Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Bloomberg buying politicians again.

New York Billionaire Bloomberg Pours In Millions In Effort to “Buy” VA Senate


Anonymous said...

Well he did it. The cocksucker bought the VA Senate. As it stands, the Dems & Reps are tied at 20 each. That means the Lt. Gov gets a vote and he is a Dem. The only good part is the House of Delegates is still in our hands. Look for the anti-gun shit to hit the fan.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg lost both races.

Anonymous said...

WOW, I gave up the ship too soon. Late returns flipped the obvious Dem wins in Virginia over to the Repubs. Bloomberg and the anti's had their arses handed to them. The state senate is a 21-19 Republican (pro gun) majority and the House of Delegates maintains the Republican super-majority. McAuliffe & Bloomberg spent millions for one senate seat that will amount to nothing. As the lady said "Suck it! Just suck it!"