Friday, September 18, 2015

Yes, by all means, end it. Has he thought of suicide in remorse for his constitutional crimes? Just a thought.

"McCarthy, Ryan call for end to Boehner drama."


Anonymous said...

Ryan would likely be an even worse Speaker than Boehner. Look at Ryan's support of GRA for one example. He'll rob us all blind in the name of keeping this turd of a corrupt system afloat and since there's something like $4T in 401Ks, IRAs,'d buy us maybe a year or two.

Anonymous said...

Let's remember here folks that there are a bunch of drooling Marxists that are just waiting to seize complete control of the country and use it's police and military forces to consolidate their power.

The RINOs are mostly ignorant of this, they're just helpers, those who aren't actively being blackmailed to obtain their compliance.

Obviously the republican party leadership is controlled by enemies of the people and constitution. Things don't get this bad without a lot of effort and help and, TREASON.

Just sayin.