Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Buyer's remorse? Chickenpooper seeks "clarity" on his intolerable act.

Colorado Sheriffs Move Forward With Challenge Of State Gun Laws


Anonymous said...

Coffman is a Republican, and is not on Hick's team.

Roger said...

From a retired LEO...

Sheriff's need to just stand and say "No!" to laws that are obviously in violation of the U.S. Constitution. They need to tell other law enforcement [state, local, federal] who are in, or come into their jurisdiction that if those officers attempt to enforce unconstitutional laws, they risk arrest by that Sheriff. And they need to emphasize their willingness to do so. If they violate their oath in his/her county they can go to jail. It can be that simple.

If the Sheriff's continue to take these issues to the courts, they will lose. Many judges, like legislators, don't give a damn about the Constitution. Whenever judges can construct a non-sensical ruling around the Second Amendment and make it sound legitimate to the progressives, they will do so.

Anonymous said...

Roger, what is to be done where Soros Secretary of State plan is already succeeding? Where sheriffs are no longer elected by the people but instead just appointed lackeys of the executive relegating then to no more powerful than a city chief of police? Or worse off yet where the county sheriff position has been done away with altogether?

It is beyond sheriffs now, as demonstrated by them looking to the judiciary for "help".
It is up to us now - We The People- to do the defying, the resisting, the educating, the smuggling and yes even the shooting back if the corrupt politicians decide they want to kill us because they cannot force us to submit to their intolerable acts. It really is up to us.