Sunday, November 8, 2015

Exceedingly rough weekend.

My apologies for no posts for a while, but it has been a very rough weekend after I overdid things on Saturday morning. I was out wheeling and dealing to try to raise some funds and I literally climbed too many hills for my own good. I've been paying for it ever since. To those friends who tried to call me yesterday and today, I'm sorry that you were unable to reach me but Rosey put her foot down and shuffled me off to rest while she appropriated the phone and took messages. I have late church tonight and still have to comb through my emails so don't look for a lot of posts until tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

You know Mike V, I wish you were on your website 24 hours a day. Real time interaction would be outstanding.

But you know what? I am thankful for Rosey. I am so glad she put her boot on your neck and issued some proper orders! Truth is, this country needs your longevity for one and more importantly, we have to share you with your partner in life (whether we like it or not).

I have a wife who puts up with my political antics when she wishes I would just leave well enough alone. She respects my desire to help my country in ways I can but she too places laced footwear on my esophageal area from time to time in order to get me to see I am harming myself - that I need rest (and some well deserved family time).

I thank you Rosey. We all do.....

Anonymous said...

God bless you, Mike. And he obviously ain't done with ya.

M Rapp