Thursday, November 5, 2015

More proof, if any were needed, of the two opposing countries we have become.

First, from the lisping liberal: "Thursday's Election and the Two Americas."
Next, from Pravda on the Potomac: 'Matt Bevin is the next governor of Kentucky. He has President Obama to thank."
Also from Pravda on the Potomac: "A brutal reality check for the Democratic Party."
From the other side of the ideological spectrum comes this from Heather MacDonald, who is not predisposed to pull any punches: "Hillary and the Left's Impenetrable Bubble."
And from David French, "The Lesson of Kentucky and Houston: Social-Justice Bullies Lose."


Anonymous said...

Given that Obama has become the best gun salesman in USA history I have no problem whatsoever believing that he got Mat Bevin elected in KY.

PolyKahr said...

Mike, good post all around. One error, the piece ascribed to Heather MacDonald was actually written by Heather Wilhelm. But thanks for pointing to it.


1911A1 said...

To think that blocking the civilian arms market from importing Russian weapons would influence policy in the region is laughable. To use it as a ruse to attempt to limit Soviet pattern weapons from being sold domestically is even more so. What it does show however, is the single-minded,albeit impotent, urge to disarm the general population by any means available. Never mind that doing so has in every case inevitably resulted in further sales records being set and then smashed by the firearms market.

Sean said...

When Houston elected a lesbian as mayor, it's called jumping the shark. All politics when you're dealing with either lesbians or homosexuals, and the associated trash that comes with them, will have but one focus. Sex. They'll disguise it any way they can, but that's it, and get in their way, and it's Rump Ranger for you, bigot. Which is why they should never hold any political office, nor any position of responsibility, including being in the Armed Forces. It's not just that they're a disruption of good order and discipline, it's that their focus is always sex, not their job. That thing that calls itself mayor in Houston is just holding down the position for what comes next, which will be something far worse. Sodom and Gommorrah didn't get roasted because of their politics, they got roasted because G*d saw them as evil. Attempting to gang rape visiting angels will get that for you. How long will it be, I wonder, before we see that?

Chiu ChunLing said...

The electoral analysis can help illustrate the depth of the divide between the nation which harks to the Constitution and believes in human freedom, and the country which longs to expand fascism and revive slavery. But elections cannot ultimately resolve this division.

The truth is that, even if it were mathematically possible for any conceivable balanced budget to start paying down the insane mountain of debt the experiments with socialism have amassed, the entitled leftists in our urban centers would rather burn the cities in which they reside to the ground rather than accept any reduction in the rate of growth of wealth-transfer programs. And the lovers of freedom will not give any further ground to those who reduce them to utter servitude.

And in fact not only is defusing the debt bomb a mathematical impossibility, the fuse has burned down past the casing. There is no telling exactly when it will blow our economy to smithereens, but its cannot be delayed much longer now no matter what we do. Even a country rooted on common values and national identity would be in danger of unthinkable tragedy confronting such a disaster. Even a country not facing war on multiple fronts from enemies determined to destroy it from without would be hard pressed to endure such hardships. America today?

By all means, vote in every contested election you can. We can pray for a miracle. But we should also pray for and prepare the strength to survive what is coming if hundreds of millions of Americans fail to repent and utterly renounce their evil ways in time. If we are not ready to vote from the rooftops, our resolve is insufficient for yet another vote at the ballot box to make any difference.