Monday, November 24, 2008

"Panic?" Maybe, at the "Next Level"


Noun, a sudden overwhelming feeling of terror or anxiety, sometimes affecting a whole group of people

Adjective, of or resulting from such terror: panic measures

Verb, [-icking, -icked], to feel or cause to feel panic [From the Greek panikos emanating from Pan, god of the fields]
panicky adj

Collins Essential English Dictionary 2nd Edition


To the undoubted glee of my Hollander ancestors, I have been trying to learn a bit of Dutch over at a website, Dutch Word of the Day. (See Working my way back through the archives I came upon "paniekvoetbal," meaning pamicky play or panic behavior. Says the website:

"Paniekvoetbal" consists of "paniek" and "voetbal", which translate to "panic" and "soccer/football" respectively. Its literal translation is panicky (soccer)play, but also the figurative meaning is used a lot: panic behaviour. . ."Paniekvoetbal" is commonly used with the verb "spelen" ("to play"). . . Expressions: "Paniek zaaien": to spread panic & "Paniek in de tent": panic breaking out. Literally: "Panic in the tent".

I was moved to write about panic, because that is what the current crowd of folks jamming into gun stores and gun shows in the wake of Obama's election are being called by their supposed friends and certain enemies alike. They are said to be engaged in "panic buying." People such as myself who have been urging such preparation for years are said to be "purveyors of panic."

I disagree. What we have been seeing up to this time is people voting with their wallets as a result of reasonable fear. That may be about to change when we hit "the next layer."

"The Next Layer"

I have this report relayed to me by Len Savage from an experienced observer of the firearms scene. Read and I'll meet you at the bottom.

FYI, . . .National Perspective:

20 Nov 08

The next layer!

The feeding-frenzy at gun retailers goes on, unabated! The only problem retailers are now having is replacing depleted inventory. Every manufacturer and distributor is deep into backorder. XCRs, FALs, M1As, PTRs, SIG556s, Kalashnikovs, and ARs are all sold out. 223 and 308 ammunition is sold out. Magazines are sold out. Glocks, XDs, and most other serious pistols are sold out. Harried distributors are making only cautious promises. Items most in demand are 223 ammunition, 30-round magazines, and any rifle that takes both!

Who don't now own one of the above now will have to wait months for a new one, or seriously scrounge for a used one. And, you needn't ask for a discount! Your ammunition supply is also going to be hard to find and expensive when you do.

But, what we're experiencing now is just the beginning! Current panic buying is costly on the part of those of us who already own guns and who have been closely following gun-politics. There is an another layer, and enormous one, right behind them, who are just now waking up! These are the folks who've never owned a gun, but have been "thinking about it" most of their lives. The story of pandemic panic-buying is just now reaching their ears, as it "becomes news" and subsequently breaks through in the main-stream media. As ominous anti-gun hints continue to emanate from the emerging BHO Administration, this next layer will, at long last, awaken and begin flooding gun retailers. Over the years, they've been lied to by the media, who has assured them that "guns are everywhere" and that acquiring one or two "couldn't be easier."

Are they in for an unpleasant surprise! For the foreseeable future, the only "selection" they're going to see at gun retailers has already been intensely picked-over. High-demand guns will continued to depart the store the same day the come in. And, few of these folks have any idea of the convoluted paperwork jungle they'll be required to negotiate in order to legally purchase even one gun, particularly in IL, CA, MD, RI, NJ, NY and a few other states where gun purchasing and ownership is literally smothered in copious, interminable "regulations."

There is no "recession" in the gun/ammunition business! The feeding-frenzy is far from over.


When will the "next layer" awaken? That depends upon the actual moves by the Obamanoids. I am on record as saying watch out for two key non-firearms actions: amnesty for illegals and the Fairness Doctrine. If you see these up front, the "Common Sense Gun Violence Act of 2009" will not be far behind. Then, you will see real "paniekvoetbal."


Skullz said...

I think the next layer started to wake up this past weekend.

I've never worked at a gun store - before this weekend. As a frequent and apparently trusted customer, the owner contacted me on Friday and asked if I could come in and help out on Saturday. I did.

The shop is of course picked clean of most of the firearms and ammo listed above.

The number of "never had a gun before" people walking through the door was astounding - as was their propensity to spend money.

I can't tell you the number of people that came in looking for a Glock 17 or 19 or XD9 or M&P9(of which there were none, and we have no idea when we'll be restocked) that decided on the spot to purchase an H&K USP or a Sig 226. People walking in expecting a $500 Glock are spending $1000+ without batting an eye - and obviously not considering anything else but "I might not be able to get a gun soon!"

My prediction is that next weekend, the run on 40 and 45 begins, to be rounded out later down the road by the more obscure, expensive, and difficult to reload calibers of 357Sig and 45GAP.

j said...

See? That nice fellow, BamBam Obongo, had a secret plan to boost our economy after all.. every manufacturer and supplier of anything arms-related will be doing fine for some time yet, and won't even need a bailout!
I know it is too late to get any stock in an arms company so I missed that boat... but maybe I can still invest in the fourth wave... ball bearings, PVC pipe, crossbows, axe handles, slingshots and tripwire. Purely for hunting purposes, I mean.

Loren said...

I've long been looking at hooking up with a friend when he gets his CNC mill back up, and cutting my own AR-10 lower, so as to avoid the mentioned issues. Ammo will be problem, but the stop-gap Ishapore shouldn't be too hard to find.

Unknown said...

I went to cabelas this weekend to look around. what a madhouse. completely sold out of .223 and 7.62x39 bulk. take a number if you even want to look at a gun.

Mike H said...

Seems kinda natural to me that people are buying guns at a furious rate. There is a predator on the horizon. It apparently has tripped the self preservation switch. Better late than never.

Reminds me of the scenario in Enemies Foreign and Domestic where they put the semiouto ban in effect. With a week to turn em in, the gunstores were cleared of all semis instead -s-.

BTW my usual gunstore did 20,000 in business last week alone in the real world.

Mike H said...

That last post re gunstores was not meant to be anon. It was me Mike H, proud 3 percenter and blogger at!!!

Anonymous said...

I am the next layer. I made my first purchase just two weeks ago.