Thursday, January 7, 2016

Apropos of nothing in particular. "Finnegan's Wake," et. al.

One of my favorites.
And another: Fiddler's Green.
Another version set to music by the Irish Rovers.
And this, which my kids can tell you, I always sing in the shower before setting out to cause trouble for the Empire: The Rising of the Moon.
And the same for this one: The Minstrel Boy, as sung by Paul Robeson. He may have been a commie, but the fellow could sing.
And then there's Sgt MacKenzie.


Anonymous said...

Well it's a nice, soft night, so I think I'll go and join me comrades and talk a little treason.

Anonymous said...

As someone who has been "about to die" for 30 years, I give you a little something I'd probably have played at my wake/reception/whatever. The Jim Carroll Band classic "People Who Died". If for no other reason than me having outlived so many many people who were in seemingly better health.

I used to figure if I got bad enough I'd blackmail some really nasty psycho types I knew, and they'd do the deed. Except, most found religion, settled down into mundane life, ended up in prison, or bought the farm. Such is life. Guess I'll just have to get between a shoe store sale and a huge mob of spend crazy women. ;P

Anonymous said...

Great atuff.

I like "Going Home", another traditional one for the pipes.

Swmper Fidelis, and keep your powder dry.