Thursday, November 5, 2015

"If America fails to allow all people of this nation to write a new constitution, then it will be the bullet. Revolution is inevitable in a society that does not value the lives of all people."

The latest demand by the "Only Black Lives Matter" activists: "A New Constitution or the Bullet."
Of course this is a young hothouse lily collectivist Berkeley "student activist" who doesn't know excrement from Shinola and goes by the moniker of "Brotha B," so how seriously one should take him is up for considerable debate by those of us who actually understand the real world consequences of what he is thoughtlessly proposing.
However, if destruction, not restoration, of the Constitution at the hands of racial collectivism and its attendant killing in a bloody civil war is the choice he's offering us, then he will likely get what's behind Door Number Two. Be careful what you wish for, Brotha B, you may get it.


Anonymous said...

"We must pick up where the Black Panthers left off and declare a new constitution or it will be the bullet."

Seriously, Dude? Let me just point out a few of the tactical & strategic "issues" you face.

1. The people whom you assume will be on "your side" are outnumbered by their potential adversaries by something like 10 to 1.

2. Many if not most of the people you imagine on "your side" are surrounded by potentially hostile forces.

3. The folks on "your side" also have a high percentage of people who are not used to providing for their own sustenance and are not likely to develop the necessary skills any time soon.

Let me provide you with a little analogy. The southern states had no navy but were dependent on exports of cotton for a large part of their economy. They also had no significant ability to manufacture arms to equip their forces or provide for battlefield losses. Just to make things even more interesting, they had no significant means of producing gunpowder. It was damn near a miracle from a tactical and strategic sense that they held off the northern forces for as long as they did.

But they still lost.

Still think you want to start something?

rexxhead said...

Oh, I dunno... A new constitution might be just the ticket.... outahere, for when the new constitution is put up for a vote, it's an opportunity for some of us to say "vote all you want; we're not willing to live under that constitution -- adios." Then we truly will be two countries -- or three.

You might think that's a horrible thing, but it could have hidden advantages. After all, the idea between the lines of our current constitution is one called "massively parallel trial and error": we're supposed to have 50 different solutions to funding education or testing driving ability or ... After a while it becomes painfully obvious that the Michigan System for Licensing Taxicabs is a catastrophe and they switch to the Kansas System next year. Over time the bad ideas get scrubbed and the good ideas take over. It's what we call 'progress', and it (apparently) can't happen when we're all playing from the same rulebook, federally.

Relax, this could work out to our advantage.

Anonymous said...

Matt Bracken writes all about how getting a new constitution will play out in the third volume of his "ENEMIES" trilogy. Black Lives Matter=Poor People's Party.

GA Patriot said...

Bullet? 12.6%. Bring it Brotha B. Apparently math isn't taught in Ethnic Studies classes.

Sean said...

Okay, the bullet. Let's go.

Rivenshield said...

Remember when Americans simply didn't talk at each other like this?

Remember John Wayne on Laugh-In telling his audience to 'shut up and join the Marines'? then walking through the wall as the laugh track roared? A hundred men a week in a bitterly divisive war, and we could still laugh at ourselves....

Remember that horrifying editorial cartoon that caricatured Governor Perry saying 'business is BOOMING!' as the fertilizer plant blew up behind him, taking an entire volunteer fire department with it? Remember the nasty jeering quotes in the comments section? 'It sure blowed up good!' Remember when it would have been appalling, unthinkable, for Americans to laugh at large numbers of other Americans dying?

Remember when the leftists would screech and scream how evil we were, and we responded with honest incomprehension or ridicule instead of threats of the rifle and the rope?

I do.

I'd love to be able to do my best Val Kilmer impression and tell the young man who wrote that racist drivel 'Say when', but I just can't do it. I am too worried and too sick at heart by what it portends. This isn't the lunatic fringe any more. It is mainstream.

Anonymous said...

I say. . .. The Bullet! Come and get yours. I'm willing to give you a free one. . . at 2000+fps.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

@ Rexhead.
A constitution is not voted on by the people. It is enabled at a constitutional convention. What is voted on depends upon who is let into the convention.
A constitution for a group of shareholders (Citizens) Should be a disabling document. It is designed to disallow the new government the ability to do as they chose and leave he power in the hands of the people. A Constitution for a tyranny or for the government. enshrines power in the government itself. This article wants the second.

Anonymous said...

I suggest to Froggy B, "Jump Beatch!!!"....Bring it.

Sign me , Neal Jensen