Saturday, September 19, 2015

"Army’s Light Combat Vehicle Gaining Traction." Somebody is sure pimping this vehicle. "Being socialized throughout the Army?" Why can't these Pentagon weenies speak straight English?

“We have what we call a capability production document that is currently still in draft and it’s being socialized throughout the Army,” said Tom Stafford, chief of the support systems branch at the Army Maneuver Center of Excellence’s capabilities directorate at Fort Benning, Georgia.


Uncle Elmo said...

Army Maneuver Center of Excellence. Must be a product of the Department of Defensive Peace and Inclusionment, under the direction of the Executive Branch of Enlightenment (Valarie Jarrett, Director).

oughtsix said...

Uncle Elmo: Can't top that!

Socialized???????????? W.T.F. ??????

Oh, that's right...just as they've done to the nation as a (w)hole.

Anonymous said...

It is just like calling communication tools "social media". The propagandists idea here is time tested. The word social is being incorrectly used across many many contexts so that when they finally admit socialism itself is their goal, the stupid masses think it is a good, everyday, normal "thing".

We are in far more trouble as a nation than far too many will admit.