Wednesday, January 7, 2009

There's more than one way to vote.

Over at Keep and Bear Arms, Defender comments on my post about the new gun purchasers ("Buy, Buy, Buy" Bye-Bye)with this excellent observation:

Comment by: Defender (1/6/2009)

I am encouraged. So many more people are understanding the enormity of the risk and the sensitivity of the balance we hold here. It's more personal than voting in an election; each gun going home with someone is a vote. A vote for not being helpless, not being taken for granted by government officials, a vote for self-determination and not taking rights from A so B can have more.

Or, as the little business card size ads we use to guerrilla-market Absolved read:



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Qi Ji Guang said...

We could generate even bigger funds for Absolved by promoting the book using these cards as bookmarks.

Nice, short, sweet, and simple. An M-1, M-4, AR or any rifle of your choice, along with these words.

Even the most staunchest antis would see the message on these cards and realize just how vulnerable democracy really is. On the back of the same card, we can have the words: WACO 1993, RUBY RIDGE 1992
And underneath it, another caption: "Think "it" can't happen here? Think again"

And at the bottom of each side, will be the URL of the website where copies of "Absolved" will be sold.

Mike, I can make several batches of these bookmarks and distribute them. I have a laminating machine perfectly suited for making these things.

Just give me your word, I can make them in no time.