Saturday, January 9, 2016

" Chaos and Violence: How New Year's Eve in Cologne Has Changed Germany."

"What should be done? An attempt at complete honesty would be a good start. Germans are not children who need to be protected from the truth for well-intended reasons. And part of the truth is the fact that politicians like to talk about integration but have not yet given any indication that they understand the magnitude of the challenge facing them. Another part of the truth is this: German society is becoming increasingly divided."


Anonymous said...

IMHO, it was a Terror Attack, that Europe was watching for on NYR's.....
Just not "the Terror Attack" they expected.
Austria, Finland, it

Chiu ChunLing said...

"All established media have been confronted with the same phenomenon. In Germany, there is a stable minority that is convinced that the country's broadcasters, newspapers and magazines are controlled by dark powers and have agreed to suppress bad news about foreigners so as not to endanger the political project of welcoming refugees.

"More than 2,000 users have thus far commented on Theve├čens post, with most of the missives of a horrifying nature -- a collection of conspiracy theories characteristic of the far-right."

Yeah, "conspiracy theories characteristic of the far-right" are "missives of a horrifying nature", but thats certainly not an indication "that the country's broadcasters, newspapers and magazines are controlled by dark powers". The entire article goes out of it's way to stress that we don't know who committed the attacks or whether the attacks even really happened at all, but people saying that the media suppresses bad news about foreigners are horrifying.

In a related bit of news, when NASA first got images back from their early Mars probes, the scientists were shocked to see an extraordinarily terrestrial looking landscape under a clear blue sky. Upon investigation, they discovered that the images had been adjusted by video technicians who had simply altered the color balance on their image processing software until they got something that looked "normal"...meaning a terrestrial landscape with a blue sky.

Sometimes there's no conspiracy, just a bunch of shared preconceptions which haven't been challenged.

Anonymous said...

Chinese Immigrant Turned Citizen Defies Obama Gun Grab: "I Will Never Be A Slave Again"

Anonymous said...

Just wait until the summer when tourist, Frau, and madchen alike will be scantilly clothed and the refu-jihadis are left to their own guilt free proclivities.

You want to bring back the Nazis? Well thats how you do it. But perhaps that was the plan all along.

Anonymous said...

The Euro Collectivist Menatlity ...

An Interview with Cologne's Mayor
'I Have Been Subjected to a Ton of Ridicule and Criticism'

There is no doubt it was a New Twist on Terrorism

Anonymous said...

The bigger question is, WILL Americans accept the muzzies doing this in America or will we respond THE FIRST TIME, and put the savages in their place. We didn't invite them here and if they will NOT ABIDE BY OUR LAWS, they need to be dealt with in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS. just because American allies choose to ALLOW THESE ANIMALS to RAPE THEIR CITIZENS doesn't mean we need to follow suit and ALLOW PC and multiculturalism suicide become our path.

Better think HARD, America. Your TRAITOR IN CHIEF is welcoming these animals into the USA in violation of IMMIGRATION law. the Constitution is for US CITIZENS, not illegals and criminals that DHS/ICE/TSA ALLOW to invade our country.

Sign Me, Neal Jensen

Sorry if this OFFENDS your sense of morality Mike, but grow some balls and have some survival sense. You don't let the wolf inside you fire ring, he will kill you at first opportunity.