Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Stupid is as stupid does -- repeatedly.

2 Injured when Man Accidentally Fires Rifle at Idaho Gun Show
It’s the second time in three years that an accidental shooting has injured someone at a gun show in Garden City, the Idaho Statesman reported


Anonymous said...

Probably an anti gun liberal putting rounds in mags or guns just to facilitate such an occurrence. I wouldn't put anything past those sons of bitches.

Doesn't absolve the handlers from failing to clear any gun they pick up or the seller from clearing it before handing it over.

Anonymous said...

Something doesn't quite fit in this reportage. Here, at gun shows a zip tie is placed in a open breach but the reportage makes it sound as if in Idaho the trigger is secured in the pulled position. Tagged is the notion that one need do this prior to arriving at the show (possible new gun control law implied).

Mike, I agree, stupid is as stupid does, but twice in a short timespan? The odds of that are exponential. Fair enough, there are lots of stupid people and mistakes are made sometimes. There is no such thing as perfection on this earth so there will be things like this happening from time to time and we gotta hope that when they do nobody dies. At least the travel was low indicating decent muzzle direction care.

On a upside note, this is likely to be the safest gun show to attend in the future as the odds of another happening are lowest of the low - a bit of irony there as insurance companies raise the premiums when actually the odds say lowering them would be appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Stupid as this was, it could've turned out much worse, and we'd have "Man Shot In Head At Gun Show!" all over the headlines.
Probably with some mayor or mom against guns pictured just below, grinning smugly.

And as stupid as the guy responsible for this was, though, I feel sorry for him. The only thing I can think of that would be worse than accidentally shooting myself would be accidentally shooting someone else.