Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More anecdotal "panic"

Spoke with another major dealer in Birmingham this afternoon. He reports Rock River AR's backordered 10 to 15 weeks. MagPul backordered 60 days on just about everything. Glock .45s almost impossible to find. AK, AR mags impossible to find. AKs, even expensive $900.00 models, dried up for now.

And the "panic" hasn't started yet.

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tom said...

REAL Patriots have sheet metal brakes, CAD/CAM files and related machinery to make the files useful, lathes, milling machines, welders, a working knowledge of metallurgy, reloading and casting equipment, stocks of metals, a decent working knowledge of chemistry and no worries in the world other than the ethical dilemma of probably having to stomp on the fingers of people that are trying to board their ships without having anything to offer other than dragging their boat underwater.

The people that try to jump on lifeboats and beg food without having done their homework on how to swim when they had the legal chance to learn are the ones that are damned.

I have no feelings for them but pity, and not much of that, truthfully.



They made the call.

TRUE Three Percenters aren't worried about much of anything as far as gear. If they can't keep cocaine and heroin out of the US I think primers will still be available also.

The rest everybody should have learned by 10th grade anyway.