Saturday, January 9, 2016

Let them go the way of the Whigs, if that's what it takes.

For Republicans, Mounting Fears of Lasting Split
“I know Republicans who will support Hillary if Trump or Cruz is the nominee, no question,” Dick Thornburgh, an attorney general under the first President George Bush and a former Pennsylvania governor, said of Hillary Clinton. “Trump, especially, would split the party. But many will fall in line, seeing no choice.”
Mr. McCain, the 2008 nominee, and Mr. Graham, who was a presidential candidate until last month, said they would honor the will of the voters and support any eventual nominee. But Mr. Graham said the severity and impact of the party split would ultimately depend on whether a Republican won the presidency.
“If Trump or Cruz wins the White House, then my side of the party has to re-evaluate who we are, what we stand for, and I’d be willing to do that,” Mr. Graham said. “But if Trump or Cruz loses the presidency, would their supporters re-evaluate their views on immigration and other issues that would grow the party? If they do that, we can come back together. If they don’t, the party probably splits in a permanent way.”


Fred said...

No Lindsey, I will NOT be re-evaluating. I know the LORD and He wants us to be at liberty. My core being, my very soul is not negotiable, it is immutable. But you don't understand this because you are a slimy politician, who will bend to the wind, just to be near the cool kids clique in the lunch room.

Anonymous said...

One of the conundrums of 'democracy' is that there are always people prepared to vote for their own demise purely in the name of vindictive reaction.

Ma Duce

1776vtgmb said...

Limberger, it's AMF time.

Begins with 'Adios'

Anonymous said...

Any Republican who would vote fore Hillary, especially out of protest, is no defender of the government of republican form in the first place.

Maybe THAT is the real problem.
Ya Think?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I think I see the problem now. It ain't me and it ain't us. I don't want to reconcile you R.I.N.O. P.O.S.T. BAGS OF SHIT.

It's official, the republican "leadership" are ALL PUSSYS, ALL THE TIME. I hear Lindsay, Ryan, Boner and others even wear platform heels and mascara for Obama now.

Anonymous said...

Like it really matters who the president is. Also I am still trying to figure out why people act like a king or queen is about to get elected. The president isn't supposed to have that much power.


Anonymous said...

Why the hell is "growing the party" so damned important? Let's dilute ourselves until even WE can't recognize our own damned faces - let's push our beliefs into oblivion so that the fucking PARTY can survive.

To HELL with the party. Let it die! I want to survive as a people, not a fucking party. If we have to start over, so be it. We can't do that if we are DEAD.

Anonymous said...

Graham and McCain are the one's who will/has destroy the GOP, don't ya know!

Hamali said...

The only ones running on the Republican ticket that I would vote for are Cruz and possibly Trump. If the Repubs select anyone else I will look to a third party OR write in Cruz's name. I WILL NOT VOTE FOR A RINO! It's time for a new party, the Constitution Party.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the "Remain calm! All is well!" guy from the parade scenes in Animal House. Didn't go well for him if I recall.

A note to those who would like to be leaders of movements. I's important to occasionally "check six" to see if anyone in the movement you're leading is actually following you.

Doug Rink said...

If Republicans aren't smart enough to represent the people who vote for 'em (or at least used to vote for 'em), let the party die. Funny thing about the Republican establishment types who say they'd vote Hillary over Trump, seems to me it says a lot about what the kind of government today's Republican establishment pursues.

Of course, for every Republican who won't support Trump, there's perhaps two Democrats who will cross over and vote Trump because they can't support Hillary.

Trump's been featured on supermarket tabloid covers for decades, and had a prime time TV show. That's gotta be plus with today's lo-info voters, both Democrat and Republican.

Anonymous said...

The same people that complain about Obama possibly being born in Kenya have no problem with Cruz being born in Canada.


CruzMissile said...

The problem is a very simple solution. WE THE PEOPLE have fucked up the pooch. We have made career politicians of these people, that they don't care about the Republic. The only time they care about us is to vote them back in office.

Demoplican, repucrat, there is no difference. Half of congress (the opposite of progress) are millionaires, they keep voting laws that they exempt themselves from, and keep putting us deeper into debt.

If we want to fix the problem, we need to fire every ass clown from congress. The only thing that "experience" counts for is to decide which special interest is buying which congress person the most.

Meister said...

No. I will not bend to your RINO tactics and relinquish all that was bestowed upon me by our creator. You and your ilk can go back to the liberal holes you squirmed out of and choke on your populist agenda nonsense.

Anonymous said...

did you ever consider the idea that there is no sweeter justice than witnessing those who "won" something having to accept what they "won"?
Have you thought about it as serving them a bit of cold crow with a side of warm humble pie?

Hoisted on their own Petard comes to mind also. As does Karma and lessons learned the hard way.