Friday, January 1, 2016

"Is Alex Jones the Brian Williams of alternative media? Assassination claim conflates facts to spin tall tale that never happened..."

"I'm shocked at all the internet morons and retards who believe Alex Jones was almost assassinated last week. It all started with this story by Shep of Intellihub who was merely repeating something Jones said on his show, wildly embellishing the facts as usual."
So wait a minute. In 2011, this guy threatens Jones, and then FOUR YEARS LATER he gets shot by a deputy in Oregon after killing some other poor guy who was 79 years old? How is this gunfight with cops in Oregon an assassination attempt on Alex Jones in Austin, Texas?
And from this, Alex Jones says on the air that "Literally a police officer was killed in California trying to protect me..." ?
Sorry, Jones. The two events are entirely unrelated. They're not even in the same region of the country. If your "assassin" was trying to kill you by shooting some poor senior citizen in Oregon -- almost 2000 miles away -- then he's not a very good assassin. And yeah, Brian Williams wasn't in that helicopter that got hit by an RPG... and Hillary didn't land under sniper fire, either.
Now, first of all I would like to stand in resolute defense of honest "morons and retards" everywhere, any one of whom shows more intellectual honesty and acumen than Alex Jones and his truest of true believers. With everything being an easily-debunked "false flag" in Jones' world, it was only a matter of time until he got around to false claims of assassination plots on himself. It's all about the Benjamins, boys and girls, and if AJ didn't exist as a mercenary useful idiot, the Feds would need to invent someone like him to discredit the rest of us with serious liberty activists who otherwise would be disposed to support our side. I can hear the howls from his true believers already, but that is my own personal experience with the man for the past 20 years.


Fred said...

Dear sir, The other day you mentioned that Jones is disinformation. Can you provide examples of this please? I have seen him flat out ignore facts. But disinformation would indicate that he works for others. Wild eyed, ridiculous embellishment aside, he is, in fact, re-directive at times, but that might just be to retain the focus on his core audience. It is all about the Benjamins, But his, is a for profit company, so what is wrong with that? It's a radio show. If he is someone's leader in liberty then I could see a problem there perhaps, but this is not Jones' fault. Them being lead in this case are not too bright, perhaps. It is, just a radio show. I'm not sure that he and some of his staff would not fight when the time comes. Who knows the hearts of men, but God. I do have a concern that listening to the show might satisfy a need, that should instead be acted upon in order to actually address America's distresses. Examples of disinfo please as our interests, I venture, are not separate. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I think most controversial people in the media receive death threats on a regular basis. Some may be more credible than others. Sure AJ exaggerates most everything in his life to sensationalize events for his show,but here we have someone who actually killed someone else that supposedly threatened AJ in the past. The events might not be directly related, but he has the right to share with his audience the existence of the past threats. Sheriff Joe Arpaio here in AZ gets many threats from nut jobs all over the Country. He has had several of them prosecuted and put in jail when they travel to AZ to act on their words. So I always use my BS filter when listening to AJ, but I can also cut him some slack when it comes to nut jobs making death threats against him.

Anonymous said...

"Now, first of all I would like to stand in resolute defense of honest "morons and retards" everywhere, any one of whom shows more intellectual honesty and acumen than Alex Jones and his truest of true believers. With everything being an easily-debunked "false flag" in Jones' world"

I have no qualm with you calling out Jones for this "assassination" story. As you relate it, it does sound ridiculous. I wasn't familiar with the tale as I don't follow the man any more closely than I do your blog. I do however take exception to your last statement above. If you are a "true believer" in the narrative version of major events, then you certainly have less credibility than him. I see him on the ground in OKC at the end of the damning documentary "A Noble Lie". You want empirical evidence for false flags? Open your eyes - it's been there for decades.

Anonymous said...

If "They" wanted Jones dead, he'd be dead.

Ask Andrew Breitbart how that works.

Oh yeah, he's unavailable for comment.

Anonymous said...

Corporal "Chem-trail" strikes again! Jeez! What F***ing Idiot!

Allen said...


for years Jones used pictures of white US army vehicles on an LST as "proof" of a UN invasion.

those pics were of a US army unit going to Bosnia. we may not like UN missions. I know I don't. but that's where they were going.

for years Jones used pictures of a passenger railcar refurbishment company, telling people they were outfitting the cars with "shackles" to transport people to "internment camps". he also had a list of said internment camps and their locations.

both turned out to be false. the long list of "FEMA detention camps" are all false. go look for yourself. you won't find a single one.

if Jones were actually interested in the truth, he'd research things a lot more. instead he gives people just enough info to make them paranoid, and then lets them run with it. and if he finds out otherwise, he never leads with it.

we SHOULD be about the truth. if I ever make a mistake, I LEAD with the correction. not bury it. Jones relies on people not doing their own research. take what he says, and go out and try, objectively, to prove it. if more people did that instead of just nodding like a bobblehead doll jones wouldn't be on the air another week.

Anonymous said...

> But disinformation would indicate that he works for others

Would indicate, but is not required to to indicate.

He says what sells to his market, just as you say, and disinformation is merely a tactic of solidifying that market. Disinformation does not need to be for the benefit of a 2nd or 3rd party; it can be for the benefit of the 1st party. In this case, Disinformation is a method of polarizing that market to his favor, and against his competition.

Examples would be anything including the phrases "Jade Helm", or "Walmart Closed for Remodeling". Pure fantasy, and deliberately contradictory with what is true, used as a means to maintain a "hook" in the face of contradictory evidence.