollars to donuts the cops have less than 10 years experience on the job between them.

Anonymous said...

hey they are cops......they just had to shot something ..cowboy or cow, don't matter to them !!!

Anonymous said...

Publish the names of all the "Only Ones" at the scene. Let "public shaming" (shunning,flat tires, broken car windows) be done until the "good cops" finally decide to punish the "bad cops". And I DON'T mean a two week paid vacay.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

I called the Adams County Sheriff, and confirmed all deputies have dash and body cams. I then called the ISP Investigations and asked when the footage will be released. They actually "possibly never", they will forward their findings on to another government agent to decide outcome. They would not say who fired, at who, or when.

Total stonewall at all GOVERNMENT agencies.

The REDCOATS are here people and they live among us. The only difference is that they have switched from red to BLUE.

Anonymous said...

OK. I wish I knew what was going on here. My father was an Angus breeder, and had some pretty damn valuable bulls. So I can see where someone might want to try to save even a pretty badly injured animal if at all possible, and would be pretty upset about the injured animal and the thought of losing it. The typical city person can't tell the difference between a market steer that is worth its weight in hamburger and a prize stud bull that is worth about the same as a Maserati. I'd bet those cops just saw hamburger.

Then add that city people have no animal sense, either -- no idea whatsoever how to work a panicky animal, and just make the situation worse by yelling and stomping around. And there isn't an animal much harder to handle than a panicky bull.

My neighbor has the grass lease for some land of mine, and during a wild fire had to evacuate his cattle. He was calmly and methodically moving them down the fire road, and of course when they went past the pond they pulled off to drink. Now, someone with animal sense knows that if you stay quiet and calm and stay behind the animals, and just let them drink their fill for 10 minutes, they will be ready to move on. But trying to drive them off water when they are thirsty is just going to be a disaster. So what happens? Some dip-shit city-girl CHP officer comes roaring up the road yelling and demanding that he move those cattle out right now. Vehicle parked in the way, her flapping her arms and yelling to beat Hell -- what it took to get that idiot to shut up and calm down still makes my blood boil. Anyway, she just about caused about a 4 hour delay and probably some animals would have gotten left behind and likely died in the fire.

So, what happened in Idaho? Some dip-shit city-boy deputies trying to tell a very upset rancher how to work his cattle? Maybe exchange a few words? Something got out of hand there in a very bad way.

DAN III said...

And we still have a multitude of copsuckers who consider themselves "patriots", while the badged thugs continue to murder fellow citizens.

Earl Flanigan said...

Dead men tell no tales.

Oregon Hobo said...

Having grown up near this area and traveled through it more than a few times, I can't say that I'm surprised. Fashionable talk about American Redoubts notwithstanding, police around eastern WA and the Idaho panhandle have a reputation for being extraordinarily vicious.