Saturday, November 15, 2008

All about the Sipsey Street Irregulars & Absolved

Welcome to the website for the Sipsey Street Irregulars, a merry band of Three Percenters who are fans of the upcoming novel by Mike Vanderboegh, Absolved.

How can you be a fan of something that isn't published yet? That's easy. Because he's been foolish enough to chum the Internet waters with chapters that introduce characters like:

** Charlie Quintard, the Cherokee computer geek with a talent for primitive weapons who knows the way to "Dead Man's Holler."

** Jimmy Flynn, a young Winston County boy who grows up in the middle of a deadly argument between the federal government and the State of Alabama over the real meaning of the Tenth Amendment.

** Barton Meigs, an ATF regional director who comes to doubt everything he's worked for all of his life.

** "Blowfly" Saako, Meigs' replacement whose amoral rise in the agency comes apart when she makes a deadly deal with the mercenary outfit, Brightfire.

** Jack Durer, the former Phoenix Program veteran and retired Alabama Bureau of Investigation agent who seems to know everybody and everything.

** Ray Marsh, the devout governor who struggles to protect the people of Alabama from a predatory federal government.

** Robert Williams, Jr., the first black Attorney General of Alabama who is guided by the memory of his father, a foundiung member of the Deacons for Defense and Justice.

** Gonzo Greene, the ugliest hitman ever to draw breath.

** Will Shipman, the Winston County veteran and militia leader who is the recipient of a unique bequest -- the contents of a railroad boxcar packed 70 years before.

** Phil Gordon, the old widower whose amazing resistance to a lawless ATF raid starts the ball rolling.

The completed work should be in print by the inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama. Great timing, huh?

Check back with this site for updates on Absolved, non-fiction essays of Mike Vanderboegh and praxis articles on the nuts and bolts -- the theory and practice -- of the armed citizenry.

Chapters of Absolved already posted on the net are available by clicking here.


Stephen said...

Site bookmarked, and welcome to the blog world.


II 1/2 said...


CorbinKale said...

About time! Thanks for taking on this duty, Mike.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

It is indeed a joy to find that you've set up a site of your own, Mr. Vanderboegh.


Anonymous said...

In light of the key role a state governor plays in your story, I found this claim by Jesse Ventura to be pretty interesting:

If what he says about the placement of the agent, and about the existence and nature of his interrogation, are true, it suggests that key aspects of your Absolved scenario are already seen as a threat, and steps may have been taken to ensure that state governments are a known quantity.

Concerned American said...

Well sbg520,

Ray Marsh is a fictional idealization of what I would like to see in a governor. In the film Michael Collins, Joe O'Reilly says this: "Some men are what the times demand." I pray that when our need is greatest, we may find at least one governor out of fifty who will be, "what the times demand."

-- Mike Vanderboegh

Sean said...

Bookmarked and a follower. You da man!You sure The Good Lord didn't send me to watch your back?

Anonymous said...

Bookmarked and added to the reader.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

I pray that when our need is greatest, we may find at least one governor out of fifty who will be, "what the times demand."

Well, if "the times demand" a corrupt, sniveling, aspiring tyrant, Illinois has your man ;-).

Jon Roland said...

Welcome to the blogosphere and pressure to maintain a regular schedule of articles so readers don't lose interest. It's a lot like publishing a magazine, except you can edit previous editions.

Some of my blogs are at

Anonymous said...

Br'er Mike!
You picked up where John Ross left off...thanks! I hope that folks will pick up your thread and come up to speed before they learn that they were never coming for their guns, they were coming for them! The guns were simply in their way.
Happy Trails & lots of fresh .22LR (the currency of the future) and a long, sharp knife because you will run short of ammo!

Anonymous said...

Yours is not the only book in the works. I hope to have mine finished by the end of the year. If I can't find a publisher right away, I'll simply buy a web site and put the whole thing up.

Anonymous said...

I note with interest your comment
regarding the Thugs busting into your home and your belief you will probably die in defense of your home.
Look at recent history, Ruby Ridge,
Waco, etc. The people who die are the combatants, What about the ones who caused the confrontation.
Politicians, bureaucrats, who ordered the raids.

Johnny said...

Will `Absolved' be covering the issue of hitting high value targets that don't require small unit action but will considerably facilitate operations?

For instance, helicopter pilots and helicopters, particularly those carrying thermal imaging cameras, will need to be
destroyed. Assassination of off-duty pilots, engineers and support crew, in the streets by one or two persons using handguns or knives might well be much more efficient and effective than attacking materiel targets.

Anonymous said...

I'm hooked on the novel and want it now.
When will it be ready and how do I get one?
Thanks for writting this and helping us to prepare for the day they are comming.