Tuesday, January 5, 2016

"Obama's Move on Guns Turns on Murky Definition of Who's a Dealer."

It doesn’t define a dealer by the number of guns sold, the dollar value or the frequency of sales. The definition isn’t determined by sales over the Internet or at a gun show. And it relies on gun sellers to step forward -- under penalty of heavy fines and jail time if they fail to do so.


Anonymous said...

The Largest Strawman (ATF) ever gives guidance on who is a dealer.
If it wasn't for there Documented Murderous ways, I'd be sitting here laughing.
I equate wanting to be a ATF employee with wanting to be a Gangbanger.
Aint got high aspirations for themselves but enjoy being Predators

Anonymous said...

What i got from that read..

There very afraid of "Insider Threats". Read-Provacatours, Spies, Infiltraitors
They don't like it when we use there TTP against them.


On another note...
The Idea of "Malicious Compliance"...
Glorious!!!, they love Data, give them enough data they puke on it , get blockage and terminal constipation.
Ram it down there Throats!!!! Make them hack down there entire rainforest just to provide enogh Forms!!

Anonymous said...

Then everyone should apply to be a FFL. Bury them in paperwork. This would eliminate certain requirements for using 3d party FFLs and would allow online purchasing without a 3d party. The Clinton era gun control efforts tried to kill off as many FFL's as possible to eliminate "kitchen table top" sales. Think unintended consequences from a commie bastard who didn't think this unconstitutional crap through.

Anonymous said...

LOTS of written and email requests to local ATF Offices requesting clariffication if we need to become FFL holders to sell our NIB 1873 Colt Peacemakers to our next door neighbors or a fellow collector etc. etc. Followed by minute questioning on how to apply and process an application might help clog the system for months (at least till the end of Bammy's term!).

Ma Duce

Anonymous said...

This is a suppression executive order. The government is good at using fear to suppress markets. Many people will not use the Internet to sell their gun out of fear the feds will come knocking on their door. Suppression plain and simple and very effective.

Tots4Masses said...

Anonymous has a good point. If we bury them in paper work it will be a horrible nightmare for them.

On the flipside then we would be registered and selling any guns would require a gob of paperwork and federal registration for any transaction we make.

Basically this executive order is written in such as way as it can be applied retroactively as punishment to anyone the Feds decide to target. Otherwise they would have very clearly outlined what defines a gun dealer.

Total bullcrap

Anonymous said...

So just list all kinds of firearms for sale...even if you never owned them. If they show up.....you don't talk to police (or ATF).

Bog their system down with false for sale ads...when they come knocking...."go fuck yourself" is the answer.

If they want to indict, they're gonna look mighty stupid trying to prove you ever owned the item in question if you never really owned it or if you bought it through another resident of your state with no 4473.

Anonymous said...

This will be another law used as a tool to put you away if the PTB deem it necessary for their survival.

Not Me said...

I just traded in my used car for another one. Does that make me a car dealer ?

Anonymous said...

GCA 68 has already established who is required to have an ffl and no eo can change that, only Congress can. Same with .gov funding of gun control studies masked as health studies.

Anonymous said...

All your bullshit outrage has accomplished nothing. The corrupt are still in power and consolidating their hold and becoming more entrenched daily, but everybody feels good about our chances when Oblamer supposedly leaves, so the story goes because you refuse to see the obvious...This is why none of you are long term strategists and could never win a war, and why the Communists have already won. Everything has gotten worse and you True Believers think that the person who has done nothing but sell out America rights and prove he is the worst traitor in American History is just going to up and leave when his term is done, and go graciously, that voting somehow matters despite all the corruption revealed in the systems and by the companies doing the counts. Or the fact people think their popular vote elects a President ( when a true Constitutionalist KNOWS better , the Electoral vote elects a president and WHO verifies THEIR vote?)

smh... Anyway I rant on about ignorance and useless cries of outrage about what the Commies are doing. Wasted words, wasted energy, wasted time. We are on a path that cannot be changed except by walking the inevitable to the very end, no matter how tragic that route will be, except to say IT ALL COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED had previous generations been vigilant and dedicated. You all have no right to blame Millenials for their apathy and ignorance and cowardice. they learned it from you.

Sign ME, Neal Jensen