Friday, January 1, 2016

Forget it, Jake. It's Chicago.

"Top cop OK'd hefty payments to murderous snitch but says he didn't know of crimes."

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Anonymous said...

“I was not aware of any of our informants that were doing anything illegal.”

Uh huh. Sure.

"The Chicago Police Department requires informants to sign agreements they won’t commit crimes while doing work for the department."

Liability buck passing right there. I wonder, do the cops in Chicago sign such agreements, you know, like shooting someone 16 times?

"But he said he never interviewed Rodriguez about how he obtained his information."
Ummm, you approve payments for information, but never know how or where info came from? Sargent Schultz defense eh?

This is your drug war, people. Dirty cops and money thrown around between criminals that has to be taxpayer money somewhere along the line. And for what? To what end?

Alcohol prohibition made dirty cops. Drug prohibition does the same thing - and for the same reason.

Say, as an aside, it took a Constitutional amendment to produce authority to ban alcohol, and it was repealed. So where is the authority for banning drugs and ummm why didn't they use that authority for booze instead of changing the constitution - twice? Hmmm?

C'mon People. Can we start telling the truth now so we can fix this mess, please?