Sunday, November 8, 2015

"The idea of 'armed rebellion' in the U.S. is ludicrous." Really? Hide and watch.

"I’m a supporter of the Second Amendment, with reasonable and prudent restrictions. This is the position of the vast majority of Republicans and Democrats. Also, we need significantly more work in mental illness intervention. However, we’re long past the time when buying an AR-15 and stockpiling 20,000 rounds of ammo represents a thoughtful and viable defense against some perceived future “tyrannical” government."
Well, on one level he's right but not for the reasons he cites. Rifles are important. More important is training, organization, logistics and the will to use those rifles in righteous defense of liberty, property and life.


Greg Benedict said...

I submit we need neither his arms, nor his counsel.
Begone, and may his chains rest lightly.

Anonymous said...

One cannot be for both the second amendment AND be for "reasonable restrictions" of it. That's a pure polar opposite because "reasonable restrictions" are, in fact, infringements. Now, restrictions and even prohibitions are legitimate functions of government, even regarding guns uses, so long as they are OUTSIDE the parameters the second amendment enumerates. Ownership, which requires buying and selling as a matter of right and carriage, open or concealed and yes long gun, short rifle or handgun and usage in defense of self, kin, property and country are ALL areas that government is forbidden to have any authority over. These are inalienable individual decisions out of reach of government power. Absolutely no interference in these areas is tolerable or just. Indeed, any foray into those neighborhoods is obvious transgression and should be punished as such. Outside these boundaries is where the debate about government power should continue legitimately. As example - establishing range areas for practice is proper because safety issues are real - it makes no sense to have firing down fifth avenue on Friday nights. At the same time, it's just as wrong to have a urban center with ranges "zoned out" entirely. What should be obvious is the actual self evident crime factor - robbery rape property damage etc using arms to facilitate those heinous acts - is prohitable and punishable.

The "training" most required right now is the above! The line of separation between what the rights enumerated ARE and what they are NOT! Education about the inability of government to infringe upon what the rights are is most important. Here is why - the absolutely best trained forces and best marksmen will fail in the end of they don't know WHAT it is they are supposed to be fighting for in the first place.
The judiciary itself has now admitted what the second itself is - though in one heck of a concocted mess. We need no "deals" with grabbers. We need no permission slips from government lackeys. We only need stand on what we have already won - the second amendment and enforcement of it at all levels of government.

Josh said...

There are millions of vets out here, and more of them are buying ar15s than ever before. Because they know what the 2nd amendment was crafted for and how domestic enemies want to take it away. Vets that know how to fight and are willing.

Anonymous said...

What tyrants seem always to forget is that for the rebels it is personal. They specifically want to kill the tyrants. But the tyrants and their followers seldom get involved in the actual killing. It is for the most part their drafted peons being led by their fanatical followers that do the dirty jobs.
The USA is a product of its people. It is not the government. If a government tried to attack in mass the people or destroy a city as mentioned. First of all production would grind to a halt. Second a large majority of the population would seek vengeance. Any person in any level of government would be at risk.

Galaxie_Man said...

In the words of that wise sage, Bugs Bunny......


Open your damn eyes and look around the nation jackass, and see The Armed Civil Disobedience of Non-Compliance. Do ya think we're just going to roll over? NOT!

Chiu ChunLing said...

[A]ny rebelling national band of “patriots” would be told something like, “you either lay down your arms or the entire city of Dallas, Texas will disappear. You have one hour. If you continue, the next city to disappear will be Atlanta, Georgia.”

Okay, either we are talking about some kind of magic trick, or we are talking about using WMD against urban centers. And someone saw fit to describe the people opposing the government which would do this as 'patriots' in scare quotes.

Look, I'll be honest. I believe that our government is that evil. Only they wouldn't use nuclear weapons to target particular cities, but biological weapons to try and wipe out the entire non-compliant population. And if we don't have ranged arms to defend our local communities against biological vectors (which is a cruel word to apply to dying human beings, but refusing to use it will only have crueler results), then nothing of our nation would be left.

The fact that an armed populace could cause such a plan to fail is the main reason the psychopathic tyrants who have devised and extensively researched it might be deterred from using it, indeed the main reason they haven't used it already as far as I know. The people who find this plan conceptually attractive are no longer a minority within the top decision-making levels of the U.S. government. They won't do it if it will clearly end badly for them personally, and civilian firearms are a significant part of that equation.

So, those millions of AR15's are already preventing the most horrific form of war our government has planned (and yes, it is an actual plan). Anyone who invokes the idea of the the government using WMD to suppress an armed insurrection can hardly claim that such a plan is "unthinkable" even if they happen to not be aware of the details.

Or rather, for those who raise the specter of a government willing to go that far, the only thing that makes it unthinkable is that an armed populace would ensure it failed to kill enough of them to prevent their revenge on the perpetrators.

Anonymous said...

20000 rounds is considered a stockpile now? He's not much of a gun guy then because I go through that pretty quick.

Robin said...

Man, I wish I had 20,000 rounds stashed away on a shelf. I keep 200 on-hand because I don't figure to make it much longer than that.

Anonymous said...

So; 19,900 rounds for practice - leaving 100 rounds for each 100 Heads list ... multiplied by 3 million participants ... equals 300 million dumb crappers hitting the deck and still stinking the place up?

Over Kill?


Anonymous said...

Only have to take out their heads of rule making and order givers....much like..... shooting the officers off their horses. 4GW!

Anonymous said...

He presents a rather juvenile case...
Really ... Wiping out cities? Well yeah, so what, do us the favor!
He also seems to believe, that Technology/the "modern mil" is all that.
Hmmmm, well i see cavemen that have held out and are in the midst of resurging.
I see animals(ISIS) growing and gaining.

Yeah, i am highly suspect of "Said writer"

Besides, all houses need a good cleaning now and again

Anonymous said...

I may only have 210rds on me, plus another combat load in my ruck. I know there's a fair chance of me not surviving first contact, not having the might of the 3rd Stryker BCT behind me anymore, but I know my brothers will pick up my slack if and when I fall. They shall pick up that slack with gusto.

The Tories are pissing on the wrong tree.

Crustyrusty said...

Only 20k? Shee-iiiiit.

Anonymous said...

Greg benedict.
If quoting Sam Adams you really should include the part before that quote.

" Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen!

Sean said...

This guy is a genius. Take out Dallas Texas with a nuclear weapon, and you destroy Tyler, all the way up to and including Texarkana, an maybe beyond. Nuke fallout, remember, pretend-gun-owner-actual-leftist? THAT will really put a lot of people in the govts. camp, eh? Make you real popular down south, that will. Any fence sitters will see the writing on the wall, and now you have a NATIONAL uprising.Not to mention the extreme loss to the country of that area, and the millions of relatives, friends, associates etc. outside that area, who take more than a little umbrage to that act. Gotta love them leftist idiots, go straight for the nukes, and that'll solve the problem, right? Their motto is "Never use a club when you can make a massacre with something bigger".

Anonymous said...

And what makes Greg Littell think that "patriots" don't have access to everything the government has?

Afterall, the patriots in the military have kept us free for over 200 years.

Anonymous said...

I never got the argument that we shouldn't have guns because after all, the government has nuclear weapons, biological weapons, jets, cruisers, tanks, etc. Hell, if anything, it makes the argument that AT THE VERY LEAST we should have our semi automatic "assault" rifles. At least give us a shot in hell.

As was stated earlier by our aging threeper hero, any government being so crazy to use nuclear weapons against its own population would look disgustingly evil to even the most ardent supporters of that government. You cant hide atomic devestation as easily as concentration camps when most of the decent Germans were fighting in the regular army.

Anonymous said...

Dont we essentially have a case study of modern revolution with the Ukraine situation? The western Ukraians likely have superior technology but east Ukraine is still putting up a good fight. Also, West Ukraine kicked off the Civil War when civilians were litterally burned in different masacres. As images of burned women (many of them raped before hand and burned to a charred black corpse while still in their forced sex positions) made it to the internet, the furor for civil war was made whole. Evil begets force in equal response. Just watch the movie Patriot with Mel Gibson. Mel wasnt really into the war until the raw evil displayed by the British Dragoon and slaughter of one of his kids made him more than committed to the fight.

Anonymous said...

When you make peaceful rebellion impossible,
you make armed rebellion inevitable."
-John F. Kennedy

CowboyDan said...

Sean, remember the effect the British execution of the leaders of the 1916 Rising had on the Irish people.

Before the executions, there bells were not that popular with the main of the Irish people. AFTER the executions, the people rose up against the Brits in much greater numbers. That's when the Revolution really got started.

If you ever get to Dublin, and if you've any Irish in you, visit Kilmainham Gaol. Your blood will boil.

Mine did.