Saturday, September 26, 2015

Boehner: Goodbye to Old Yellowstain. "Someone threatened to 'tell what they knew about Fast and Furious and the FBI blackmail.'"

John Hawkins writes at Townhall: "Boehner Resigned? Good. Go Cry, Drink And Surrender Somewhere Else."
Well, Boehner's resignation is far too late for me and especially far too late for the Fast and Furious investigation that he derailed because the FBI was blackmailing him. Long-time readers will recall that when the Issa committee got around to noticing the fact, uncovered by this blog and FOX News' William La Jeunesse, that the middle men who the ATF agents were forbidden by their superiors from following (the ones who actually transported the weapons across the border) were the Miramontes brothers who were paid FBI informants, that Boehner intervened and used every bit of his influence to choke off further inquiry.
In fact, this may have played a role in Boehner's decision to resign. Caveat lector: I have only a single source for the following statement but it is a source that has proven reliable in the past. In the meeting with conservative members of his caucus the day before, Boehner insisted that he wasn't going to fight for the defunding of Planned Parenthood. The meeting then turned stormy, with promises to have a vote to "vacate the chair." Boehner, according to this source, was still defiant until someone threatened to "tell what they knew about Fast and Furious and the FBI blackmail." Boehner, according to this source, "turned ashy white under that fake tan" and "looked stricken." He got "deathly quiet" and then changed the subject. Again, this is a single source statement, and I would put it in the class of rumor except for where it came from. The reader is invited to use his or her own judgment on that. I am simply reporting what I was told by a single source that I trust.


Anonymous said...

The statements of your source are quite plausible given the occurrences over the last several years.

Has B committed a form of treason? No, it IS treason. Via blackmail. Many of us suspected...more proof will likely surface later. It always does.

Like my detective buddies always tell me: follow the money, follow the money, follow the money.

More evidence that corruption is the only way socialism can hang on.

Bob Cat

Anonymous said...

Denny Hastert was assured that his secret was safe so long as he left the stage, bit it was only time passing that he benefitted from. Newt took the heat in the open, defiantly. Delay, well he didn't go away mad, he just went away after getting off the hook. John Boehner actually played like he just woke up one morning, third in line to the office of president, while the pope is in town, just jumps up out of bed and says yeah, I am just going to quit today....for no real obvious reason. Uh huh, riiiight.

Someone had to have said enough is enough. And as for Gunwalker, there is NO WAY that both John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi didn't know about the whole thing. Of course they knew! Shame on whomever it was who threatened to tell but hasn't. Some will champion the exercise of that skeleton key but I point out that yelling out loud would not only force Boehners resignation but also deliver justice for the Terry family, and countless others too. Fair enough, maybe now some serious truth can actually come out about a whole number of things and just getting Boehner out of the way will force it all out. Maybe.

Ok, maybe the optimist in me is expecting too much here, but it just might be that Boehner has been the glue holding all the ongoing corruption together, and his obvious ouster starts a chain reaction that pits congresscritter against another and even one branch against another - all trying to keep from being stuck without a chair when the music stops. Maybe this happening is the first domino of many to tumble from on high. I sure pray for it to be. A whole handful of high placed people need to go to jail.

Sedition said...

Good riddance to a floppy Boner. (And, yes...I DID spell that correctly.)

Anonymous said...

So when will that "someone" share his intel with the right person?

Anonymous said...

That's just the thing,anonymous, and I really do believe this is the case, many have already been told...many in Congress, even many in the media too. Heck, it wouldn't surprise me at this point if there's a Hillary Email to Boehner about fast and furious or maybe a email chain that has both in it and maybe even holder and Pelosi as well.

That is how all this has been "protected" - mutually assured destruction. One goes down, they all go down. I am not so sure that we aren't about to witness a Pelosi resignation. I think that comes the instant the rest of this treacherous Obama administration is funded through next year. Watch for it. It's coming.

Anonymous said...

Mike, this post made the headline on The Gun Feed:

"Did Boehner resign because of Fast & Furious..."

Of course, Boehner also got his final orders first, and from the pope, no less! October looks to be interesting, to say the least.

Keep your powder dry,


Anonymous said...

Blackmail ... I'm blackmailing you over your other blackmail .. of another blackmail.. Really, some congressman hiding such from the American people? A traitor himself.

Informed42 said...

Anonymous said- A whole handful of high placed people need to go to jail.

A loot more than just a handful of high placed people need to go to jail !! How about just filling Gitmo up with the biggest traitors, liars and thieves in Congress and the government. Let Zero, Holder, Hillary, Kerry and all of their ilk be residents there for 'supplying material aid to terrorists'.

Unknown said...

All these secrets need to be made public and if there was a crime, the perps need to be prosecuted. And there's not a goddam thing that is national security. The Russians, Chinese and Koreans know every secret the US has. Only the American people are kept in the dark.