Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Obama Gun Grab Speech Reveals Key Weakness

The collectivists will never stop. They will never be satisfied. After they have the guns, they’ll want something else. They mean to rule. Cede a small point they have no rightful claim to in the name of “compromise” and they’ll gladly snap it up and then demand more. And accuse you of being an extremist, a racist and worse if you balk.


Longbow said...

A while back I said this.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Obama’s Executive Orders Make It Easier To Get Machine Guns

But here’s what just happened that Obama won’t brag about to the media; the ATF just eliminated chief law enforcement officer (CLEO) sign off from the NFA process, making it easier to acquire silencers, machine guns, short-barreled rifles, short-barreled shotguns, and items classified as “any other weapon.” CLEO sign-off has been a major impediment in many states where owning NFA weapons is perfectly legal, but anti-gun sheriffs and police chiefs have been able to block their citizens from obtaining NFA items by simply refusing to sign-off on their acquiring items that they were otherwise qualified to own.

This arbitrary roadblock has now been eliminated.

While there is still much to be figured out in the days to come, it appears that Obama has eliminated most of the need for NFA trusts for most people, and it should actually be easier to acquire machine guns and silencers for more people across the country.

Thanks, Barack. you screwed up and did something right.


MikeH. said...

For me, the pivotal point of his speech was when he was moved to tears. His heartfelt sincerity was so patently obvious. It was at that very moment that I could clearly see; the man is not only a piss poor excuse for a human being, his is equally piss poor at comedic theatrics.

There WILL be a reckoning. And it will make the trials at Nuremberg look like a sentence handed out by Judge Judy.

A Geriatric Threeper And Longtime Fan Of Poetic Justice

Dakota said...

I can assure everyone that the vote in 2016 will be extremely important. I shouldn't have to expand on that. What worries me is the accuracy of the vote. Does anyone remember the little blurb that said the Republicans agreed not to pursue voter fraud in 2012?

It will be paramount to make sure that polling stations are run properly and no hanky panky is going on. Take cameras, whatever you need to make sure it happens. The only way Obama gets a legacy is if Hillary is elected, and I expect massive fraud. There is nothing that these commie bastards will not do and will kill to get it. They have worked hard, been patient and everything is in place.

Anonymous said...

Collectivists often make it "easier" to get things, provided you bow to their permission slip power in some way shape or form.

Trusts were kicking gun controllers in the hind end and they know it.
They are baiting people into begging for those 200 dollar a year permission slips so their lists remain as complete a they can make them.

NFA, GCA and even the ATF have to go, all of it.

Make all kinds of laws for all kinds of uses outside defense, fine, that was the intent of the framers, rights enumerated limited by their own declaration as well as government power and authority limited by the same parameters.

How about we just tell the truth, call the scams out at the premise line, and actually win this fight outright - denying the merit in "compromises" themselves as part of the means of doing so.

Anonymous said...

Except the True Believers forget that Obamanation THRIVES on INTERPRETATION of every piece of stupidity they have put into action, so where you True Believers all crow about how it worked out BETTER for us, you are in fact morons caught in Congnitive Dissonance because you fail to understand HOW they INTERPRET what they have done.. and it is NOT in line with you empty hopes.. I simply can't believe you idiots fall for the Communists actions and somehow think it is going to work out in your favor.

No wonder I stand apart, you morons have no idea about the psychology of How Communism is being so successful at destroying our nation, because you true Believers are HELPING them.

Sign Me, Neal Jensen

Sean King said...


Agreed that voter fraud *IS* already an issue...on both sides.

But, filming and watching polling stations isn't how the fraud is mostly being done.

Watch this video on how the Diebold voting machines can simply be hacked and the votes changed to whatever position you prefer. The video is from court testimony on the subject.


Sean King said...

Anon at 4:15....tax stamps aren't $200 a year. It's $200 per item. JFYI.