Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Using Baby Killers to Pimp Your Products

For those of you who recall Ruby Ridge and Waco, Lon Horiuchi needs no introduction. He took the shot that killed Mrs. Weaver while she was holding her 10 month old baby and was a sniper at Waco with the FBI's Hostage Roasting Team.

Now, we have a rifle company using Horiuchi's name in an ad pimping their rifles.

H-S Precision has this ad on the back of one of their catalogs, signed by none other than "I swear I didn't know it was her when I killed her" Horiuchi. The link:;f=21;t=003547;p=0

One of H-S Precision's email addresses is: If you wish to express your own disdain by snail mail, you may write:


Or, you may call: (605) 341-3006

Or fax: (605) 342-8964

Boycott, anybody?


(NOTE: This post was corrected 14:15 CST. My apologies to my readers for getting it wrong to begin with -- and a thanks to those sharp-eyed readers who caught the error. A more careful reading would have saved me some small heartache. H-S still has something to answer for, just not what I initially thought. A good friend of mine has a request into Snopes now to correct the rumor.)


j said...

I have no words sufficient to express my contempt for this living piece of excrement or the walking diarrhea droplets who run a business that would want his endorsement. I cannot compare either entity to cockroaches, slugs or swine, as those life forms would be repulsed by being compared to such gutless excrescences on the cosmic anus.

Dutchman6 said...

"Gutless excrescences on the cosmic anus."

Wish I'd thought of that one.

On a cautionary note, David Codrea has raised some questions about verifying the authenticity of this ad and he is right to be skeptical. I have spoken with someone who claims to have seen the ad, and he assures me it is real as presented.

There is also some question over whether Horiuchi is in fact employed by the company, or this was merely some clueless marketing boy's brain fart to use Horiuchi's imprimatur. "Yes, friends, now you too can have a rifle just as accurate as that famed killer of innocents, Lon Horiuchi!"

I have asked some journalist friends to check it out and will let y'all know what I hear.

Chaplain Tim said...

OK, the webpage is "" and the first e-mail address I found was "".
Notice the LARGE "FBI Approved" logo at the bottom of the page.
According to responses to the original post, this appears to be the back cover of their 2008 catalog. Since I can't afford $3000 rifles, I don't have a catalog to check.
Good luck and God speed.


Anonymous said...

Y'all need some corrections: Lon is not in the employ of H-S (nor H-T, as you incorrectly type). He was a government Program Manager and Contracting Officer, Technical Representative (COTR) for a federal acquisitions program that ended up purchasing HT stocks. Lon was in charge of the program that selected HT over the other competitors. This is all very clear from the very first paragraph of the endorsement ad.

I agree that Lon's a vile bag o' shit and H-S should be ashamed of any association they have with him, but please don't shoot yourself in the foot by posting clearly wrong information.

Atlas Shrug said...

I'm not sure if you noticed it on the Well Regulate Militia thread, but someone posted this email:

If this is all true, definitely Zumbo time.

On that note, are there any updates on the Knox fiasco?

Keep your powder dry,

Atlas Shrug


David Codrea said...

H-S, not H-T.

And I have since confirmed authenticity and so posted at WarOnGuns, along with another little-known history of circumstances when the Boundary County prosecutor decided not to prosecute Lon Horiuchi.

tom said...

Down at the very bottom of the "About Us" page is an "email" button.

The address is