Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Moron "veteran" wants a civil war.

Clay Currier, who left the Army as a captain in March 2014, said the armed occupiers in Oregon are “absolutely domestic terrorists, through and through.” He compared them to insurgent groups he has seen overseas who consider what option will be most popular with outside observers before acting. “I believe people like this deserve no second thought,” Currier said. “Send in counterterrorism teams of any type to take them out. Insurgency operations are long, drawn-out wars that really don’t show anyone winning in the end. These terrorists need to be taken out with quick and extreme prejudice. If not, then we will see many more of these types of actions across the nation.”


Anonymous said...

Damn Right, Obama, We’re ‘Bitter Clingers’

Obama once claimed that Americans are bitter and “they cling to guns or religion…”, and he’s right. There’s a seething anger at him and Washington in general as the government becomes the greatest threat to—rather than protector of—our natural, inalienable rights.

Obama might do well to keep in mind that we Americans, “we few, we happy few, we band of brothers” also cling bitterly to our rights and our Constitution and will defend them against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Anonymous said...

I'd expect NO Less from a Automatron. The Stench of Progressivism has Infiltrated the Military from Top to Bottom.

I've never put alot of faith in MILSPEC supporting "Constitutionalist" Americans.
(I Believe) the number is ALOT less than many of us would like to believe.
There Families are on Base Houseing, Base Hospital, Base School, using the Commissary, etc etc. There Famlies Lives will come before all else. Thats Strong reason to Follow Orders.
Life's experience with them as family, friends and Co-Workers has led me to this conclusion.

I also believe, that Like Rock Stars, to many groupies have been slobering over them(14yrs & many more to come) handing accolades out at just there presence in a room. Vietnam Did alot of Hidden Damage and this Groupie type Addoration is a perfect example. I for one am Guilty of this myself!! I've give the "Thank you for your service" greetings, bought the drinks, picked up a Tab or two. Why, there US MIL!!
Quite Honestly, thats a GD hard thing to not let go to your head.
The Rock Star Syndrome!
And I honestly couldn't say I'd behave any differently.
I see it as Very Dangerous "Unintended Consequence" of GWOT.
The EGO is a Potent thing, as we all know.
And these Oregon Fools are a PERFECT Example.

Ok, i stand now for the coming Beating. Send it.

B-4 said...

Just another Brain washed Remora trying to lead the voting plankton of this nation. B-4

Anonymous said...

Riddle me this flatop. Who is being terrorized?

manny silva said...

Mr Clay Currier's time in the military has made him mentally ill. Take away his right to bear arms! Playing G.I. Joe for Uncle Sam in illegal wars in the Middle East has made him dillusional. This Hammond issue has to do with the Constitution, which he swore an oath to! I would expect his asinine comment to come from a captain on a cereal box, not the U.S. military. Sadly, the military these days are an extension of indoctrination centers around the country, masquerading as public school systems. Just like an abused wife, you come to accept the abuse as normal because Uncle Sam loves you! Think for yourself! Snap out of your "kill everyone" mentality! You're back on U.S. soil! As for Ammon Bundy and the small band of government overreach resisters, they are dumbshits. But they're OUR dumbshits! Americans with a grievance! They are allowed that...First Ammendment! If they would like to carry their Second Ammendment with them on this occasion, just in case some blood thirsty SOB wants to gun them down like in the good ole days back in the Middle East, they should bring their firearms!

Anonymous said...

That's just what they said about Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Like in the cliche "one man's industrial waste is another man's natural resource" it depends on your frame of reference. Or in this case and others on the judgement of history.

"Clay Currier, who left the Army as a captain in March 2014, said the armed occupiers in Oregon are “absolutely domestic terrorists, through and through.” He compared them to insurgent groups he has seen overseas who consider what option will be most popular with outside observers before acting."

Imagine for example the number of public buildings in a possible North America named after Benedict Arnold if Washington had lost. Or for a more recent example just read Menachem Begin's biography. Before he was the leader of one of Israel's political parties and eventually the country's sixth Prime Minster, he was the leader of Irgun.

"For several months in 1945–46, the Irgun’s activities were coordinated within the framework of the Hebrew Resistance Movement. Begin ordered the bombing of the British administrative and military headquarters at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, in 1946. The attack was conducted as part of a joint response to the British Operation Agatha, during which many Jews were arrested, weapons were seized and the Jewish Agency, from which many documents were removed, was raided. Irgun later claimed that warnings to evacuate had been sent but were ignored. 91 people, British, Arab and Jewish, were killed."

Absolutely a domestic terrorist, through and through!

Anonymous said...

The officer corps has been breeched in a significant manner. The sad thing is the officers will have to face their own troopers when the nut cutting begins. I have worked in countries under active civil war and see what happens when the troopers significantly disagree with their leadership. It is not pretty.

Chiu ChunLing said...

Nobody wants a civil war.

But one is coming because on each side there are people who find the alternative of giving in to the other even worse. We say that we will defend the Constitution to the death, they will defend tyranny to the death. Obviously Currier would rather we bow to tyranny just as we would rather that the government adhered to the Constitution. He is talking big because he imagines we are such cowards as to back down in the face of such threatenings rather than see them as an additional wrong which we will no longer tolerate.

I don't like war at all, it is messy and there is no way to track the guilt or innocence of individual actors once it starts. I don't even like vengeance, punishing particular criminals after they commit a crime rather than dissuading them from their crimes in the first place. But you can't dissuade crime without making it absolutely clear you'll punish it, and even small children will see through the threat of punishment if it's merely a bluff. And once you've let enough criminals get away with rapacious plunder and murder for long enough, there isn't any way of making them accept punishment for it short of full-scale war.

It's not about whether or not we want war, or even particularly like vengeance. It's whether we're willing to tolerate tyranny and whether they're willing to relinquish it.

Anonymous said...

He's right about one thing....this kind of stand off is likely to grow in number and occurrence as the cold war for liberty goes hot. A violent reaction here though, rather than "nipping it in the bud" as this moron thinks, will likely speed the process to full scale 4GW and insurrection.

This fool is tap dancing in a mine field.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a dam democrat and a traitor. We all know what traitors deserve.

FedUp said...

The WHAT club?

"Brian Miller, the leader of the national chapter of another group, the Three Percenters Club, said that veterans head “35 to 40″ of their 45 state chapters."

Anonymous said...

You first Captain. Show us how it's done.

Anonymous said...

Lon Tomohisa Horiuchi is that you ?


Anonymous said...

I think DC is full of terrorist under this big dome ... nuke em seems a reasonable option?

Anonymous said...

I think the stupid Bastard just made the Top100 as the 100th.

Anonymous said...

So......I looked up Clay and I found that there isn't shit about him on the innerbutz other than this ignorant spew.

Bwah. Yawn. Ain't scared, Clay. You have been reading your own press too much, son.

Sooner or later the governman has to make a play. Starting to lose face.

Can't have that.

Anonymous said...

Read thus currier Idiot's Linked In profile. Lowlife Southern Cal trailer trash. In his description of himself, he writes: "Highly intelligent". Sorry, but intelligent people do not act or write in such a juvenile manner about themselves. The guy is a dumbed down moron. Perfect cannon fodder for our turd world military!