Monday, January 11, 2016

"President Trump: Taking The Donald Seriously."

"There is a real chance that our next president will be Donald Trump."


Matt Bracken said...

IF he is not removed kinetically, as happened in 1968 to another front runner.

Cleveland .Performance said...

We had better hope that Trump does not win as he is a progressive who is a big fail on the constitution.


jrharvil said...

What an idiot!
Trump’s nomination challenge is three-fold:
1.His antics appall many Republicans - Excuse me, but which Republicans are you referring to? The GOPe/RINO Republicans or ALL the others that vote Republican?

2.The hardcore conservatives detest him as a fake con - There are very few Hardcore Conservatives in either the HOR or Senate. Hardcore Conservatives is what the Base is longing for, someone who will slap down the panti wasted GOPe/RIONO's who are just another Democrat.

3.Many Republicans hold it as an article of faith he will eventually stumble - That's called praying to God, God will not answer their prayers because they have abandoned Him in favor of their new god, Obama!

Capitalist Eric said...

@jrharvil: Elegantly summarized. Couldn't have said it any better.

Anonymous said...

Trump is a yyyyuuuuggggeeee suporter of the Second Amendment. Or Something.
He doesn;t know what privileges and immunities are. He thinks comparing the right to bear arms to a driver license is legit. He thinks permits are fine and dandy.

Trump is a yyyyuuuuggggeeee mistake. Plain and simple.
Democrats want Trump.
Fudds want Trump.
LIVs he is promising to "take care of" want Trump.

Yeah, vote Trump.
Is this really gonna happen, again?

Informed42 said...

For all of the allegedly 'intelligent' critics of Trump on here, you need to set your stupid remarks and attitudes aside and start utilizing what intelligence God may have given you. Trump is the best possible candidate for American President for
just about every reason you can name. Think about it with an open mind and rationally. Put your personal prejudices aside for a change.

Trump wants to restore our country to the positions of power and respect it once had. He has been the biggest 'uniter' of our people we've seen in years. The exact
opposite of Zerobama the divider in chief. Trump has said exactly what his goals are for the economy, the military, immigration, taxes, foreign policy, ISIS (Intense Sex Involving Sheep)and Muslim radicals, gun laws, and about everything else. Obviously what he's saying are his goals has registered with some 70% of our
population repeatedly, because it's exactly what we've been waiting to hear for years now. He's perhaps inexperienced in some things, but I'm certain there's no shortage of intelligent people outside of our current corrupt government that are more than willing to assist and advise him with their knowledge and expertise.

If the phonies in government, the media and everywhere else are against him being
President, that in itself should tell you they're afraid he'll show them up for what they really are, and get rid of them and their cushy schemes and positions.
They're all running scared, and it's damn well about time they were cleaned out !!

As far as a number of them scheming and conspiring to have him assassinated like they did RFK, it's a very definite consideration. They've committed murder before when they felt threatened, and they'll damn sure try it again. Anyone that doesn't
think so is stupid.

Anyone that supports Hillary the liar and conniver for any office above outhouse cleaner, needs some serious therapy !! Her record of accomplishments, except for continuous lying, conniving and being crooked for financial gain, is the only things she's done that didn't turn to shit as soon as she was involved with them.

Moe Death said...

Remember, it's politics. The GOP will settle for a Trump-Cruz ticket, which is about the only chance they have of beating the Hildebeast. I like Cruz, even if his wife is a CFR hack. Trump is untrustworthy, at best.

Quick, Domino, the Bushmills!

Bill and Domino

Anonymous said...

The BIG question: Is it worth risking The Donald to Trump Hillary?

Joyful Clinger

msilaghi said...

So Mike will you be posting the Breitbart interview with Phyllis Schlafly tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

Division at it's finest!
We couldnt get out of a wer paperbag let alone a Govt Ambush or there Battle Space.

Well Done !!

Anonymous said...

New Jersey Uber Alles! :D

RJM said...

We are our own worst enemies. Why can't we rally around the one candidate that excites the voter base and scares the Demoncrats and the RinoRepubs. The status quo folks will hunker down and hope for the best yet with dead folks continuing voting, unknown control of voting machines, and the repubs working 24x7 to damage each other, those hunkering down will have a surprise or two after vote day.
We should be encouraging our neighbors on why different voter choices will probably do what once in office. Most candidates will offer more of the same old, same old. Donald at least appears to provide a voice for us ignored, downtrodden voters. Why else are the Left. the republicrats (Rinos) and the MSM so afraid of The Donald? I do not care what foibles and warts he brings to the table. We are all less than perfect. Trump is not afraid of the MSM, the political establishment, or any one with an axe to grind. He is self sufficient in money, he is an excellent negotiator, he has an established business success track record. The critics of Trump resort to personal attacks rather than making factual relevant points for us citizens.